Sunday, October 05, 2008


You ever try and paint a pretty picture with ugly colors? Or how about you ever try and drive a truck that's stuck in the mud uphill? How about you ever try and lift a 100 pounds with a weak back and no help? Anyone feel where I am going with this??? I don't know about anyone else I can only answer for myself but seriously 30 is a pivotal age no more sitting around counting the days. There are certain biological factors that start to come into play and if you have had biology or even developmental psych you understand what I mean. At 30 the body starts to say ok sis either move it or lose it. By 30 you really need to decide if you are going to have some kids and if so you need to get a move on. The older you get the more at risk your pregnancy becomes, and your age and health directly effect your unborn child.

Halle Berry is a prime example there was a story in the news when she was pregnant about her being upset because her prenatal chart said she was a high risk pregnancy and that is true she was a high risk pregnancy. Especially after 40 you run the risk of:

Pregnant patients of advanced maternal age (AMA) are at increased risk for a multitude of pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes mellitus, preeclampsia, placenta previa and intrauterine growth restriction. All of these conditions have been associated with a higher rate of stillbirth.

These are some of the risk associated with having children late but of course if an older woman is healthy and has good health care her risk are significantly lower but there are still issues that one has to consider long and hard when waiting later in life to have a child heaven forbid you want more than one after 40. Something to think about also is having a child in your 40's means that well into your 60's is when the child will be in their 20's it is something really to think about. You can't just up and decide one day that you want kids it shouldn't be that way. Children shouldn't be an afterthought or an accident, or a condom busted consequence. I have learned that you can't think about just the moment you have to order your life and shoot for your goals. Hindsight is always a bitch but you can't undo time you have to press forward and step lightly. I write these posts with the best intention if I can give someone pause to think about things that is going on right now, especially with young African American women and the choices that we tend to make if I can give one something to think about and she is better for it then I have help someone. If I can travel the road and save you from the same pitfalls I fell in please allow me to do it, no need for both of us to end up broken and bruised by falling in the same life traps.

I don't profess to tell women how they should live nor how they should think but at the threshold of 30 my thinking became a whole lot different and things to me begin to become different they changed and become clearer life decisions become more focused and of course priorities shifted. The purpose of this blog is really to see how life defines itself with me being 30, I can't speak for no one else but 30 is a threshold. I'm not even looking at my 20's anymore I have closed the chapter on them and I am focusing on the future and the long unforeseen road ahead of me. Considering the current climate of relationships in the BPYT community adoption is looking like the way to go *sigh*

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