Thursday, October 23, 2008


Panties by the78msj<

You ever have a "t-shirt and my panties on" kind of moment, the nonsexual type moment of course, When just being by yourself in your bra and panties or t-shirt and panties is just so comfortable that you feel just uber relaxed? I'm having one of those moments as I type this. I'm just in my space doing me and just living. Now I am one with the moment after being on edge all day.

This little set is too cute for words no? I had finished the post and then stumbled upon this and it screamed put me in your post and I was like right no problem!

I went to talk with the army recruiter and even though he used mouthwash he's a drinker/drunk when you have to drink just to get through your day it's something not right. Plus the recruitment office was all drab and crazy, like male testosterone times 10 and then they had these chicks in there like army groupies but they were one of the boys but youngish I just wanted to get the hell up outta there. I am praying that a job comes through or it's the army I go. I don't need to be army strong I just want to have study damn employment. It's a sign of the times when you have to seek out the damn army to have gainful employment. Which means I have to pass the army's aptitude test plus do boot fucking camp ugh what the hell I just want a clerical gig, I don't want a gun I don't want to march I just want to type and answer phone calls and then leave at 5pm with all the benefits that the army can afford me now is that too much to ask for?

I really need a suga daddy okay maybe not a suga daddy but someone who will buy me cute shoes, take me out, tell me I can have whateva I like, make me the missus on the hill, make sweet love to me down by the fireplace on a plush bear skin rug, I would love love love that, and don't none of y'all come over here talking that enjoy being single jazz I've done single done it to death in fact now it's time to switch it on up. You get to a point where you have been single so long when it does come time for coupledom you can't do it because you are so stuck in your single ways, which is not a good look. So save your being single is great comments for the next chick and Let me dream people, dreams never hurt nobody.