Sunday, August 30, 2009



Okay so I have a membership at BLACK EXPRESSIONS BOOK CLUB check it out its a great site anyway the point of this blog is to talk about the series by Mary B. Morrison the Honey series. When I started this series I didn't expect to be a little intrigued, a little disgusted, and drawn in by the characters in this series. But as I read this book I can't help but reflect on the choices that the characters make. Of course all the things the characters have been through shape their choices and their life situations but I still can't help but wonder why some women make the choice to accept men into their lives that don't give a shit about them and these women will give their all, their whole being over to this man like he is their god. It makes me shake my head and wonder truly about the make-up of the average woman.

Why do women accept, abuse, cheating, lying, neglect is it because the average woman doesn't know her worth is it because she is afraid to be alone? Is it because she doesn't think she is worthy of the best so she settles for whatever comes her way? Honestly I think I have a low opinion of the human species in general I'm disgusted with the way things are, the way people treat each other the way we interact with one another the way we don't give our loved ones roses until they are dead. Society has gotten so warped and in the process I've become warped with it bent, twisted and shattered and more than a little jaded like the characters in this series if you get a chance to check out the books then leave your comment on what you think. It would be interesting to hear what you guys think of this series. Males and females of course this would make for a wonderful book club discussion I promise it will get heated. Read more...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I knew that I could trust MEDIA TAKE OUTto have a picture of a basic bitch.

So I was inspired by an often used phrase on twitter known as basic bitch syndrome to write this post. Now a lot of you might not know that you have basic bitch syndrome, some of you are operating under the premises that what you are doing is considered hot and cute. Which results in the skewed perception that all women act like this which causes men whom are already creatures that are lacking some sort of emotional intelligence and moral compass thanks to the loose times that we live in, to believe that all women therefore will do the same things and fall for the same nonsense that basic bitches fall for and do. So I thought I would help my sistas out and let you know some of the Basic bitch syndrome things you should be looking out for!

I know that I maybe stepping on some toes but I do it out of love, love for my people and love for the sistahood. Cause if I didn't love y'all I would just exploit you like everyone else and talk dirty about you behind your back. We all fall short but if you stay repeating the same behavior patterns then yes you have got basic bitch syndrome.

10. If you are taking half naked pictures, with bullshit on your floor like dirty clothes, trash, panties with the dirty crotches turned up, dirty ass bed sheets and that shit is literally piled up around your and you are standing in the midst of it proudly oblivious to it and in some kind of pose you are guilty of being a filthy gutter butt basic bitch!

9. If you take a picture of yourself in a spread eagle pose, with your ass in the air, with your titties out or exposing any type of body part and your child is in the background sucking on a bottle in a pissy diaper, or just plain standing their watching their momma be a trick for the camera then yes boo you would be a basic bitch.

8. If you have to resort to espousing about your sexual exploits for attention, making sexual promises with men you barely know on any type of social network, and then private message said fellas with explicit pics and y'all not even on that type of level you did it cause he got a benz, a rolex, or he in the music industry and you trying to get put on then yes you too would be considered a basic bitch.

7. If you and your homegirls go to the club and take club pictures where your ass is hanging out, your titties is out, and you got your thong showing, or you have on a lace catsuit with no type of undergarments or shields on under it then yes you too probably are guilty you and your whole crew of being basic bitches.

6. If you spend your whole check on a club outfit, new payless shoes, a burgundy weave and some new acrylic nails but have to beg, borrow, or steal so your baby can have pampers and food until you get your welfare check you'se a basic ass bitch.

5. If ever you busted, shot out, keyed up, kicked in another woman's windows because she was sleeping with your man and you warned her by calling her 7 times on all the numbers you could find for her out your man's pocket instead of going after the real guilty party your man then yes your definitely a basic bitch.

