Sunday, November 30, 2008



Bloggers Unite

December 1st is officially world AIDS day and for the past three years I have been participating well at least writing a blog for this particular day. I think it is very important that women especially pay attention to whom they are allowing into their bodies. Not everybody deserves to get your goodies, I don't care how much bling he has, or how fly his ride is. It's not worth dying for, especially since it's his and not yours! Before you dive between someones sheets make sure you know more about them then their last name. There is a waiting period for every major commitment, you have to wait to get your drivers license, you have to wait to get a gun, you have to wait 9 months before giving birth why does it only take a second for jumping in the bed with a complete stranger though?

Yea I'm soap boxing you guys again but some of y'all are hardheaded and just refuse to play it safe. If your man goes to jail and he's in there for a extended amount of time, the first thing you should do when he comes out is get him tested. I know easier said than done but he was in there hopefully abstaining so it shouldn't be a big deal with him abstaining just a little while longer until you guys can get tested before you give him some welcome home yoni pie. Don't let your man's eagerness dictate your life.

Last but not least drugs, sharing needles, screwing for a high, is bad business but the ones doing it have already sold any computer in sight. I challenge all my sista's in this case all of the women in the world white, black, brown, yellow, green, pink, whatever take ownership of your bodies, take pride in yourselves, stop letting men dictate what you should do with your body INSIST on using condoms especially if you aren't ready to have a baby, and I know again easier said then done but if you are extremely fertile then PLEASE JUST ABSTAIN ALL TOGETHER, if you get the urge just masturbate you can get off, relax, have a great time, and not have to worry about the fall out afterward. Plus it helps you to know your own body, the things you like, and it makes you less cranky. Matter of fact here you go 1ST 2ND 3RD Now if you can't find a way to get yourself off after those three links then... and I don't believe I have to put up a male link right?!?!? Hit me up in comments if I do.

In this new year with all the advances of technology, with all that we know no one should be willingly subjecting themselves to sexual danger. Think before you drink if you are at a party or around people you don't know that can lead to high risk behavior. Think before you smoke weed, or pop some pills that also can lead to high risk behavior, what feels good in the moment can cause you a lifetime of sorrow. Don't be a statistic and each one teach one.



Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Oh Ne-yo tried to make me see dead people. I already knew from the beginning of this video he was...anyway watch it I like the lyrics much better then that independent crap he was talking about.

THE D.E.Y This video was all over the place I got the concept but I wish that video's were more streamlined in there approach to their video concepts. All this abstract crap unless you have a director that is real artistic it just won't come off right. I like the lyrics of the song but...this group I'm not quite sure about them just yet they like Luther Vandross' curl that never quite got right.

Now why am I always on the late bus? I didn't know the cutie that played Brooklyn in ATL was a rapper/poet also, plus big pun's late cousin. He is my new low key celb crush. It's something about the nyc guys swagger, soooo live. Here is his video it's cute cause he's cute HA. His MYSPACE profile.

also he was on def poetry he's flyyyyy.

last but not least his newest venture with that -50 cent chick Oliver. It's interesting like something to put on a website a calling card for your work.




Almost turkey gobble time you excited? Okay so lets get down to business...the economy still sucks, but prostitution is still thriving when in doubt sell the P.ower.U. In these hard times everything is drying up and it's just not a good situation. I'm looking high and low, even going backwards applying to places I already worked at. No Mas! Whatever. Let's get to the meat of this post shall we.

I went to church Sunday the highlight of the whole service, the sunshine of my day was the lady who joined church oh what a magnificent creature she was. Please allow me to frame her very elegance with my words. I may not be able to do her justice but I will try. First off let's give her a name befitting her. Let us call her the delicate maroon maiden, DMM for short.

So church started out the same way slow and with the same type ceremony as all old churches with the same members for 60yrs always start out. Then the ushers opened the doors to let the general public in, and that's when I first laid eyes on her. My breath caught in my throat and I was at a total lack of words. DMM stepped in the door and it's like my whole world ceased to exist after that. She sat directly across from me on the other side of the aisle in the pew directly to my right I could see her out the corner of my eye. I was caught up in her rapture.

