I should start by telling you what the letters B.P.Y.T stand for because I get asked that a lot. They stand for Black Pretty Young Thing, now with that being said you don't have to be black to enjoy this blog. This blog is from my perspective as a black woman and yes I claim that I am a pretty young thing because I am. You have to believe in yourself and love yourself before anyone else will therefore you should always be in touch with your own star player which is the you that you put up with day in and day out 365/24/7 I have to love me before anyone else will and everyone should feel the same way.

 I started blogging because I wanted to share my perspective as well as some of the things I have experienced or went through so that others might learn from my mishaps or be encouraged or know that someone in the world thinks and feels the same way that they do about things that happen to them in their lifetime. Humans-being don't live in a vacuum, choices have consequences, actions have reactions, and life is cyclical everything has a season and everything happens for a reason I believe, and sometimes what I say is just comical because real life has all the elements of a fascinating drama, sometimes life is funny, often its hard, but there are some bright spots in between that string it altogether and help us keep pushing towards our tomorrows.

This blog is a means to communicate my thoughts and opinions about everything from Fashion, to Dating, To even celebrity nonsense and beyond. Being a woman who has lived these past thirty odd years I have been witness to some amazing events and some not so amazing events. I tend to talk about things here that really bother me or weigh heavily on my conscience, and I especially blog about things that I love. I have a deep appreciation for creative people and a deep awe of artist in any shape or form and music is life. Seeing someone else be so passionate about what they create and their art fuels the fire for me to keep writing even when I feel like no one is paying attention to what I am saying.

Because let's face it everyone has a blog these days and what I say and how I say it could be hit or miss and you don't have to read my blog because there will be one put up tomorrow that you might like even more but if one person is ever helped by at least one of my post, or I made someones day a little bit brighter, or I even made you shed a tear then my writing wasn't in vein and some how I mattered just a little bit in this life and that's all any of us want is to matter right?.......

So if you have happened upon this blog and you like the post I put up please feel free to leave me comments I love comments even if they are critical as long as you are respectful its no problem we can agree to disagree and please feel free to share my blog with others if you like it.