4. If you spend all your time searching for the man you think is your baby's daddy cause you counted up the days between your last period and when you got pregnant and he was the last dick you remember being on so you pin it on him but he steadily denying it and you afraid to get the D.A. involved because you could be might want to check your hoe card cause you might have basic bitch or could have had basic bitch syndrome at one time

3. If you stay cursing out, mad at and bitter because your baby daddy married another one of his women/side chicks/ baby mommas that he had before you and you think you loss out on the prize even though he in the rears for back child support and he refuses to get a job but he stay super "creative" cause he in the "entertainment industry" and he have all the latest tools to be a super producer and he stay trying to make a deal with you concerning child support so you won't turn him in because for years you bought into his bullshit and let him mind fuck you into thinking that he was going to be with you and you ate that shit up now you all pissed off with angry black woman syndrome. You might be guilty of basic bitch syndrome

2. If have any type of pictures with your pussy, ass, titties, or dicks in all your holes and you aren't a porn star but you post all of these types of pictures on every social networking site you are on with regular updated pictures with you in different sexual poses and you even specifically send said pictures out to celeb-whore-t's to look on said social networks telling them you would fuck them in a heartbeat and what your specialties are and how you get down then you a basic type nasty slut bitch. If you want to hoe then be an honest hoe set your prices upfront and let these dudes know what time it is shrugs beats fucking for free.

1. If all your kids have different daddies, different complexions, different hair textures, different last names and every dude you make your "man" you let skeet in your and you carry his child even though you already have multiple kids by other men and you not finished yet, and you never been married ain't even got a promise ring you must likely a low self esteem basic ass bitch who should invest in birth control and a hobby besides mattress testing. Read more...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So this statistic that dogs my heels, the one that says Marriage eludes high-achieving black women, that if you're over 30 black single educated hell even with no college degree after 30 if you want kids and a hubby you sitting at the top of that slope that leads to no marriage-ville its not in the cards for you because black men "outmarry" that is my new favorite word and because black women are considered in this society aesthetically undesirable compared to other races so not all other race men are even that interested in black women you have a few that get down with the swirl but by and large black women are largely ignored by and large. So we get to sit on the shelf and grow old and dusty as women from other races get snapped up time and time again.

I am so very tired of society as a whole shitting on black women, I am tired of being overlooked because I'm not light enough, not European/Asian/mixed or "exotic" looking enough to be deemed worthy of value in this society and in the eyes of men. The whole world has been mindfucked into thinking that you have to look a certain way and have a certain look in order for you to be considered desirable and if you don't think it's true look at all the chicks that sing, act, or walk the red carpet on the arms of men with money. I have resigned myself to the fact that realistically I won't be getting married, nor having children because I don't want to be a single mother struggling on my own to raise a child that I didn't make by myself. Unless I get a sudden huge amount of cash to fall in my lap then I might consider going the turkey baster route and picking out some designer sperm like the rest of hollyweird and the affluent but I digress. I don't even think I have anything else to give emotionally behind this topic I'm numb to it. I don't feel anything now I just feel like my thoughts on marriage/love/relationships have been validated time and time again and the chaces for black women are nonexistent when it comes to the love department and will continue to be so as the years progress. All the smart, well educated, talented 10th black women will die leaving no legacy to pass down to their children because they won't have any what a joyous world we live in (sarcasm). We have come so far but lost much and I am writing to the dark cause y'all don't hear me though....




I wrote this particualr blog awhile back, its one of those blogs that speaks on a timeless subject. As long as we have male and female interaction there will always be the need for this subject matter. I think women are called the weaker sex for a reason, no matter how many advances get made in this society a woman's nature is not changed that much. It will never change we are designed a specific way. But I don't believe we have to be stupid in the pursuit of male companionship. Just being a little wiser and learning from your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others can save you from getting wrapped up in and caught up in dumb situations time and time again. Ladies its time to sharpen the mind, protect and guard the body and heart, and stop throwing your pearls before swine. Swine don't appreciate pearls they can only appreciate slop, think about it!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, time and time again I try and help you all out. I try and give you the game so that you can see that these ninja's ain't coming with nothing but lies and half-truths. ALL IT IS, IS GAME FOR YOUR BLUETOOTH! I know that I might be preaching to the choir here and some of you might be tired of me beating a dead horse but fuck what must I do to help my sistas out? What must I do to show you that these ninja's in the street are just looking for a hole to stick their dicks in and they will try and accomplish that by any means necessary. Maybe I am not breaking it down clear enough for you maybe I have not defined what by any means necessary means, maybe I am not saying it in a way that you can comprehend it. Let's see, I have given you examples, I have shared the bullshit I have encountered, I have stood on my platform repeatedly and soap-boxed myself to death. It's not cute, its not sexy, its not original, and it certainly is trifling after awhile ladies, if you still getting caught up in some of these same damn mantraps, mistakes, and fuck ups, then guess what IT'S YOU!

