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I absolutely love this t-mo commercial especially the part where she goes "yay" and waves her hands...needless to say I am doing that excessively because it's cutesy, I can, so I do! doesn't take a lot to amuse me. Read more...



I held back from further commenting on the Chrianna situation because at the end of the day like I have been telling people around me and it's way to many stories swirling around them as is adding fuel to the fire just makes the flame grow especially since:

1. we don't know what happened fact wise.
2. this is a private matter that is acerbated by the media and gossip bloggers alike.
3. if anyone has to resort to violence then they both should be put up on assault charges, and that's for anyone that uses violence against a person unless it's self defense.
4. both of parties involved need some kind of counseling and personal time to themselves.

But with that said there comes the slippery slope, if a woman jumps in a mans face and proceeds to hit him then is he not justified in hitting her back or is he just supposed to take it because the laws are on the woman's side? If it were two people of the same sex fighting it would be considered assault. If a woman on the street was hit by a man she didn't know it would be considered battery. If a woman hits a man she doesn't know it's considered assault but when the two people are in what is considered a relationship type situation then the terms are paired with domestic and then victim rights go out the window.

Suddenly her face is plastered on every two bit gossip blog, regular blog, even black planet. For a full week that's all I have seen and still see on some blogs is the picture purchased by TMZ trotted out like a show pony. Not because it's tragic and we should rally behind this young woman, for the simple fact that this is something sensational to exploit. Something to gawk at and shake our heads and bemoan the beast that did this, even though we still don't have any facts on the matter. It's ironic how people are so concerned about Rhianna but the first chance they got to exploit her battered image they did. Where do morals and ethics come in at? When is the line drawn? What about her rights as a victim? Does she not deserve privacy in this matter? If that was your sister, or mother, daughter, cousin, loved one would you have wanted her bruised face used as a platform to advance page hits, and get your name out there in terms of readership? How hard is it for this young woman to clear her mind when she has all these people clamoring at her telling her what she should be doing in this situation and then to force her hand they release her picture world wide. In the mean time Brown hasn't even been to trial yet but already he is guilty, he is all kinds of bastards, and sons of bitches, he is losing endorsement deals, movie posters, his image has taken a public beating. Again I am not justifying I'm just saying already in the peoples public opinion many have already convicted this 18 year old boy and are calling for his blood.


It's sad. Instead of just keeping both these troubled young folks in our prayers and offering them encouragement and counseling and just some time for them to reflect and get their spirits together the media is constantly cranking out stories that may or may not be fact, and every time a story is published it is ran with the world is a heartless compassionless place, sad... Read more...

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I know that I have posted this before but Its too brilliant not to re-post again, and since I am the only one who reads this blog it matters not if I post it again.

Dear Uncle Sam:

Hi, it's me the one you know as ***-**-****. I have worked in your system since I was the ripe age of 19 officially. I have had jobs that paid a wage that wouldn't even keep a well fed pooch alive let alone a person with financial responsibilities. You see Uncle Sam I have tried my hardest to do right, work, be a responsible citizen and pledge my allegiance to my country even when I think you're wrong I still would just shrug and chop it up to America being America. I thought we had some type of understanding I would work my way up the pay scale and you would raise my wages due to a cost of living increase. Some where along the lines though Uncle Sam you failed me. You wrote books and legislation's on freedom, and democracy, you said give us your hungry and poor and we will clothe and feed them we will welcome you with open arms because we are America and that is our duty and we do it proudly.

Well Uncle Sam I am pissed off because I am American born and bred but I can't pay not a one of my bills because I can't find a job that will hire me with a wage rate that will allow me to keep up with the cost of my expenses and the cost of living in southern California. I own that I have made financial missteps but no worst then the wheffa who runs up her charge card on gucci, and prada. Actually my mistakes don't even amount to anything that huge, but I digress. I have not used the best of judgment at times but to repeatedly deny me work thus not allowing me to better my situation and pull myself up by my bootstraps is that not a blatant mockery of what America stands for? How can I better my situation if I can't get a job paying decent wages due to my current FICA score? I am stuck in the catch 22, I have gotten sucked into this downward spiral and I am stuck at the bottom and I am caught in the drainpipe called despair. What about me have I not be a loyal citizen? Have I not warranted your care, or help? Have you not seen me broken and beaten down by my financial circumstances? What would you have me do? Prostitute my body? Sell drugs? Rob and steal? After I take one of these alternative methods of living into consideration and I happen to get caught by your boys in blue Johnny law and they throw me under the penal system and give me life because I can't afford a high profile lawyer to plead my case what then Uncle Sam?