I don't know if it was the blue off brand sketcher type tennis shoes with no socks, or if it was the spandex maroon dress with the slits on both sides, or if it was the way her thighs had all those dips, valleys and dents that her dress unkindly attested too and highlighted like a yellow hi-light marker, or was it the way her little cardigan was straining at the buttons which were struggling just to keep from popping off and hitting everyone within range. No, Perhaps it was the purse she carried, the kind you find often given away because it matches nothing and looks awful with everything. I couldn't help but wonder at DMM and why she didn't at least have the presence of mind to put a slip on even a half slip which would have been her saving grace. No it wasn't any of those things actually. When I didn't look directly at her she looked like a normal church goer. Now I am not throwing stones at a fellow team chunk member but she had to pass at least one reflective surface between leaving her place of residency and hitting that church front door. If she had at least attempted to make some kind of effort towards decent I could have given her some kind of cool points for trying...but no. Some tights, some stockings, leggings even, a long coat, some semblance of shame, a iota of embarrassment, a apology for her wayward appearance, something. I would have overlooked her wardrobe malfunction and chalked it up to hard times but...she wouldn't let me do it.

As the church service went on it finally came time for the pastor to invite people down who wanted to be new members well DMM hurried down to the front and sat there like she was ready, they say the Lord works in mysterious ways. SO finally after they announced her name and the pastor was standing directly in front of her DMM went into action she started trying to grab the mic repeatedly even though it wasn't her time to talk. She got asked the standard questions about Jesus and God...where she was in her walk with the Lord what she was hoping to gain that sort of thing, ya know the standard questions.

Finally DMM went for broke I guess she figured she had nothing to lose, she grabbed the mic out of the pastors hand and she proceeded to spill all of her business out to the whole church. DMM stated that she had 7 children in the system, that she was in transition and homeless, living in a halfway house waiting on her section 8, and that she was in her 3rd rehab program and the very essence, the very cherry on top of my Sunday wait for it....wait for it...this heffa said, "I recently had a relapse but it was a small one only about $20.00 worth and my fiance left me, and I want to get him back!"

Let me put a pin in that right there, first off I don't know if her brain was fried from all the years of drug abuse or if she was borderline mentally retarded, but the last thing I expected her to say was FIANCE...say what? Say huh? You got a man that wants to marry you...and I can't even find a damn boo NOT A DAMN ONE! Oh the irony, oh the cruel ugly irony! This heffa has 7 kids, all in the system, she on her third rehab stint, she homeless, and most likely half retarded but she has a fiance. Let's let that sink in. She wasn't worried about the 7 kids, she wasn't worried about staying off drugs she was worried about getting her man back! Her specific reason for finally coming to church and wanting to try and get help was not the Lord, it was because her man, her fiance had left her. That is what finally drove her to even to attempt to step foot in the church. The pastor was like you need Jesus more than you need your fiance to come back, once you have him all your needs will be met. DMM in her head I'm sure was like right, but I still would like my cuddle muffin to make his way back into my arms, and if you can work that miracle then we shall be great!

I was so floored after DMM got up there and told everyone her business. I mean wow, just the sheer magnitude of her whole situation just had me ready to go down to the alter and ask God was he serious? Was he really and truly serious? I know I'm sure I can just imagine the train wreck that should be her fiance but the ugly truth is he is probably fine, and since he left her he probably has more sense then she will ever have. I could have had empathy for that lady and I was all ready to have some for her but when she came down there talking way off her rocker and not even wanting to get her kids out the system as her 1st priority but getting her boo back was like the A1 top listed priority, that's when my soul packed its suitcase and took a hike. Okay so granted she all screwed up but she got some kind of presence of mind because she functioned enough to push out 7 kids, and file for section 8, so yea pardon me for lack of sympathy.