Some shit is sense, some is trial and error, and some is just intuition there is no way in the world a woman who is in touch with her own mind should still be falling for some of the same shit over and over again! That's like seeing a sign that says don't drink me and you drink it. I guess it is human nature to want to touch fire because you can't just believe it will burn you, then when it does burn you, you have the nerve to get mad at the fire! Backwards. as. hell!

So okay ladies I'm going to point out somethings you shouldn't be doing and if you are doing these things then I don't want to hear shit about you complaining about the outcome of the shit, you're just going to have to take the L on somethings because you brought them on yourself!

first and foremost the female that lays down with a man who already has more than one baby-momma and winds up pregnant, straight up and down you're a dummy! There is no way to sugarcoat that. Before you lay down with any man you need to know his background, whether he has kids, whether he a deadbeat dad, if he is in the rears for child support,LET ME GIVE YOU A HUGE ASS HINT if he knows how to drive but his license is suspended and its not for DUI's or some other shit then most likely he already in the system for back child support! Which means he ain't paying that shit, but I bet his ass stay geared up, and with beat machines and Mac computers cause everyone is a super producer he getting money under the table and he ain't giving shit if any to his children! And if you fally anywhere in between the 2nd or the 100th baby momma unless he is a millionaire like puff pastry good luck getting anything for your child! Shit Puff Pastry doesn't even claim his other daughter with that Sarah chick he skeeted smh, fucking shame! You need to know whether he has been married, why he isn't married, what happened in his last relationships, is he a cheater, is he a habitual liar, is he a drug addict, know a man at least six months before you sleep with his ass and fuck yes do a background check. In this day and age Google his ass, check out his friends list, hell look at his comments, if you are interested in him like that then unfortunately you have to dig into his past if you want him to be part of your future or you will regret it! No one should walk into anything blindly fuck that and stop getting in the bed with these men before asking about their medical history, no one should be dying from dick. Bottom line know the man you are dealing with before you slide between his sheets and get to calling out his name and doing all the pussy tricks you think will make him stay.

Next if a man is ten years or more older than you, then this man has a pattern he is a step above a pedophile which still makes him a predatory type of man. He preys on women with low self esteem, and who aren't every smart. Now people have different intelligences if yours isn't in a mental way then you are compensated with another type of intelligence you just have to discover what it is, but I digress if every female that this man has ever been with has always been significantly younger than this man that is a dead give away as to his true nature! This type of man needs to be able to manipulate his woman, a woman who won't question him, or put to many demands on him, a female that will keep loose ties on him, and in return he will give her a false sense of security, he will lie to her face while the truth is blatantly starring her down, but because he has her mind, her heart, and body, she will willingly be his fool, time and time again in the hopes that he will make her his wife and that they will live happily ever after, even though more likely than not he is a liar, a cheater, and a user, and a deadbeat. This type of man is a man who knows his victims well, he knows the type of women he can easily manipulate he spots them, he smells them even.

Last but not least cycles, if your family has a history of women without husbands but a bunch of kids then, most likely you will be a victim of the same type of cycle this has become your ghetto legacy. This is what you will give to your children, this is what you have been brought up in and what you know and even if you know this is a destructive path most likely you will still choose it because it is familiar, someone in your life has probably said to you as you were growing up that you were going to end up just like your momma and guess what happens. Never ending cycles are a hard thing to break but if you don't do it then the generations never get saved, nor changed.