At this point in my life I just want simple things I want to be able to maintain a well paying job, one that will allow me to pull myself out of the financial bind that has become my resting place, I want to be able to live on my own with having to worry about where my next meal is coming from or if my lights and gas will be turned off. I want to be a productive member of society but I am being penalized because I can't afford to pay my bills and have made some poor financial choices in my life. I am now not a worthy candidate to be hired because according to employers who run a background check and see a poor credit history/score they say it speaks to my trustworthiness and therefore my credit score says that I could be considered untrustworthy around sensitive information, that I am susceptible to bribes, that I may commit fraud using someone else's information etc. In actuality I have never even stole so much as a piece of bubblegum, nor would I ever steal because if I was a thief I wouldn't be poor I would be rich, if I had no integrity I would be a winner because people with no integrity do whatever it takes to make that almighty dollar, they bend the truth, they use "creative" money management, they do whorish things to get ahead in life, suck a little dick, put out porn tapes, write about extramarital affairs, sleep with their bosses to get ahead etc. So what would you advise me to do Uncle Sam if no one will hire me for anything what recourse do I have? I am at the whim of the world I can't even pay my cellphone bill and yes that will go on my credit also, my bank account is also overdrawn and yes that will go on my credit also and the fun just keeps going.

I just want to say thank you for thinking of me when you passed these laws that made it virtually impossible to improve upon my financial situation, thank you for valuing people from other countries better than you value your native sons and daughters. Thank you for not allowing a single black women who has no kids to be eligible for any kind of aid or benefits because you don't consider her destitute enough. If anyone were to ask me where the greatest place in the world is to live I would truly be at a lost for words because right now my life is fucked up and you don't give a shit but yet you say I shouldn't be lazy, and trifling, pushing out babies and putting them on the counties dime. Yet when I don't do that I can't get any financial help so Thank you Uncle Sam for being that uncle that rapes me in the basement and robs me of my dignity repeatedly. I am your least favorite Niece, the forgotten and the destitute yet you want me to believe in you, care about you, work towards a common goal and do my part. Why not just give me my own BET reality show you can call it a "broke black bitch with no whip and no chips" or how about "Shuckin' and jivin' coon time for that prime time dime" or "America's next baby momma with three different baby daddies who all have to go on Maury and none of them are still not the father" I digress. You have to wonder about a country that rewards stupidity, turns a back to everyday american's with real financial needs, but makes instant stars out of women who use there wombs as a revolving door for romper room. If this world isn't fucked up and backwards then I must not having my thinking in order.

Signed your least favorite, never thought of native niece

God Bless America.....

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So I think it's pretty much safe to say that T-pain has become the ambassador for all things fuckery and musical. Now as I watch this SNL clip and I couldn't help but think damn they jacked the whole concept of akon's Acorns latest video but its all irrelevant actually. But It's damn safe to say not one of these "singers" or "rappers" (using those terms in the lightest way possible) own none of these boats. And as I got to thinking more about it, since the economy is all fucked to hell I'm sure these pimps of culture are doing what they have to just to stay afloat in these troubled times as long as the check get's cashed right fellas! Now who say's I never tried to give these wack acts the benefit of my doubt! In every generation there is a STEPIN FETCHIT some even argue that Tyler Perry is one but you already know my views on that if not REFRESH YOUR MEMORY

SNL Clip:

Acorn's Video:


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Since everyone and their momma has been doing top ten list in honor of valentines here's my list. These movies are more or less depending on your perspective accurate portrayals of love in all its facets. In some way shape or form you can relate to the love in these movies. These movies keep it nothing but real, if you haven't seen then do yourself a favor, hit up netflix's or whatever movie outlet you use and get it cracking while you're macking this weekend or even if you are on the solo tip it's all good these movies are good company.













