Monday, October 20, 2008


okay so you know I am all for team Obama so I thought I would share the most beautiful moving picture essay done by one of President Obama's photog's it is so beautiful and plus they make my heart swell and give me hope for black love YES WE CAN have beautiful build together type of black relationships and as long as one person holds the dream dear then hope will never be gone, well until I die but I digress.

Another thing you should be up on is your twit game if you don't know what that is you are the last person on this planet that doesn't know lol, you can check it out and FOLLOW ME HERE after you make your account of course.

what else I got for you hmmmm if you want to get me something for Christmas THE 78 MS. J would be hot in a two finger ring, a necklace or even some earrings dopeness, in gold.

ummm oh yeah all the guys that come to my page and read my single life post guys don't take it as a I hate being single type thing. I don't hate being single I'm just over being single I have done single now it's time to do coupledom. I mean I am of age and it is time to jump that broom and have at least two kids the right way. So cut me some slack laugh and giggle at the post but don't leave the be single and enjoy it type comments been single 5yrs that chapter is so OVER and DONE with, but please don't stop commenting cause I love your comments and I appreciate them. Because you don't have to come read my blog but you did so that get's huge appreciation.

Last but not least is this here video fact or fiction! Please leave your thoughts about this one Bristol Palin's baby daddy is really black???: