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I really thought I was going to be able to make it out of 2010 without another post but I was wrong. Thanks to the black folks who still choose to act like animals in 2010, thanks to crack head whores who still have pimps and have no problem selling ass at a park in public while getting filmed. I mean really though again something I don't understand is it that hard to find a woman or is it just that easy pussy is just easy sleazy pussy and you would rather pay 60 dollars for a chick to suck your dick in the presence of other men exciting and something you just can't pass up is that what's hot in the streets? I mean there were no condoms used so all this shit went down raw dog, and if any of these men where married or have women at home guess what they're woman get to have, some nice nasty disease carried home to them by their so called men. This is why disease and AIDS is still an epidemic in america because stupid individuals choose to think with their little heads instead of their bigger ones. How do you not have any type of shame about yourselves? Grown ass men and women behaving like basic ass animals rutting and fucking in public. One woman was even pregnant I believe so you just out in the world selling ass, sigh and the fact that this is 20 full minutes of videotape though out in the open in a public venue and no one got arrested. I don't know whether I should applaud free enterprise or be appalled and ashamed that black people still act like mindless monkeys... If you're going to be doing your trade like this at least take it to the crack house or something. I just don't even know anymore...

This video is full of sex with crack whores, black penis, so if you are easily offended then I don't suggest you watch this video. You have been warned.

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Today I thought to myself why not start a Grateful list, you may not be where you want to be or have what you think you should have but it could always be much worst. If you think this is a great idea feel free to pass it around the world, or don't lol freedom of choice always. So here goes my Grateful list.


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I made this video you should watch, you're welcome, enjoy? If you choose to use it and send it around the web and make it a web sensation all I ask is that you use the original link and give me my credit thanks. After all if I had not been inspired by real life there would be no artwork. Read more...

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It's not that I have been neglectful of this blog its just I haven't had a whole lot to say on here. Nothing has made me want to write therefore this poor blog has gotten rather dusty. I still love this blog, and writing, its just right now I have nothing to say. I shall be back when I do have something to say or need a major forum to soapbox upon. In the meantime in between time if you are in need of something random and but completely habit forming you're welcome to check out my page on tumblr. Everything there is good for those who have short attention spans and just want to be visually stimulated.

COME VISIT ME HERE of course you know the routine click on the capital words and it will take you to my tumblr page. Read more...

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This is the best Korean Drama thus far that I have seen, and it really made me think hard and long about love if you get a chance to check it out I suggest that you do, you won't be disappointed well except for the ending they could have came with something better but I digress. I also started a fan page for the series on facebook so if you decide to check the show out and then become a fan like myself feel free to join the fan page.

Boys Before Flowers Facebook Fan Page

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I know I haven't blogged for a minute but didn't seem like there wasn't anything worth mentioning but thanks to my sister this song has been brought to my attention.


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Disclaimer: IF you are offended by porn then skip the video at the bottom of this post, you have been warned.

So every blue-moon comes along a story about a celeb-whore-t or their offspring that just makes me say "ummm what was going on in your house?" Now I know there are plenty porn stars walking around that just happen to have tragic upbringings that led them to a life of porn and then there are those who said, shit I like sex, I can twerk it half decent let me go get my porn star on and to each his own if that's how you choose to make a living so be it at least you not just giving it away but then there are the Chippy D's who say I'm okay looking and I got a half decent shape and since I have a famous last name let me go get this money and twerk for the camera and whore my name out and shame my family in the process. I would think that the porn route would be a last ditch effort for anyone but in today's society taking your clothes off and then telling the whole world you did it is a sure money maker, so naked is the new PR move.

However there are a lot of things in the porn industry that go on that are not for the faint of heart (rampant infections, disease outbreaks, not to mention the totally wrecked vagina walls, and collapsed anal cavities) but that's a no-brainer (no fluffer). One of the things that I know for me in light of Montana Fishburn A.K.A. Chippy D's venture into porn is that her dad really seems like a stand up kind of guy. Now I don't know the Fishburn's personally but I did grow up watching Laurence Fishburn in all my favorite movies and again like I said I don't know the Fishburn's but damn before his daughter went out like that she could have came to her dad and been like, "hey pops, I want to be famous what route do you think I should take, or can you help a sista out?"

