Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Happy new year and all that jazz unless you have been in a coma (in which case welcome back) or you partied your face off and you are just now realizing that you did indeed make it into the new year we need to have an agreement. We the people all the people need to make 2012 the year of the TRUTH and nothing but the truth. In other words all that lying, alibiing, slip sliding, and bullshit you were doing years before it should now come to an end. Why would you still need to lie with the internet at your fingers, background checks, camera phones, video phones, etc. If you gonna do some shit then you need to own up to that shit, keep your intentions and motives either pure or just be 100% about the kind of janky ass person you are. Because in reality everyone has already seen how you act and basically we peeped your character from the door and we really just play along with you because you are a nonmothafucking factor and you don't effect us in any, way, shape, or form but I am going to need people to keep it real with themselves and others this year and all years after. You have to understand that the truth will always come to light no matter how long it takes the truth will be found out eventually. I'm just saying cut out all the time wasting and just go ahead and be upfront with your character stop play acting this is not Broadway and you won't be getting a Tony for your stellar lies, what you will get is a strong side eye and  plenty of shade and snicker behind your back plus some eye rolling and you most likely will not be invited to any going on's in other words you will be excluded on purpose.