Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is exciting I have people emailing me telling me how they think the high priestess of music is as stale as a day old cracker. I knew that though it may be new stuff to the youngsters nothing get old but clothes and even they come back in style and beyaki's style is pure copy right down to her spray tan. I am not the only one who thinks this youtube it folks so don't even try and jump bad with me over the highly worshiped overrated knock off queen. I hadn't seen the video below until one of my loyal readers (I love saying that) was so kind to show us the light by shining it on the stink that is beyaki or as I like to call her in my mind (the high priestess of wigs, lace fronts, and weaves). This heffa has copied the choreography down to the last kick ball shuffle oh beyaki you have been found guilty of style jacking in the worst way. It's a shame but when the truth is called upon I must heed it's call. It's bigger than me folks it's the beyaki take down we shall do it one by one. YES WE CAN, remember to vote! The following note with the video submitted by Nena:

My names Nena and I read and follow you through TheUrbanBlogger and your personal blog. Hope you remember but even if you don't know I'm here in the midwest loving your updates faithfully. For whatever reason I am not able to leave my comment on your page but if you like you can post it for me.

Ok, like seriously world... let's get over Beyonce or as ms.j calls her Beyaki. (LOVE IT)
Her choreography isn't so original these days either...peep the video: