Monday, October 06, 2008


Better late then never this is a Barack Obama supporting blog not because he's black but because he is the better choice between the two candidates and if he wasn't ask yourself why would the republican candidates need to do so much mud slinging on his name? Worried perhaps? If you have lived in this country and you really think that everything is fine and dandy since Bush has been in office not only are you an idiot but quite possibly you need to give me your job, if you can't see that Bush has plunged the world into tremendous deficit then again you are an idiot. If you can't see that bush sent troops to the middle east just to Bogart and get more oil wells for himself and his homeboys then yes please eradicate yourself immediately Joe Six pack and Hockey mom I'm talking to you if you think that the world is not messed up now please wait for Mccan't and his home girl bible barbie to screw it up more but what am I saying silly me, this is the country that believes propaganda and scare tactics instead of dealing it with cold hard truths. Seriously do you really want someone who is one heart beat away from being in the grave and then "Hockey Mom you better not have sex but her kids don't listen to her anyway palin" as the future leader of the world? Oh wait I forgot it's because she is a Maverick.

Look on a serious tip we gave you OJ Simpson take him and put him under the jail, and black people will never get reparation's, hell you even took back affirmative action so listen what say we call it even and you do black people this one solid and vote for the best candidate out there who just happens to be half black, and I will forget about all the civil rights violations (not really but it sounds good) and even how you still exploit black people in this day and age what say you my YT masses, can you get with the program this one time???? I will even make it my personal mission to keep my real flesh and blood brothers away from your precious daughters and I'll even make you some collard greens with smoked turkey you know you like ethnic foods I'll even have someone cornrow your hair with extensions, so we got a deal?