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If you are the oldest of your brothers and sisters or even a mother you will understand this and empathize with me completely. Often times when you are the oldest a lot of responsibility is heaped upon your shoulders and as soon as the next sibling(s) comes along you find yourself no longer the only child but the one that is pushed to the back sort of pushed out of the way because you came first and by the time the other siblings drop you are expected to be self sufficient and self reliant. This sets the precedent the tone for the rest of your life as the Eldest, The oldest, the first one. I don't think the younger siblings see the sacrifices that the oldest makes, they don't see the hard first we have to break through in order for our parents to be worn down by the time it's their turns. I don't think that they get that we are responsible for them, if you were like me you did a lot of looking after your siblings so much in fact it molded and shaped your personality early. I got used to being the surrogate mother hell I have been wiping asses and raising children seems like all my life but I have yet to have any of my own.

I am proud of the young man that my youngest/middle brother is because I know that I helped him get this far. I helped with homework, with emotional crisis, with a shoulder and strong back to lean on, and with sound advice, even helping him laugh and shaping his sense of humor and sense of independence. I was so proud that he got into the college he choose, I was proud that he has this amazing talent that has been nurtured and that will carry him where ever he chooses to go. I am extremely proud I was here to watch him become a young adult, I would have felt cheated if I hadn't seen him grow up. I was here for his prom, I was here for his graduation, I was here for all the important milestones and he's not finished yet this I am sure of.

I know people think I am harsh with my siblings but I see their potential and I want what's best for them even when they try my patience and nerves. Even when they do things to me that break my heart and make me want to fuck them up. I love each of my siblings genuinely and deeply. That's why when they do something that causes their lives to veer off unto unfamiliar and bumpy paths my disappointment in their choices are great. I know they each have to live their lives but I will always be their older sister that will never change. I will always want what's best for them even if they don't want it or recognize it for themselves. Once you become the oldest that role never stops, it becomes life shaping and huge. It colors your world and it shapes your thoughts and actions. It makes you more responsible more cautious it makes you reevaluate your choices because you know your choices are going to be the measuring stick that is used by your parents to guide and tweak your siblings so that they don't make the same mistakes they made with the older kids. Every set back every wrong turn will be magnified and examined and used as a guide as what not to do for your sibling. Your name will be drug into conversation after conversation especially if you mess up and your siblings get it right the first time they attempt something you will never hear the end of it NEVER!

But that is the role that you have been caste into, it takes a strong person to be the oldest. You don't get the luxury of being really seen anymore, you don't have the luxury of still having your parents all to yourself and you become a surrogate parent of sorts, you start being given more responsibilities more chores by the time you hit your late twenties you feel like you have already raised some kids and had your own family, well maybe not you all but I do. I feel like I have lived a first life and now I'm on my second, the funny thing is I don't recall having any fun carefree moments if I did they were few and far between. I feel like I have always been old, taking care of someone not having the luxury of just being responsible for myself and I don't think my siblings appreciate that, not at all.

I don't think they see the things I have done, endured for them. The worry, the prayers, the wishes, the hopes, the dreams. I don't think they see any of that. I don't think they appreciate me having less so that they could get more, I don't think they can appreciate the fact that without me as their advocate in somethings they wouldn't have been heard or taken seriously. I know that in that respect mothers and eldest children will always be alike they give so much and do so much on a daily basis that it goes unseen. No one evaluates the journey but they always examine the end product. It's like a rose growing up through concrete its a beautiful flower in the middle of the most unconventional place ever, but the rose is the end product but how did that rose push up through that concrete and get what it needed to bloom, grow, and thrive?

No one ever thinks about the dirt!


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When I first heard the news of the alleged beat down involving the young couple Chrianna I thought it was a joke, hell I even made a joke about it. But as the reports kept pouring in I grew more and more intrigued and found myself jumping on the beat down bandwagon, but today I have firmly resolved to move on from this media frenzy of speculation and hearsay. With the advance of the Internet and especially with the way that information is spread everyone is already informed and their opinions are already set in stone before the truth comes out. We have all heard about the situation with Rihanna and Chris Brown every blog all over the world has already decided that Chris Brown is a monster and Rihanna is a poor helpless victim I have read the stories myself and I found myself buying into it until someone pointed out no one has officially made a statement except the police and at they have only released the bare minimum of information but both of Chris Brown's camp and Rihanna's have said nothing officially. Yes you are reading all the speculation and rumors that people are churning out but because you don't know these people personally and because you weren't an eyewitness yourself it is all just hearsay and speculation. Every women over the age of 18 is outraged and we won't even discuss the opinion of the men.

