Monday, April 06, 2009


Let me preface this letter by saying I am quite aware that not all of you are named Tyrone just like every white man's name is not John but since this is in fact a Dear John letter but addressed to ALL the black men in the world then I felt I had to go with something you all were familiar with you got a problem with it see management now onto the letter.

Dear Tyrone:

I was the last woman standing I was on your side I was that ride or die chick that you all claimed you wanted. I still supported you even when so many have turned your back on your own race and had nothing but complete and utter disdain for a black woman. I was still holding you down when you talked bad about black women and disrespected us called us out our names. Exploited us in your videos and etc. I thought that you would get right once you saw that Obama had a strong black woman by his side but nope you continue to act like donkeys. I have tried to walk on eggshells with you all and then I have tried tough love I have tried every angle I know but it is never enough for you. You continue to push me away and tell me I am not worthy of your attention, protection, nor affection. I am tired I was holding up that blood stained banner but now I have let it fall out of my weary and worn hand. I can no longer ignore the things that you say and do.

I have been continuously pushed aside, ignored, or when you talk with me you either lie, flip out for no reason, have severe physiologically issues, you got way to many baby-mommas child support coming out your check, no car, you live with your momma, A couple of you have even told me directly that white women, Hispanic women, are better for the black men and that you are tired of black women because black women don't support your tired asses and we have to much lip. I am tired of meeting black men who don't know what it means to be a black man because no one ever showed your asses. I'm tired of being talked to any old kind of way because some woman before me did a number on you, like you own the market on being emotionally wounded. I'm tired of your smug slut asses telling me I'm not girlfriend material because I won't get on camera and show you my ass and titties, or neither will I have phone sex with you, or even cyber sex. Who's still doing that in this day and age with just random people grow the fuck up and enjoy the real thing. I don't need a poor facsimile of the real thing that does nothing for me at all why do we have to talk sex into the ground discuss it once and then proceed to do the damn thing if not keep it moving. You don't know how to be direct unless you're being an asshole, you don't know how to be truthful, you try and manipulate and lie your way into someones panties. You tell me I am too hard, what the fuck does that mean? Shall I just take whatever you give me and enjoy it. Shall I just let you tell me any old thing and take it at face value. No one ever takes the time to stick it out because its to easy to just find another chick who will let you do and just say anything to her and she will eat that shit up with a spoon. I'm not a steel wall and I am not putty either you want everything to easy no one wants to work for anything anymore.

Because black women don't lay down and worship the ground you walk on, because we don't let you do any and every low down nasty trifling sexual act your perverted mind can come up with by watching white fetish porn, because we don't stop our lives and put yours and everything you're about first, because we aren't doormats that lay down for you to walk all over us, because we have the nerve to demand excellence and have standards. Because we call you out when you disrespect us and hold you accountable for your actions. I'm tired, I'm tired of y'all bitter, silly, trifling asses, I'm tired of all YOUR baggage, I'm tired of all the bullshit that you bring. I'm tired of trying to win you over and your approval, I'm tired of standing on my head and trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I'm tired of always seeing the ones who have accomplished something quickly running to a white woman because you refuse to deal with a black woman calling her evil and ornery. I'm especially tired of the shiftless coon ass niggers that get money and then proceed to get an Asian, Hispanic, or white woman because you hate yourself and the very skin that you're in so therefore you find a woman who doesn't reflect you, but that woman you treat with the utmost respect and admiration while shunning and ignoring black women. That's fine some of you all aren't really black anyway you're just white men wrapped in a dark shell, they do have lightening creams for that and with enough money you can become Michale Jackson's new color and even have white children complete with the blond hair and blue eyes modern technology is your friend!

It's not enough that black women have given birth to your asses, its not enough that black women have always supported you even though since we been in this country you have stood by and let other men of different races violate and disrespect us for sport the sick twisted part is some where along the line you joined in and begin to see us as less then. You the men who sprung forth from a black womb begin to think less of a black woman then the rest of the world and now there is no unity in the communities, there are next to no two parent households left. It's just straight bullshit in dating. So yes here is one more bitter black woman you can add to your rolls. I'm handing in my black men lover button, and taking my name off the fan club. I quit you black men and unless a severe miracle happens to change my heart, mind and opinion of you I'm forever gone. You won't even notice because I'm invisible to you so fuck it this is for me to vent and clear my head and it will be a reminder whenever I begin to weaver in my resolve.

I don't need you anymore black men, you are now dead to me ghost in the streets, the hallways and anywhere else you dwell.