Monday, October 13, 2008


There are supposed to be certain things in this world that save you for instance Family, Love, Friends, Money, children and Friends/Family with money. It’s the very principle that fairy tales are founded on. Cinderella was saved by her fairy godmother, and then she married a prince. Sleeping beauty was beautiful, came from a kingdom, got awaken by her prince and of course lived happily ever after. The little Mermaid gave up her voice to gain legs, but she got her voice and the prince, etc. In every movie I have ever seen there is always this one beautiful character that is a complete mess but she always manages to be saved and made better by a prince charming type character and vice verse. Or sometimes the saving grace is a small subtle type thing but it’s still a kind of saving grace none the less.

Even television is scripted like that there is always some horrible character that gets saved by the beautiful handsome popular with money savior type. Even when it’s all bad it eventually becomes all good again. I wish that were true in my case. It is so hard to stay positive when it seems like everything is all wrong and when there doesn’t seem to be any kind of solution coming forth. I know that some where along the lines I screwed up I get that, but the screw up seems to be so bad that I can’t fix it. I don’t think it is a cop out to ask for help, I don’t think that is a cop out to be “saved” sometimes people need a hand, a push, a shove, a hug, a shoulder to lean or cry on. I keep hoping that some how some where I might get blessed enough to bump into some kind of saving grace. Something that tips the balance of life back into the winning position for me and once again I can get back to being fly and fresh. Anyway enough about me what are some of the things that have/do save you on a regular basis?