I think maybe I should just write a book but if no one reads a blog why would anyone read a book, especially by a woman on the subject of men??? Anyway I'm emotionally spent hope this helps someone pass it around the world save a young woman from herself... Read more...

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So I was browsing the news site NEWSONE and a particular article in the opinion section caught my eye. Quite naturally I had to make haste to read the article to see what all it said. Most days when I see black men bashing/confirming/giving the various reasons they don't date black women I just roll my eyes and don't even bother to read the shit. Because let's face it I am one woman and sometimes holding up that tattered flag of black love has become some what more of a burden these days. I'm like so over Love period, I wouldn't care if the world imploded and that was the end of human civilization. This is the age of selfishness and everyone is about self and self preservation.

Plus I'm tired of the overwhelming statics being trotted out and time again about black women in large numbers going unmarried vs. white women who are able to get married in droves and bushels. I digress anyway the article is titled The Top 10 Complaints about Black Women. Here's the list:

10. Confrontational-always wants to fight.

9. Loud-and can’t turn the volume down.

8. Fat-not every time, but too many times.

7. Catty/Competitive-hates girlfriends but always listening to them.

6. Unrealistic-thinks a Bentley costs a penny.

5. Selfish-but pushes us down by the head and shoulders.

4. Emasculating-and dressing like men too.

3. Controlling-manipulating. Ya’ll got a good life, man.

2. Demanding-wanting us to be different from the ‘we’ we are now.

1. Blameless-even when wrong.

While I'm so tempted to do a tit for tat I won't not this time at least but I will say that while this list has some truth to it I don't agree that this list is exclusively what black women do and any black man who thinks like that of course is a flawed individual that is so full of shit and really should pull his head out his ass. While the psychological ramifications are huge when you can't stand the females in your very own race and see them only as the enemy its sad and since my soul is already numb to this kind of shit it doesn't bleed in protest anymore. Some where along the line I begin to numb myself, mentally and emotionally because I am really tired of the onslaught of white/mexican/asian/anything but a black woman is better. Its a sickness especially when black men come out the very womb of the women they start hating. How can you look in the face of your mother, grandmother, aunts, and sisters and see nothing but an enemy?

Since black men are turning their backs on black women and black women either have to date outside their race or remain single I wonder how long it will take before the black race is completely and totally stamped out in northern America. I give it a total of 100 years there won't be any "American" black folks left just "others"and ambiguous racially mixed up individuals that will claim all the races as theirs. Nothing but pale skin, watered down features, fine thin hair, and a long forgotten race of people that once were....What a legacy to inherit

Original article source: READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



If you don't know by now I have definite opinions on just about everything. These are the things that I just flat out oppose/can't stand/don't like/wished would change. I think if some of these very things I hate would simply be eradicated the world would be a much better place. Well my world would be... its a long list so you might want to read it in intervals or you could not read it at all whatever however.