But let me put another spin on this hate me be mad at me call me what you want but sometimes women are the aggressors and sometimes women are the abusers. Especially if a woman thinks that a man won't have the audacity to hit her back she then thinks that she has the license to proceed to whoop on his ass. I have seen people close to me put this very practice into action on more than one occasion. I have seen a woman jump in a man's face and scratch his face up, punch him, just wailing on him threatening to shoot him on sight if he step foot in her their house. I've seen the same woman come at the man another time with a knife where he had to wrestle her to the floor and pry the knife out her hand and use his whole body to restrain her until she calmed down. We aren't in the age of the helpless woman anymore some of these women bring it on themselves. If you jump bad in a mans face and put yourself in a mans place then you will get treated like a man. It's one thing to defend yourself and protect yourself but when you are the abuser, verbally, mentally, physically as a woman you are just as wrong as a man who would do the same thing. People tend to forget that women can be abusive as well, don't let the lipstick and pumps fool you!

I am going to focus on not taking sides since I don't know the whole story. I will say I think it is a shame that already people have become judge and jury to what is a very private and hurtful situation being played out on the public stage. I think any abuse is hard enough to bear but when you are a young celebrity then it's 100% overblown and magnified and everyone is going in on it without even having the facts in the matter. I don't even want to speculate on it anymore it's actually disheartening to say the least. That a bright talented young African American/ bajan descent are now standing trial in the minds and hearts of millions who don't even know the whole story or even know these two individuals personally. It's events like these that make me oh so glad I am not in the public eye It's way to many people who judge you just for living life day to day but when you're a celebrity you can't even have a bad day without it being documented. We love to put celebrities on a pedestal and then knock them down when we think they have done wrong in the public's eye.

What's really sad is the media is so blood thirsty they were even saying that the man who was involved in the slow moving police chase on Monday night was Chris Brown, and they had no problem speculating and stating it was him until they found out the person in the car wasn't significantly important it was just all bad. That's when I knew I had to hop off the Chrianna train wreck and step it back a notch I was like wow it's the OJ media feeding frenzy all over again. He is already guilty in a lot of peoples mind without saying a word. Whatever the case I think both of the young stars need to seek counseling for whatever issues they might have individually. I think at this point they shouldn't even be in the same country let alone the same room but then again that's just me looking in. I wish both them the best of luck and I hope they gain maturity and wisdom from this incident and I hope they each get what they are crying out for in their lives. Money doesn't make you happier, healthier, or better if its not used in a constructive way. Read more...

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You know its funny how the spirit a lot of things have been heavy on my mind and working in my spirit and this is where it led me. It's a scripture I keep reading and it works it way deeply into my spirit time and time again. But it is a shame when people who have been associates of yours for some time can't even tell that you are a christian...that disturbs me deeply. I was raised in the church, I was in every choir, usher, youth function that there was. I really need to go back to that foundation just for myself...anyway the real purpose of this blog is to spread knowledge and to spark conversation and cause one to think...I hope I have at least done that much even a little...please enjoy the scripture and let it sink in your spirit and carry you through the week.

Love Is the Greatest

1 If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. 3 If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it;[a] but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.

4 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5 or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6 It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7 Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

8 Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages[b] and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever! 9 Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! 10 But when full understanding comes, these partial things will become useless.

11 When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. 12 Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.[c] All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.

13 Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

New Living Translation (NLT)

Holy Bible. New Living Translation copyright © 1996, 2004 by Tyndale Charitable Trust. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers.

Scripture found on BIBLEGATEWAY.COM



First and foremost well all new and old readers & lovely followers it does my old cantankerous soul good to see that my follower count is finally creeping up its never about quantity always about quality, so I would rather grow slow instead of shooting up fast that means you are in it for the long haul as readers. Enough mushy let's get straight to the meat!