I feel just like Alice when she fell through that rabbit hole and everything was ass backwards. I just don't get it, then my dad had the audacity to say, "well YOU must not be DOING SOMETHING RIGHT", double blink, wow!!! I'm starting to think my morals, and values are standing in my it possible to be too good? Maybe if I just get downright raunchy and just let it all hangout will that bring the men to the yard? Read more...

Friday, November 21, 2008



Hey there my random readers I'm sorry I have been M.I.A but I have some music goodness for you. Give my homeboy Hugh-EMC which is a underground Bay area artist your ear, he gave me two tracks to let you preview what he is working on. I believe you are going to like it. If I like it you will like it and I am a music snob, so yeah leave comments, hit up his myspace and spread the love near and far.

In 1988 underground Hip-Hop artist Hugh-EMC hooked up with one of the Bay Area's most popular DJs, "Scratch Master T (now known as DJ-X1) and formed the group Hugh-EMC and DJ Rock. They released the now classing single, "Its the Game", helping to create what would become the "Frisco" sound. In 1989 the duo released the EP (Extended Play) "Pimp Style". This four song EP was recorded with one of Too Short's original producers, the highly talented Al Eaton. Selling over 4,000 copies, Hugh-E parlayed this success into a project that he will forever be identified with - The "Gangsta-Knowledge" EP... All songs from this EP are considered classic's but the song "H-Nigga's Grove" better known as "Keep a Bitch Broke" is a Bay Area Anthem. This song has remained popular ever since and can still be heard on commercial Radio stations such as KMEL and of course on 89.5FM KPOO where Hugh-EMC has a weekly Hip-Hop show every Saturday from 7pm to 10pm. Hugh has been deep in the game and is a original member of the infamous "Outta Control Fillmoe" Gang. Hugh once a drug dealer and gang-banger,now uses his under world back ground and street connections to work with youth and the homeless population in San Francisco. Currently reunited with DJ-X1 the long awaited release of Hugh-E’s next project will drop in August. The” BAY AREA ORIGINATORZ” promises to cause a seismic shift in the Bay Area’s Hip-Hop scene. Still sticking to his “Gangsta-Scientist” philosophy the album is filled with gritty street stories coupled with words of wisdom and uplifting knowledge. Hugh-EMC promises to be even more prolific in the coming years.



BLACK DIAMONDZ:

Thursday, November 20, 2008



It's been nothing but music videos being put out left and right, a true mark of the holiday season when artist start pushing they music and stepping up the promotion game. Gotta try and get that holiday money...anyway first video up is Keri Hilson's her album is pushed back yet again with no definite release date, the economy is hard on everyone's pockets! Anyway I love this song but lil wayne and his vulgar verses goodness "I hope yo vagina tight" lately more and more rappers been rapping on the lack of tight vagina's how about if you stop dicking all these different type chicks and just get one woman you won't have to worry about it. I digress back to my main point which is Keri Hilson's third single off her still to be released CD it reminds me a whole lot of the destiny children video solider I mean there is more dancing and no dogs but pretty much the same concept overall. Keri always has a hot look though and I hope she is rocking wigs like Mary J. all that bleaching and cutting and thangs can really take a toll on a sistas hair!

Next video up is Slim's oh Slim how I loved you in 112 and I still love you. This video is boring and I understand that Slim is going the independent route so I will cut him some slack this is the 2nd single off his album I gave his album a listen on his myspace page its a grown and sexy type album I liked it but I am a 112 fan. I like the song though. If I had the moolah I would get his album.