  • Hoes (male and female) (especially superwhore aka superhead, I can't buy the fact that she was abused and used by all these men and eventually she got her head right and now she married and she wrote a tell all book as a cautionary tale. I don't know to me it would have been better to start some kind of foundation and become a motivational speaker but she didn't do anything of that nature and she continues to capitalize off of her expertise/victimization/skills so yea sorry superhoe advocates I can't go for that.)
  • Bitches with multiple baby daddies (at some point in time you have to come to be responsible for the part you played in having multiple kids by multiple men!!!! and get on some birth control and off the dicks, especially if you super fertile. Stop just having babies with every dude you lay with. How is that God's plan when you procreating outside of his mandate...I'm just saying)
  • Dudes with multiple kids & baby mommas (same rule as above applies to you, but you want to date a chick with no kids talking about you done because you had like 6 kids right out the gate with 5 different chicks, all before 25 shit is ridiculous!)
  • The baby momma/ baby daddy debacle ( I know its hot in the streets to be unwed and have lots of kids with lots of different people but that shit ain't cute its trifling even though we all know many people like this,(but its my own personal belief y'all should really stop pushing out kids with people you not married too)
  • Kids that act super grown ( all in grown folks business, offering they opinion and even advice when its a grown up conversation and not for kids)
  • Parents of kids that are super grown who condone the shit (They are kids not your damned bid wist partners run they little asses off or pop them in their mouths)
  • Grown ass men who only text you in the morning ALL THE DAMN TIME instead of picking the phone up and calling!!! I know in this day and age of social networks that means actual verbal conversations are not had anymore but I'm old school if we do more than two days of just texing its a wrap for you and you should lose my number IMMEDIATLY!(Seriously if you not even trying to hold a conversation with actual voices then you fail automatically from the gate kill yourself and then bury yourself)
  • Rappers and producers who always grinding but never get to superstar status, (you 40 years old time to get another mothafucking dream!)
  • Dudes that always hollering out they hate golddiggers (first and foremost you ain't fooling no one and taking a woman out to dinner and a movie, or dinner and a play etc is called a date, it's only golddigging if she continually ask you all the time for money, then that's your fault you picked her)
  • Dudes who try and jump right into everything sexual, can you at least learn how to pronounce my fucking name right before you want to screw me!!!
  • CelebWhoreT worship, aka overstaning, defending the actions of people in the entertainment industry that you don't actually know in a familiar and intimate way (look these mothafuckas don't know you stop acting like you're their personal cheering section, and pr firm. Unless they paying you, and helping your life advance then they are just people in the public eye who don't even know you exist!)
  • Team chunk members who take pussy, ass, titty shots and post them all over the web, I'm all for expressing yourself but when you have them pictures on an open site that anyone can goggle and see you open yourself up to nothing but mockery and ridicule, and that shit is not cute damn! IF you going to do all that might as well become a pornstar at least make money from being naked!
  • Skinny chicks who do the same, if you not getting paid for it it's pointless and you're missing your calling as a pornstar!
  • Its a misconception that I am against sex, and anything sexual. When in fact I am against getting diseases, baby-mommadom, casual sexual encounters aka swapping body fluids with a stranger, pumping and sweating for recreational purposes or because one was bored (that's what they make all the high priced game systems for) having sex just because. What is that? Its simply pointless, yes we all get urges but sex just because, I need some kind of purpose associated with it, but that's just how my brain is wired shrugs.
  • However if you are going to test out mattress' for a living I do believe in just compensation, get some bills paid, get your rent paid, get your car note paid, insurance paid, groceries something, if you are with a dude and he blowing your back out on a regular basis but that's all he's doing he not helping you out not in the least then your a side piece or just ass. If a man "cares" about you then these things should happen automatically if getting screwed in more ways then one. That is not being a gold digger or any type shit like that the way I see its a fair trade, he's wearing out your walls the least he can do is pay a utility bill or buy some damn groceries.
  • The bullshit belief that light skin over dark skin is better, that European standards of beauty are better, that having a baby with someone opposite your race just so your child can have light skin/light eyes/ or "good hair" or being mixed makes you better, that white is right and that minorities are inferior and substandard.