Proverbs 18:22 (New Living Translation)

22 The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,
and he receives favor from the Lord.

In case you are interested in reading the scripture that describes a A WIFE OF NOBLE CHARACTER of course if you want to read the scripture just click on the words.

I know my last post was about sex but I got to really thinking about it and turning things over in my mind about it and I got some more stuff I wanted to talk about involving sex and since this is the month of black history and valentines day I'm going to keep my love/sex series going so leave your opinions and thoughts because I value learn and grow from the constructive opinions of my readers and random passer-bys.

Ladies and gentlemen if you happen to read this blog I know you should know be familiar with the term Beat and Skeet™ if you're going to use the term please reference THE 78 MS. J thanks. Anywho I know this debate has been going on since Eve bit the apple and Adam threw her under the bus for it punk will a woman who has sex with a man on the first date brand her in the eyes of said man a HOE, ladies this one is a no brainer, I'm sorry this is the way it is and has been for centuries and unless society suddenly overnight erases everything about the way men and women interact with each other and the double standards that are held in society this particular standard is written in stone on the wall of date rules, then yes if you let him Beat and Skeet™ you on the first date you just went from nice girl to freak in 0.2 seconds and there is no coming back from that you won't be seen as wifey material, you will be the chick he calls after the club so he can slide through.

I believe that people have forgotten that you CAN NOT separate your spirit from your mind, emotions and feelings. Every time you lay down with someone you are sharing more than just a nut you are exchange life forces, there is a reason why men and women are built the way that they are. Sex is not meant to be recreational its meant for a much deeper connection I don't think a lot of people understand that. Every person that you sleep with you take into yourself their life force their energy, their fluids, we are human beings made up of flesh, blood, organs and spiritual energy and that gets exchanged every time you have sex with someone. That is a serious thing and in this day and age it is taken way to lightly.

Now I know many women who say if they are feeling someone they should be able to just give it up and let the dude hit that the first time they meet/go out and still be seen as decent women, the truth is ladies we are the thinkers, the ones who are emotional, and yes as outdated as it may seem or you want it to be we are the holders of our own virtue! So if you let a dude hit it the first time/day you guys hang out/have a date then yes you will be branded a hoe. Now if you are not looking for a man/long term relationship/marriage and you just like testing penis and mattresses out then by all means girl do you (please use condoms birth control and get regularly screened for STD's HIV/AIDS) This is for the ladies that are trying to be seen as marriage material not for those who just want to have "fun".

Now I have to be completely honest with you, I know realistically in this day and age nobody is waiting until they get married to have sex, but when you do wait a decent amount of time and then you eventually end up having sex does it wreck the relationship or take it to the next level and after you do that how much longer then should it take for him to want to wife you? What if you put your best freak nasty moves on him but he doesn't wife you, and the relationship breaks up then what? Have you then sold your virtue to the highest bidder? I understand that not everyone you date/have a relationship with is going to be marriage material for you but if you keep sleeping with all these different people...doesn't it take some of the specialness and sacredness out of the act of sex and intimacy? If you have done all your finest tricks with everyone before you get married what do you have left? Maybe its just me...but these are some of the questions that go through my mind. This is probably why I haven't tripped over not really having anyone in my life because I know eventually we are going to come to this road and to me sex has become overrated and tired. It has been whored and exploited to no ends until we are desensitized to it and it shouldn't be that way it should be new fresh and pleasant not old stale and unsatisfying but I digress.

If you are a long term reader by now you should already know how I feel about just jumping in the bed with any and everybody, you have to pace yourself and you have to value yourself you can't throw your pearls before swine and think that the swine is going to appreciate them it just doesn't work that way. We need to tell our daughters, nieces, sisters, sister-friends, and all the women in our lives that being a woman is a hard job and yes as much as you want to be free from restrictions there are rules to this thing called life. As we get older we are able to sift through the lies, and the messages that are filtered through the media and we should be able to recognize the truth, even though the world is full of people having sex it does not make it so for those of us who are really in the dating trenches. Yes we all have our set backs but ladies anything worth having is worth working for, if he doesn't have to work to get it then in his mind you lose a lot of your shine and value. You don't even have to take my word for it ask your fathers, brothers, cousins, the men in your life that will tell you the truth, or just watch the following videos.