Someone call Beyaki and tell her to come get her sister...WTH you know what I can't. I'm just going to say yea girl, yea! Maybe it's because I'm tired but this video was all over the place...I mean I get what she trying to say but...damn ya know I'm not a director but I can come up with far better concepts then some of these videos! But whatever.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008



A couple things about this video that I just had to post...1. First let me get my Johnny gill on and say My My My you shole look good tonight(in that there video) you have been hitting the gym extra hard woo goodness Ya bodies calling distant lover...wait sorry was channeling R. Kelly for a hot second of that was B.P (before pee) but not B.A.(before Aaliyah). 2. Weren't you just doing gospel plays?!?!?! My how quickly the tide turns when the money gets low...not throwing stones just saying. And last but not least why didn't y'all shine ya bodies up real good with some let me tell ya something this gel right here is liquid body crack if you want to shine and have lasting sheen plus healing moisture for your skin invest in it! It smells good, it looks good, so it must be good for you! I digress I wasn't really paying attention to the song I was way into the visuals so someone tell me if the song is decent. I promise this is the last thing but why he got that smedium sweater on knowing that his broad shoulders is way to muscle bond for that little cooley high joint he got on all buttoned up. Your wardrobe people did you dirty see if you had called me you would have been greased up shining real good, smelling good, feeling good, lol...okay that's enough but you get the point.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008



It's that time again new videos that are interesting, I like the songs, are it was too WTF not to post. So here we go first video up is Coldplay & Jay-Z Lost; now see I love all types of music, from hip-hop to country and everything in between but I know what I like and what I have never gotten is the coldplay movement...they just give me the WTF feeling and they have since day one I don't really like weepy British music, makes me feel like I should be slitting my wrist over some fish and chips, but I am going to post it because of Jay-Z please leave your thoughts on this video.

I like Mya and I have since she first came out hell I used to watch teen summit with her on there but lately since her album has been pushed back to damn near never coming out status I think she should just open up a dance studio and just give up the ghost. If this is an indication of her new direction she got steered wrong I didn't know if she was doing a commercial for the islands and she was trying to get me to buy a timeshare in Maui or Turks and Cacaos island but whatever it is return it to sender! Hell get silk the shocker back because you need that magic. Hell even teaming back up with sisqo at this point couldn't hurt cause this song just gave me a WTF moment.

Next up we have Rihanna and the cutest YT boy on the planet (okay that might be stretching it but he is cute) Justin Timberwolf this video is a bunch of glamor shots for ree-ree to show off her slim and trim nonexistent figure and JT just looks hot in his biker I am trailer trash steez now please don't mistake this look for being something I find attractive on the average joe but since this is a stylized look for this video it works! I know some folks that can't stand Rihanna but they love Beyaki and while everyone is drinking the cult of Beyonce kool-aid I shall pass and roll on with the bajan instead. But someone tell ree-ree that those stars from her neck down to her shoulder blade look like a funky skin disease/rash type happening and it honestly made me vom in my mouth just a wee bit, and they kept showing the damn tat like it was hot. Oh Chris Brown come get your boo and have her rectify that situation immediately please and thank you! Either have her make a star cluster, a map to her house using star coordinates, or have her put an actual planet on her back or something but all those little bitty nasty ass stars just making a trail look like a fungus. If I ever have the pleasure of running into her I will tell her myself girl that ish ain't hot love the hair though!

I loved Heavy D he was that DUDE! The only light skin-did guy that could have gotten it period! He is back but doing Reggae this time around yea another WTF moment! Check the video out leave your thoughts and comments. I was all ready to be like oh this song is fiyah I love it...ummm no not so much me no likey but please by all means check the song out and tell me what you think, oh and when he say's aye it makes me eardrum quiver in a disappointed you trying to make me go deaf kind of way.

Most of the videos really are on that WTF movement I understand we in a depression type era with the economy but really if you not going to make something worth looking at then stop wasting money, send it to me really hit the paypal donate link and send a sista a little something it would be nice I'm tax deductible...ummk enough shameless begging. Enjoy your Tuesday. Read more...

Monday, November 17, 2008



This lady spitting this cipher must have channeled me in some form or fashion because she is speaking exactly my sentiments wholeheartedly she had me saying amen like I was at church hearing the word and getting saved by the preachers very voice she had me feeling like I wasn't alone in my wants or needs she must have heard my voice carried on a breeze because she spoke the words that I needed and her must be kindred folk!