  • Rappers who continue to rap about the same shit, with the same types of females in the videos.
  • Celeb-whore-t's who piss away their wealth on stupid shit, who continue to exploit themselves and act like complete asses in the media by doing/saying dumb shit and then whining about it when it is taken out of context. (Yea you Soulja Boy!)
  • Being a side piece.
  • Silly nutbucket ass dudes that try and convince me that having sex with them would change my world and help me out in some way shape or fashion. Men who insist that they can fix all my problems with their penis.
  • When people volunteer me for shit because they assume I have nothing better to do with my time but do what ever it is they need me to do.
  • liars
  • Contrary to popular belief I am not mean I just don't agree with a lot of silly shit, I don't like the majority of reality shows they come up with, I'm not an avid television watcher, I don't like the current state of music its very few artist that I am feeling its even rarer that I like more than one song off their albums.
  • I don't agree with the current contemporary morals of today. I have my own set of morals and values that I stick too but that makes me outdated and antiquated. ( I'll be appreciated when I'm dead)
  • Guys who think I'm too complicated or difficult.
  • People who had no problem accepting a ride when I had a car but who are no where to be found now that my car is gone.
  • Shacking up, I refuse to understand why you would live with a person for years but never take that final step. If you're good enough to shack with why aren't you good enough to exchange vows, and last names with? I know the current school of opinion is that marriage doesn't work Marriage is not the problem its people in general that are the problem.
  • Men who bullshit but blame it on you. Like its my fault you have no follow through, and that you aren't a person of your world?
  • Socialites who do nothing but breath and party and get paid to do such
  • People who get reality shows when they asses are blatantly modern day coons and coonettes hamming it up because they are addicted to the lime light.
  • Black people who don't know anything about black history, who shun all things related to the black experience who completely and totally embrace everything Caucasian.
  • The blatant disregard to the fact that slaves built this country, that the Jim Crow Era was just barely eradicated 44 years ago, and the fact that racism is still very much alive and well. The KKK is back on the upswing, there are more members of the senate passing around racial garbage about the president everyday, the president keeps getting hate mail and the list of racism goes on but no one wants to discuss it, nor talk about it. The fact that black people especially want to turn a blind eye to it and pretend like because President Obama is in the white house the world has righted itself. Its amazing how every race that was pushed around and had something done to them because of their race were justly compensated for their pain and suffering, but black folks get a lousy apology and a brush off. Shit is fucked up, it continues to say that our pain and suffering ain't shit and we should just tuck it away like we have been doing and stop expecting anything from this country.
  • the fact that black people will bend over backwards for the very folks that continue to kick them in their asses.
  • NBA/NFL players who do dumb shit, and who date any of the whoredashian sisters, playboy models, who have mistresses, multiple baby mommas, girlfriends, spread disease, not take care of their kids, neglect their wives and families all for the sake/pleasure of getting random ass from groupie hoes
  • Dumb broads!
  • People with low comprehension who have degrees, that's just a waste of paper
  • People who will shit on your dream because they don't have the vision or the mindset to see shit through ( that excludes rappers, and producers who have never put out music, or gotten on nationally and no one knows your name and you haven't even wrote for anyone of stature)
  • Bandwagoning just because the whole world is drinking the mindfuck kool-aid doesn't mean I have to as well, and for those people who call me a hater because I don' t like certain artist or certain things you are so welcome to kiss my ass after a nutty shit. For example artist I wish would disappear (The wig crypt queen aka waki yaki, aka crazy creole, aka sausage farts, aka SWSNBN, I think you get the point, Drapes aka cripple jimmy aka pimp down, aka lil wangs nut sack holder, lil wang, Soulja boy he doesn't even have to disappear he could just like move to china and never release an album again that shit would make me happy and the euro band I still don't get nor understand coldplay they sound like they are whining and being emo on all their songs and of course the devil himself diddy)
  • The fact that courtship is dead, the fact that I can't get to know someone without them getting mad because I refuse to just jump in the sack or discuss my whole sexual history, or talk sexual after only one conversation with them.
  • The fact that men feel so entitled to ass that they don't even work for it because so many women just give up right out the gate.