VIDEOS that are hitting on realness:


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So this delicious piece of thug ass candy was brought to you by the good folks at BOSSIP what say you ladies and gents would you let this tasty morsel of thug booty popping action get in between your sugah walls this valentines day? I mean...he got that good chinchilla fur and everything. He probably thinks he is being freaky for his women man... the sad fact is that I know men who push the envelope sexually and then say its because they are willing to do whatever it takes to please their significant others even if that means getting dicked down by a strap-on I understand that sex has a learning curve and it is supposed to be something awesome for two committed people to indulge in but is it just me or are y'all taking this shit a little too far?!?!?

  1. What wouldn't/would you do sexually for your mate?
  2. What is or isn't out of your limits when it comes to sex?
  3. Do you feel like in order to show your true freaky side do you have to be deeply committed to the person?
  4. Do you use your best tricks on a beat and skeet?
  5. Do you always bring your A game when it comes to having sex?

My theory is that the longer I live the freakier sex gets like you can't just do plain ole missionary now a days it has to be freaky with a side of outlandish. You have to be able to strip and shit, ride a dick, make your ass clap like a video chick and know how to pussy pop on a handstand all that and don't forget you have to suck a mean dick as well...Le-sigh plus you have to be girl 6 on the computer, and or phone. I mean in theory I like sex but in actually though...all my sexual experience has shown me that sex is overrated or I have just been having pretty wack sex thus invoking the whole hiatus from sex. I swore to myself that the next time I had sex it will be great or someones getting stabbed! I refuse to have anymore horrible weak ass sexual experiences if the dude is not bringing the thunder then all kinds of hell is going to break loose! Of course I know that sex is a two effort sort of deal like a team sport but I can only give as good as I get...

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This Sunday a ninja broke the cardinal rules of interaction pertaining to baby daddy/momma family boundaries and the likes. Causing me to go ahead and write up the rules of interaction so that it shall forever be broken down to you ninja's and so you can't walk around claiming you don't know the etiquette for being a BM/BD especially if you are not on good terms with your BM/BD. This post may be offensive to the legions of BD/BM's out there but hey it is what it is take it up with management, which is me. Now on to the post:

1. Thou shalt not EVER send a note to the family member of your estranged BM OR BD, even if you are on speaking terms and shit. It's just not cool it causes to much confusion and can lead to he-say she-say.

2. If said sibling of BM/BD does not like your ass then please please please don't even try to get to the bottom of why said sibling doesn't like your ass just accept that shit and keep it moving.

3. Please don't mean mug family members, attempt to fight them, call them out their names, go to their place of business, call their jobs, or any of that loosey goosey shit because that then justifies an immediate ass whooping maybe even a shit- shanking.

4. If you see a BD/BM family member in the streets and they don't speak, and if they don't glance your way please don't chase them down and attempt to make conversation, that will cause a scene and some pepper spray action to go down, or you might even get drug behind their car or ran over.

5. By all means please feel free to block, ignore, even move to another state if you and the family of the BD/BM do not get along it probably would be better for you in the long run.

6. If you care way to much what a BM/BD's family member has to say, think, or feel about you then you probably should leap off a tall building, or immediately seek some counseling for your situation.

7. realize that blood will ALWAYS be thicker than water. You should tread lightly where family is concerned especially if you and the BM/BD aren't together anymore, things just aren't going to go in your favor. It's the laws of nature accept it and you will be better off.

8. Don't attempt to use emotional blackmail concerning the child this will only cause bitterness and anger and might even get you stomped out.

9. Don't show up at any type of family function even when invited because most likely someone there hates your ass and you might get stomped out by the hood cousins (don't act like you don't have none) and it will just be all bad.

10. Do not, DO NOT (had to emphasize that point) run to the mother of the BD/BM to try and get them on your side this will cause again hatred and bitterness towards that ass and might even result in property damage in extreme cases.

