Monday, October 13, 2008


I like the lyrics, but the visual is seriously lacking what the hell beyaki did you run out of creative concepts? This is like watching a tranny workout video I do not likey go back to the lab came up with something better damnit. Give me a story video hell even Kanye West me but this shit is boring visually and I. DO. NOT. LIKEY!

Now on this song the beat is boring and so is her voice, but the video is alright better than the tranny workout video. I don't know it must be me but something is not quite right with either of these songs. I really don't like this song beyaki please go back to the lab and come with something better. I mean honestly I like ciara's if I was a boy song much better. These videos are sorry Beyaki, and Beyaki fans you need to go see about your girl see if she need some more inspiration because if these videos and songs are an indication of things to come I don't foresee myself buying this album. I know her fans will follow her regardless especially since she is such a huge gay male icon but seriously we in a recession and if I have to steal in order to have I'm not risking getting caught for wackness. At least if I am going to start stealing let it be for something worth going to jail for. Beyaki EPIC FAIL, DO. NOT. WANT! RETURN TO SENDER STAMPED TRY AGAIN!

Usually I try not to step on peoples creative input because it's just that their creative input but these songs and videos are highly forgettable, is she in creative regression and while we on it what is up with her hair game? Did the wig crypt/ lace front industry go on strike? I am utterly confused what direction is she going in? Is this her evolution is she trying to "keep it real" like her oh so "different" sister? Let me give this chick the benefit of the doubt and see what else she has in store but right now her stock with me is falling faster than the dow jones average. Not that it was up there to begin with but at least she had some decent songs before. Well her first solo album was decent, the 2nd one was a homage to dancing right?