Sunday, November 16, 2008



I know that I write on a public platform for all to judge and see, and comment on. I get that but sometimes the things that are written are purely feeling based, mainly in the moment things, which causes me to reflect and write on it. With that said I understand that the people who comment have my best interest at heart but telling me that being single is great and that I have time and I shouldn't feel a certain way when I do is like telling a horse to please act like a duck and that's not even by any stretch of the imagination cool.

Everyone has different feelings, outlooks, and experiences that they draw from. I certainly don't think like the majority of the public and my opinions sometimes change depending on a situation or what I am going through at the moment. My point is it is great to offer someone your thoughts, or feelings on a matter but you have to be careful how you do that. Please stop telling people how they should feel or think for that matter based on YOUR thoughts and feelings. I'm sure I am more than guilty of it myself but as I read others responses to a person's post I can't help but get a little irritated sometimes. Offering your opinion, thoughts or feelings, in an unoffensive way is an art and many people don't have that art. Many people simply don't know how to not be offensive me included. I'm sure I have trampled on someones feelings more than I care to imagine but now that I am aware of that nasty little habit I will try and regulate that.

Stop telling me I am wrong for the way that I feel is my bottom line, step telling me that what I am going through will get better cause dammit sometimes it doesn't get better. Stop telling me that being single is the greatest thing since sliced cheese and that I should be patient and sit by my window and pray that God finally gets around to hooking me up with the man of my dreams, get real. You have to be proactive God can't do it all you have to put in your fair share of the work also. Just like he can't go to work for you while you sit at home you have to go to a job put in your time and earn that paycheck! It's ironic though that the people who tell me that being coupled up is overrated is always the people who ARE COUPLED UP! What is that, that's like telling a whore that sex is overrated while she is making big bucks from having lots of it. Come on tell me that being a part of a couple is overrated after you have broken up then I might be inclined to believe you!

Last but not least nothing in particular caused me to write this post JUST WHAT I WAS FEELING AT THIS EXACT MOMENT! Hope every one's weekend was most excellent, peace. Read more...



So many times I thought I caught a glimpse of you as I chatted, had random conversations, wasted time with random dudes that had crossed my path but elusive like sand through my fingers you are. I always think I see a glimpse of you happens true colors are shown and then it's over. Sometimes it takes a couple conversations sometimes it only takes one. The end result are usually always the same.

I have an idea but it's an abstract one...I try to keep the parameters loose so that I don't crush the depth of you but at the same time have some kind of construct as just to what kind of person you are. I'm not seeking perfection I wouldn't want anyone to perfect, perfect is too hard to live up to and with. I just want a normal, quirky, funny, handsome, strong, sweet, respectful, easy to laugh, slow to anger, gentle but strong, intelligent nerdy, tallish guy with his head on straight who doesn't have all this baggage and emotional wounds. Just an easy going sort of fellow who wants to walk down that path of love and be in love with no qualms or limitations. Who will not mind my ways and might even think that some of the things I do are cute, funny, interesting, and we will make merry wherever we are. He will be my perfectly imperfect superhuman and I will be his perfectly imperfect cheering section.

Who will know how to cheer me up when the world becomes to much, who will listen and offer helpful solutions not just random shit that doesn't make sense. He won't hurry me to cheer up because it's inconvenient for him but he will let me be without thinking it is a reflection on anything he has done. In other words he will give me space to get back on track and be there when I am better and I in turn will willingly do the same for him. Giving him space when needed and strength or a shoulder or even a whole back to lean on when he needs it. We will be the best of friends and have respect for each other as individuals. We would communicate like the best of friends...and he would whisper in my ear... "and I can make dreams come true"...and I would allow myself to believe it...if just for a moment because it would feel good to surrender and just believe.

this specific portion of this particular movie just strikes a chord with me and on a humbug I decided to see if it was on youtube it was so I had to post it...when Cecily Tyson's character is talking about her husband every time it resonates inside me its a powerful scene and I don't think that people truly grasp the magnitude of the yea watch the whole clip or just start at the 5 minute mark and see the elders talking about love it is a remarkable scene along with the wedding scene and if you haven't seen this movie what are you waiting for already? Anyway enjoy and have a blessed Sunday.