Friday, August 07, 2009



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Guess What yep I'm reposting this because today is officially my 31st birthday. So If you come across this post this is your chance to get your drink on this Friday in honor of yours truly. I don't care if it's just a quick shot but drink in honor of me I would appreciate it. Post a picture as well that would really make my day.

Dear LEO's other signs, and general people your queen is here. I think it should be a national holiday but ya know what can I do I'm just one person but It's that time again Yep that only comes around once a year. I think it should be a special day for everyone when their day of birth comes around. Simply because you made another year all the shit that tried to take you down and take you out didn't and you're steadly marching up that hill towards old age. Not everyone will get to celebrate their birthday this year so the ones that made it need to do something if not its affront to the very people who are no longer living among us. But not everyone shares the same sentiment with me. So not that anybody gives a shit I just thought I would mention some of the things that I would like to see appear around my person during my day of birth. I know what you thinking some weep and mourn that very day which has spawned yours truly but yea bitches I'm still here so just put your death shroud on and keep it pushing but leave something in the collection plate (aka the paypal account), would be nice if you did!

Some of the things I would like the Master of the Universe, Creator of all things, and the one who made me in his image (its in the bible look it up) to put on the hearts and minds of the people that know me and share some of my DNA or just think I deserves some nice things and a nice day for once. (Cue the sad tears) Anyway the list is as follows:

  1. M.A.C gift certificate or a gift certificate to where these lovely cosmetics are sold. Nordstrom's preferably.
  2. A Nintendo DSi
  3. Some of these LOWRIDER: SKULLCANDY HEADPHONES specifically though in glen-plaid<<<>
  4. A visa/mastercard/(any) gift certificates will do
  5. Rent me a mustang convertible or let me drive around in yours for the whole weekend
  6. A torrid gift certificate
  7. Cash/Check/money orders
  8. An Ipod classic the highest gig one in silver
  9. A day out with my sister without rugrats
  10. A sweet attentive guy who takes me out and makes me smile
  11. Movie tickets
  12. concert tickets
  13. A Flip HD camera
  14. A tripod for my digital camera
  15. One of tiffany's new Key Necklaces in Gold
  16. A yorkie with a carrier bag
  17. Dinner at PF Changs with my whole family (sister included)
  18. A bottle of Patron
  19. A night out dancing my ass off
  20. A new laptop MAC but I'll settle for a pc with a lot of memory
I know quite a list but in my mind I'm worth it, sad others don't think so shrugs it is what it is. I don't want all the things on the list but majority of them would be nice. I am giving you plenty of advance notice since my Birthday is not until next Friday, circle it on your calendars kiddies and hold your glass up high in the air with some type of spirit in it and take a sip for your girl, even utter a prayer if you are so inclined I would appreciate it.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009



By Greg A. Miller, The Faster Times. Posted August 4, 2009 ORIGINAL ARTICLE SOURCE

This article was reprinted from The Faster Times. Faster. Smarter. Funnier: Go to for the latest in News, Politics, Science, Arts, Health, Nonsense, and everything else.

In Gregg A. Miller's recent article, he discussed how a recent study of skinny monkeys doesn’t provide convincing evidence to switch to a restricted-calorie diet. Here are five more health fads he suggests you should avoid.

Colonics or Enemas
: Your car’s various systems need a flush. Your colon does not. Don’t get me wrong, enemas do have a role in improving people’s health, particularly in people with acute constipation. However, the concept that toxic sludge builds up along the lining of your colon, until a coffee, saltwater, or milk and molassas enema finally flushes it out, is completely wrong. There is no scientific evidence of any benefit from routine enemas, and there are many cases of ruptured colons and rectums as a result of enemas gone wrong. There are much better ways to get a caffeine high than injecting coffee the wrong way up your intestines.

Master Cleanse Detoxification Diet
: After centuries of experience with it, you’d think that humans would support the concept of eating. Both common sense and scientific research agree: food, in general, is a good thing. So it’s baffling why someone might think that imbibing nothing but water mixed with lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for weeks on end is a good idea. But Stanley Burroughs, a man who was convicted of practicing medicine without a license and charged with murder, advocated just that with the Master Cleanse Diet. This regimen completely ignores basic science: if your kidneys and liver can’t detoxify you, some cayenne peppers and lemons aren’t going to help. In fact, this diet might lead to dangerous electrolyte imbalances and a build up of acid inside the bloodstream. Your kidney and liver will detoxify your body just fine, as long as you give them the nutrition they need. (I would just like to point out that I told you dizzy ass mofo's so when everyone was running around here swearing up and down that the "master cleanse" was the way to go. All because SWSNBN did that shit for a movie and had you dizzy ass broads, and some men walking around sipping on a disgusting concoction of lemon water, cayenne pepper, and some maple syrup. Next time listen to me when I tell you stop doing everything these mofos in hollyweird do while these jackasses have the money to replace their body parts the average person doesn't stop letting the wig crypt keeper and her people make you dance like puppets on a damn string silly mofos)

