Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This Sunday a ninja broke the cardinal rules of interaction pertaining to baby daddy/momma family boundaries and the likes. Causing me to go ahead and write up the rules of interaction so that it shall forever be broken down to you ninja's and so you can't walk around claiming you don't know the etiquette for being a BM/BD especially if you are not on good terms with your BM/BD. This post may be offensive to the legions of BD/BM's out there but hey it is what it is take it up with management, which is me. Now on to the post:

1. Thou shalt not EVER send a note to the family member of your estranged BM OR BD, even if you are on speaking terms and shit. It's just not cool it causes to much confusion and can lead to he-say she-say.

2. If said sibling of BM/BD does not like your ass then please please please don't even try to get to the bottom of why said sibling doesn't like your ass just accept that shit and keep it moving.

3. Please don't mean mug family members, attempt to fight them, call them out their names, go to their place of business, call their jobs, or any of that loosey goosey shit because that then justifies an immediate ass whooping maybe even a shit- shanking.

4. If you see a BD/BM family member in the streets and they don't speak, and if they don't glance your way please don't chase them down and attempt to make conversation, that will cause a scene and some pepper spray action to go down, or you might even get drug behind their car or ran over.

5. By all means please feel free to block, ignore, even move to another state if you and the family of the BD/BM do not get along it probably would be better for you in the long run.

6. If you care way to much what a BM/BD's family member has to say, think, or feel about you then you probably should leap off a tall building, or immediately seek some counseling for your situation.

7. realize that blood will ALWAYS be thicker than water. You should tread lightly where family is concerned especially if you and the BM/BD aren't together anymore, things just aren't going to go in your favor. It's the laws of nature accept it and you will be better off.

8. Don't attempt to use emotional blackmail concerning the child this will only cause bitterness and anger and might even get you stomped out.

9. Don't show up at any type of family function even when invited because most likely someone there hates your ass and you might get stomped out by the hood cousins (don't act like you don't have none) and it will just be all bad.

10. Do not, DO NOT (had to emphasize that point) run to the mother of the BD/BM to try and get them on your side this will cause again hatred and bitterness towards that ass and might even result in property damage in extreme cases.

In conclusion folks if you are a BM/BD or have one in your family please explain the rules of engagement to these folks. It's getting out of hand, you should know your place and you should be content within yourself knowing that through your actions you chose that position so play your part. It's no use being bitter or a hater especially if you knew from jump that the person you were laying down with wasn't shit especially if you knew it was just a beat and skeet type situation. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but when ever you're having sex you must always prepare yourself for the possibility that you could get knocked up or knock someone up that is just a given!

I have no sympathy for anyone who is a consenting adult who lays down on their back with their legs in the air we all know how babies are made, an "accident" can't happen if you aren't on your P's and Q's especially when engaging in sex. It's way to many options/avenues to stop from getting pregnant way to many in this day in age. So please if you are a BM/BD don't try and branch out and find a new avenue of interaction this is what it is and how it will be until folks cut out the BD/BM fuckery and get back into actually having families.