Saturday, November 15, 2008



I hate to keep bringing this up but...OBAMA BACKLASH is in full effect. Caucasians are buying assault weapons left and right, I suspect KKK enrollment is up, and the threats that are coming in about President Obama are more than any other president has gotten since the white house chief of staff position was invented! I just want people to be aware that racism does not go away, it may mask itself and become politically correct but it doesn't die down. Watch your back people especially in these messed up economic times, desperation breeds dangerous situations and people! Read more...

Friday, November 14, 2008



I realize that I see the world differently from others and that is my cross to bear, but I am really worried for folks who think that just because President Obama is in office then magically everything racist wise will be wiped out with a big magic wand. It doesn't work that way people. Minorities are going to be targeted more and more because Caucasian people feel as if they are being threatened in some way, shape or fashion. I am not trying to stir up the masses, I am not being paranoid but it's real out here some Caucasians are in a panic and they are making it their business to be prepared ammunition wise case in point my fellow blogger :UNITED STATES OF ANTHONY has an article detailing the rise in gun sales and it's not Jamal and Raheem buying these guns it's Bill and Roger. I keep trying to sound the alarm to make my brotha's and sista's around the world aware of the potential danger you could be in but y'all don't hear me though shrugs.

Just a friendly heads can take the warning and say thanks of wait in blissful ignorance either way don't say I didn't try to warn you. Read more...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



I have been feeling so blah lately especially since the holidays are coming up but my pockets are super empty, which just takes the little bit of wind I had in my sails right on out of it. I can't even get things that I want to for my niece who's birthday is in December also, honestly I feel like I am at a new low. I thought it couldn't get any worst but...I just keep proving myself wrong.

Sorry enough bitching about me I'm sure we all going through something at this point in time so I digress. I feel so late because this video came out on the 7th but better late than never. I give you heartless by Kanye West I love this man he has YET to do wrong in my eyes. Call him what you want but you won't call him broke! BTW if my brother wins the drum off competition tonight I am officially interviewing him for this blog cause that would make him my official rawk star so stay tuned for that latest development.


Friday, November 07, 2008



Yes Obama is in the white house but outside my house the real world still remains the same!

While I think everyone is entitled to their opinion because I certainly hold dear to mines the world is not going to change over night. Matter fact I wouldn't be surprised if the true racist didn't start coming out in droves and lynchings didn't start up again. Yes a mixed man is in the white house but let us not forget this country has a long nasty love affair with racism. We have reached a peak but what is in the valleys below us? The world outside my door didn't just automatically shift into a gentler kinder place because President Obama won. When I open my door I am still in the burbs I still have to act accordingly and I still have to be on my P's and Q's. There are no magic care bears floating on clouds singing songs or harmony, and racial equality, they are not solving the millions of civil rights cold cases that have yet to be solved! The fight is not over and I don't even think I want it to be. You need people to grit your teeth on, it keeps you strong and from forgetting. Know your history people, stop sitting at the very feet of the people who have no regard for you.

I was having an alright day before I got wind of this you got to be out of your mind news HANK BASKETT You're just OJ waiting to happen, I understand it's cupcake season but someone please explain to me why black men are still marrying, trash? Please spare me the bullsh!t about he's in love. Please this chick was sharing 80year old dick with three other "sno-ho bunnies" and now she has slide out from under hef's sheets to get skeeted on by Baskett-case. Vom's in throat double time I wasn't even going to give this swirly couple any shine but since yahoo think's its news worthy who am I to deny them their 15 minutes of shame.