Skipping vaccines: When it comes to your child’s well-being, who should you take advice from: the American Academy of Pediatrics, an association dedicated to researching and protecting children’s health, or a celebrity famous for posing nude in adult magazines? For some Americans, apparently this is a difficult question to answer correctly. Vaccines do not cause autism. On the other hand, measles, rubella, and H. influenza, to name just a few vaccine-preventable illnesses, can indeed cause serious brain damage and even death. What’s more, skipping vaccines doesn’t just affect individual health, it impacts the entire community. Once enough unvaccinated hosts are present in a population, the disease can spread to people who did receive the vaccine. Skip the advice from the centerfolds, focus on what a boring, unsexy group of doctors and scientists recommend.

Magnets for Muscle and Joint Pain
: Unlike the others on this list, this health fad probably won’t hurt you. On the other hand, it probably won’t help either. High-quality scientific studies do not show any benefit beyond a placebo effect from putting magnets over painful joints or muscles. The only difference you’ll notice between a magnet and a regular hunk of metal is how much lighter your wallet is. The magnetic therapy industry is booming, with annual worldwide sales at $5 billion. Take that money you were going to spend on magnets and buy a more comfortable pair of shoes, some over the counter pain killers, or a joint brace.

Executive Physicals and Screening CTs
: Many health care organizations market the “Executive Physical,” a thorough medical consultation with extensive testing including bloodwork, screening CT scans, and even some fancy slippers and a bathrobe to wear during the exam. Much of this is useful, including the slippers. However, you should be aware of the radiation risk with CT scans. Though CTs are useful for sick patients, the benefit of bombarding a healthy patient with radiation during a routine physical exam is questionable. Some experts estimate that about one or two of every hundred cancers in the US are due to radiation exposure from medical studies. Until more evidence is in, think carefully before getting a screening CT, and avoid routine annual CT scans.

This article first appeared in The Faster Times.

Gregg Miller, MD is a board-certified emergency room physician. Not nearly as good-looking as the doctors on the TV show ER, lacking the charisma of Dr. House, and much less scandalous than anyone on Grey’s Anatomy, he still managed to carve out a niche practicing medicine in California’s emergency departments. After several years in the US he moved to China, where he currently works. Read more...

Monday, August 03, 2009



Dear Mothers and Fathers please don't let your babies grow up to be "soulja boy shouldn't have been here" Reason 3000 that I think Soulja boy stupid should have never been allowed to make the most ridiculous music known to man.

Ya know I'm sure someone in the hood who is barely making it is sitting there looking like "Man I wanna be that Nigga. He so hard man he doing it up big how can I be like him one day?" This is the shit right here that just makes me ponder the way of the world. How does the same world we live in produce people like Michelle Obama and then Soulja boy. It just boggles the mind it really does. If he would just do something great with him money like go to school, or start a music program for underprivilege kids in his neighborhood, or perhaps buy a sista like me a prius fully loaded instead of just tricking his money off in coontastic proportions. If I had his money I would invest it, save it, stack it, and invest in myself instead of buying shit that is ridiculous and depreciates and just doesn't even matter.

40 years from now when he is an old man and he is in a retirement home sitting in pissy diapers with a rash on his ass I hope he will think about all the money he wasted in his youth. Many African-American's don't ever get a chance to see the breadth of money this young boy is just pissing away in their lifetimes its offensive and yep I'm hating. The shit is obscene and just flagrantly wrong now I see why folks would just run up in his house and jack him for what he had on hand. He practically makes you want to pistol whip his ass just for the fun of it. I don't know where this child's handlers are but I bet they laughing their asses off as he spends his ring tone money away while they count their stacks and put them in a bank because they know better. Or maybe he is on that never-never-land kick just surrounding his ass with yes men who will let him do anything he wants because that's what they get paid to do.

Sadness every time a black person in the media does something tacky and just fucking retarded thus by tainting all of with their coonery an angel get's killed and Satan scores one for his team. Someone tell Soulja boy stupid that tricking off money even if you got it is still TRICKING! Read more...