Thursday, October 02, 2008


If you have ever loved, been with, had a woman in your life then more than likely she has had tatas. Breast have been called many names by many people some women even name their breast and that is fine and dandy love all parts of yourself equally it's a good look, but with the sweets come the bitters and that bitter can be a devastating invasion in the form of cancer. It is important to self examine one's breast and to get yearly checkups and mammograms. No one wants a ticking timebomb in their body, with early detection there are preventive measures that one can take. So if you love yourself, your breast, and health make sure you are keeping on top of your breast health and your health in general.

Remember to also support the cause so show your support for breast cancer awareness month which is the whole of october. If you buy pink this month make sure that at least some of the proceeds are going back to breast cancer foundations or research efforts, there are some bandwagon folks who lie about giving back when they are pocketing all of the money.

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