I mean in all of Philly their wasn't one BPYT that could have caught his attention? He had to seek out "sporty slut" to get his cuddleum's on with? Black men have lost they minds natural black minds, take a note from the book of Obama, strong black woman, beautiful intelligent black children, strong black communities, strong black household. Why can't that concept be grasped it's not that hard of a concept. Black dudes with money think its cute to skeet on white meat, has got to be a power trip or some shit because I just don't get it. You that hard up or brain dead I mean you couldn't even get a real woman, player you sticking your dick where Hef's old dick has been, not only that who elses penis has been in that chick???? I can't this shit is just wrong on top of wrong on top of can't ever get right. I rebuke this in the name of all that is holy and good in blackdom. Since Will Smith can do no wrong in my eyes I have decided that he and Jada will combat all the swirly couples single-handily. They are my swirly couple combat team!



Tuesday, November 04, 2008



Here we stand at the threshold of a brand new day, we are inspiring millions of black girls, and boys the world over. We are making the impression on the hearts and minds of those who have lost hope. WE VOTED FOR CHANGE, I will not even lie I had doubt I felt disillusioned with America I thought surely after they stole it from the last president hopeful and gave it to Bush that it would happen again. My faith has been some what restored, African-American-Black-American people went out and canvased, they pulled brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, uncles, felons who could vote and said come go with me, come believe in us, come believe in a better world.

I believe that tonight we are closer to that mountain top that Dr. King talked about then we have ever been, we are close to being...where we need to be. YES WE CAN, YES WE DID, YES WE WILL! Michelle Obama is our first lady how beautiful and classy is she!!! I hope this will inspire all of use to do better and be better, can we keep this unity going black folks? Can we keep our heads up, and our backs straighter, get our minds right and dare say I unite and build up communities, take back our children, and gain some dignity and lift our collective voices and help ourselves instead of waiting for some savior figure to come save us??? YES WE CAN

When you feeling hopeless, tell yourself YES I CAN
When you feel like you should give up say NO I WON'T, AND YES I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS
When you are feeling like a failure and you can't see ahead of you please TELL YOURSELF YES I CAN!

For the first time in a long time I believe that we can, dare to dream bigger than yourself.

Hebrews 11:1 What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.
New Living Translation


Monday, November 03, 2008



I like Kat DeLuna I don't like her hair color though Bottle blond is not meant for everyone one I think it washes some peoples features out, and Kat is a beautiful girl with a huge voice that has weight to it and reminds a lot of people including me of Selena (R.I.P)I think as Kat matures and she gets some in depth experiences happening her music will get deeper at least that's what I hope, but this is her latest video offering.

R.I.P Tupac every time I hear Tupac rap I feel like I am missing a friend even though I never even met the man. I am super glad that Keyshia is growing into her voice.

Okay this next video and song has worn a hole in my nerves like real talk, I think in this current economic climate a lot of artist are saturating themselves and it's just not a good look what happened to less is more? Oh and Wayne congrats on the son with your jump off! Good luck with making a marriage work with Wayne, Nivea (last sentence said in extreme sarcasm) The only good thing about this video is the song comfortable which is a banger.

If you haven't already voted remember too do it! Last chance. Read more...

Saturday, November 01, 2008



There is this movement, a shift in thinking if you will I don't know if it is the evolution of the times but it's a movement none the less, and I for one can't really get behind it. I see I have lost you already let me break it down for you, we have this MS. INDEPENDENT movement going on now. Please don't ever get it twisted women are striving and doing the dog-on-thang (pardon my slang) but at what cost? I think it's great to tell any girl to shoot for your goals achieve your dreams so you can be proud of yourself and have something of your own that is a wonderful message but the whole MS. Independent thou are an island to oneself is not hot.