In conclusion folks if you are a BM/BD or have one in your family please explain the rules of engagement to these folks. It's getting out of hand, you should know your place and you should be content within yourself knowing that through your actions you chose that position so play your part. It's no use being bitter or a hater especially if you knew from jump that the person you were laying down with wasn't shit especially if you knew it was just a beat and skeet type situation. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but when ever you're having sex you must always prepare yourself for the possibility that you could get knocked up or knock someone up that is just a given!

I have no sympathy for anyone who is a consenting adult who lays down on their back with their legs in the air we all know how babies are made, an "accident" can't happen if you aren't on your P's and Q's especially when engaging in sex. It's way to many options/avenues to stop from getting pregnant way to many in this day in age. So please if you are a BM/BD don't try and branch out and find a new avenue of interaction this is what it is and how it will be until folks cut out the BD/BM fuckery and get back into actually having families.


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Comfortable Lyrics []

So every once and awhile the rappers that I don't like stick someone on their chorus who I do like vocally and it causes me to love the song and this song which is called comfortable with babyface yes mr. babyface singing the hell out the hook, you hear a little of it after the initial video but this song is the business it's on my myspace page currently and I put it on my ipod that's how hooked I am on it.

This other song I am shamed to say is also the business...sigh I know but don't judge me... much.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009



You ever been on youtube way later then you should be and then your senses get assaulted with nothing but fuckery? Since I was accosted with fuckery allow me to bring it to you as well. I know in light of the 28 days of black history, the president being half African, and the world supposedly changing overnight I shouldn't bring this to anyone's attention and if you really thought that then you were dead ass WRONG. I'm going to talk about this so you'll either read it or you won't but if this post offends then here's an e-hug for your e-feelings. Ya soft bitches man up and get the thong out your asses I'm a work in progress but anyway onto the post.

First we all know that the EBT channel is the debil but it was really bad when they had uncut coming on late at night, I used to remember ninja's breaking they asses to get home early so they could catch the latest hoocie coochie booty videos put on by other ninja's with camcorders. Making "independent" videos with they homeboys who would be singing the hooks or rapping and shit while half naked wenches who strip for a living would be the video chicks now if that ain't balling on a budget! You can't ever say that ninja's ain't creative want a video then here it go and bam it was done all it took was some old fashioned elbow grease and a lot of liquor blunts and broads. So here are some of the finest most fucked up offerings from country as hell kitchen ass records Inc. I know these fine videos will bring back some memories for you fellas but please try and contain yourselves don't make your keyboards all sticky NOBODY wants that!

First video I would like to share is called "What that thang smell like" as you can guess from the title they not talking about perfume, you might need to give your computer a dose of penicillin after you watch the video:

Next Video "Shake that Shit" again if you are trying to get your walk with the Lord right then you might not want to watch this video either but who's uncle got the idea to make this video, and why in da hell didn't they just make a porno instead of a music video?

"Bounce that thang" for real chingy? What the hell are you even rapping about? Just at the strip club ain't nobody even paying attention to your lyrics, cause you not saying nothing. They just tuning in for the bucket naked hoes on your videos.

If someone ever tell you that you have a "Butta Ball" and its far from thanksgiving then proceed to cuss them out in the most ladylike manner you can or pepper spray them directly!

You know what I'm mad about with this next video offering? It's the simple fact that these chicks have pancake backs therefore even though they doing the same ish it doesn't seem so bad because they have less assets but when black women do it, it instantly becomes whorish and skankish and then we are seen as oversexed and whores, but these yt chicks are just seen as "cute college girls" or is that just my jaded perception?

In conclusion children EBT is da debil, strippers work hard as hell for they money because I can't make my ass clap like that for nothing and I have been working on it(What? like you ain't never tried it in the privacy of your room before), Uncut was just some fuckery to showcase strippers and promote strip clubs I even believe that strip club owners personally put that particular show on EBT so that they could bring in more customers. There is somebody who might come across this little post and really think I am doing nothing but hating when in truth I am just saying if you gonna set black people back a 100 years at least get a 100 acres of land out of it, and not just some face time on the EBT channel. I can't and you shouldn't either! Can we finally let go of the pseudo rappers and the big booty strippers and maybe walk onto a newer path...true everyone is not going to be a stunning intellectual but hell at least you can take some adult classes are something right? Read more...