Wednesday, October 08, 2008


New videos I love Jazmine Sullivan her new album is on heavy rotation. I don't think a lot of people get her, first her voice is different and she isn't all out of her clothes she is just a vocalist and since the masses are so used to crap her talent goes over a lot of peoples heads. I go hard for the artist/anything I feel passionate for so insulting an artist I like is like calling me out my name. I understand if every one's taste is different but to shit on people who are creative is a no no in my book. I guess I am more sensitive musically wise since the major players in my family are musically inclined. Forget sports we go hard for music in this house.

I love Kanye also I don't care what he does because on some levels I understand him I think he thinks complex and his latest videos have been different from the norm no naked video chicks oiled up in push up bras and sexy panties, it takes balls to think outside the box. Plus I like the lyrics to this particular song people were like why he not rapping, wow people learn to think beyond black and white!

I have always like O'shea Jackson I even like him in his family movies and he shows the evolution of what a rapper is supposed to be no he's not perfect but he keeps it real and I can get behind that and when have you ever heard Cube's name in conjunction with some mess? NEVER he do his thing and keeps it moving, he ain't out here chasing skirts, he a real family man and he about his business. He from the hood and carry the hood with him but he don't act niggerish and you know what I mean (most of you do). I don't know anyone who like hood life unless they have just given up on themselves.