It's getting to the point where women are saying hey since he doesn't have a degree, since he doesn't make X-amount of money, since he can't take me to France for summer vacation then I'm not fooling with him and etc. I am not saying all women but a great majority of them that are out stepping men financially are saying that. Now I am writing purely from my perspective and my cultural standpoint. A lot of African-American women are shelving marriage because it's just not appealing. Why get married when you can do for self and have no one to answer to. Who needs marriage when your money covers all your needs and then some, who needs marriage when you have dick on dial? Love and Marriage are being kicked aside and Marriage is taking a beating like the most picked on kid in the school yard.

Ms. Independent is murking marriage and some men are cheering for it. We went from gold-diggers to Ms. Independent two ignorant extremes of the same coin. I understand from a mans point of view that a woman having her own takes a huge responsibility off the shoulders of said man but what happens when the women decides that since she is Ms. Independent she doesn't need you anymore? Why would a woman need a man when she can do it all, and buy it all, and be all, all by herself? What is the use of a man besides being the dick dealer in that situation? If you are truly independent then it means you need no one, because you are self dependent, self relying, and self taken care of, being independent does not leave much room for anyone or anything else.

Please don't get me wrong I think its great that women have climbed that mountain top and cracked that glass ceiling and put a huge crack in it but at what cost? While women are out achieving and bringing home the big bucks, families and marriage are taking a back burner to success. Women are putting off having children, and getting married, to pursue other avenues. Love has gotten a black eye, marriage is getting murdered daily, and raising your own child has taken a seat to nannies, and day cares. What I am saying is some don't know how to balance it some are extremist and it's really not a good look.

How is it that gay couples are fighting so hard just to have the right to call their unions a marriage when heterosexuals don't even want to marry each other anymore? How is it that gay couples fight so hard to adopt children when plenty of people having kids shouldn't be having them at all? I must be a martian because to me it makes no sense we are truly living backwards. Our values are completely almost nonexistent, I know I'm uncool for still thinking that marriage, and raising children within a family unit is something beautiful and ideal.

It's funny how everyone has a song talking about being independent and how she got her own thing but the queen of independence got married Mrs. Carter-Knowles. I'm pretty sure in her household her husband is the head and she is the helpmate. I'm also pretty sure that she knows her role and plays it accordingly. I'm also pretty sure that she has watched her parents WHO are still married by the way so I'm pretty sure that Ms. Independent woman never thought that she wouldn't get married. I believe that when you set yourself as independent you give yourself no margin for error you are telling the world I got this I don't need anything from you, and you can't do anything for me. With an attitude like that you are setting yourself up to become an island why would anyone want to be an island of one?

There are women who have achieved great success and still continue to do so but they are married and have families and they prioritize accordingly, money and success still take a back burner to what is really important which is God, Family, and then everything else. For instance Michelle Obama is a successful lawyer, mother, and wife to the future president of the united states that is a prime example of a woman who is managing to balance her life while keeping the important things in perspective, Jada Pinkett-Smith is another woman that does that and as I previously mentioned Mrs. Carter-Knowles does also.

I suspect that these women know that no matter how much money or critical acclaim they achieve success can not hug you nor kiss you, it can't say mommy play with me, it can't replace being held by your husband after a long day, it surely can't massage tired feet. I don't know any kind of toy on the market yet that can replace the touch of a husband that knows your body inside and out, and it can't replace making love to a man that you share the same last name with. I'm not a fool I know that marriage is work, relationships are work they take time, patience, nurturing, communication, and constant care. But while the whole world is singing "she's independent that's why I love her" there are women who are just as successful but taking care of their husbands and children as well.

I know in this current American culture success is measured by your net worth and assets, and everything else is just extra. I must seem positively ancient in my view of things and I probably will have a huge backlash but when you are a martian you expect it. Like I stated earlier I don't care for the ms. independent title sounds like a dressed up way of saying she got money so I can be the dick dealer and not be tied down. Ladies it's great if you got it but if you can't balance that and know that at the end of the day you are not an island all to yourself then all those shopping sprees and overseas trips don't amount to much when you in a huge mansion with nothing but purse dogs to keep you company...ask Mariah!