But I suspect that when the child support for Montana stopped at age 18 she got to looking around like, "oh shit I don't have a life plan, and my lifestyle is in danger and the checks from daddy have stopped what do I do? Then she said I know I can do PORN! If the whoredashian's can make a living off a wack sex tape shot with someones brother then I can surely peddle ass literally." I guess porn was a better option than working at a burger king. However since she is 18 or 19 she is legally able to do what she wants with her body and if she wants to toot it up for the world to see then hey make your money girl but...listen Chippy D those butt pimples or disease that you have on your hind parts you might want to consult a doctor about that and possibly get you a cream or a type of pill to clear that up its a real mood killer to see a butt full of just nasty bumps and butt acne, it makes me instantly think of herpes but I digress.  I will be including the 10 minute preview clip for the brave of heart, the curious, and the people who like to see car crashes on the freeway and insist on looking for bodies on the ground as they drive by slowly.

I haven't watched all 10 minutes of it when she turned around and I saw the butt pimples/acne/herpes I immediately turned it off and came to write this post so again I don't know what all is on this preview so enjoy.

Video Preview Provided by World Star Uncut

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With several of the long time shacking up celeb-whore-t's getting married these past couple of months it got me to thinking why did it take so long for these couples to make it down the aisle and then it dawned on me the women in these relationships where older than their male counterparts several years older in fact. They got these dudes when they were young and had to essentially wait until the dudes grew up and were actually ready for marriage even though they had shacked up for awhile. I guess in a young cats mind playing house and actually giving a woman his last name is two different animals. I'm not pointing fingers nor laying blame this is just my Ah-Ha moment which led me to this post which led me to really give some thought to the Pre-Cougar Rules.

Now If you're already a Cougar then you already know the rules if not you will soon learn them if you are a pre-cougar and you are still trying to navigate the murky waters of being with a younger man then allow me to break it down for you the way I have come to see it.

The Disclaimer: This is how I seeing it breaking down for me if you know some other rules or if I leave anything out please feel free to let me know thanks.

Definition to me of a Pre-Cougar: A woman who is 28-35 that is attracted too or attracts nothing but younger men

A Regular Cougar: 36+

The Break Down Age wise Males:

18-21: These boys are mannish and they talk a great deal of shit. Now don't be fooled by the baby faces and the bird chest some of these y.a.t's* got their start by lying about their ages from the jump when they were 14 they were lying and saying they were 16, when they were 16 they were lying saying they were 18 etc, you see the pattern. These youngsters are in it to win it they go hard in the paint being with older women is their bread and butter, sometimes they are users, sometimes older women are what they are geniunly attracted too, and sometimes more often than not they are looking for a mother replacement. You have to tread lightly in this category but of course a guy this young is not looking for anything serious he might stay around longer than usual if he has it extremely good, ie a playstation, a place to lay his head, a car to drive, hot home cooked meals, and plenty sex, these things will keep the y.a.t* interested and loyal for a minute but eventually he will get bored, and he will get itchy feet and that's when the trouble starts up. So pre-cougars remember this age group is fun to play with but they aren't keepers, they are best for their stamina, hard-dick, and play time only.

22-25: Usually they are still mannish but since they have some road mileage on them by this age they are a little bit smarter, and their mouth game has been tried and tested which means they can take shit and turn it into cake and having you eating it out the palm of their hands, they know the right things to say including the marriage spill.  Now with these guys they will talk a good game and you might have a slim chance of marriage if you're looking for that but don't expect to date for a year and then start planning your wedding, you will either have to wait and see if he is sincere, which usually translates into waiting until he grows up if he stays around that long and you usually do this if you have the time to wait, in that waiting period you might end up with kids if you want them, and still no wedding but if your biological clock is ticking and you just want kids then this age bracket is your best bet. If you get a good y.a.t* then hopefully he has some schooling under his belt, a degree, a skill set other than being a rapper or producer, and if he has some hustle in him then he will take care of his kid(s) and it will be what it will be.

26-29: Now usually about this time the bloom for the y.a.t's* has faded a little bit but if they are hardcore attracted to older women they they will be setting their sights on women 36 and up, or they have aged while with their older women and now they are seriously ready to walk down that aisle, and within this age bracket they usually more or less have their shit together besides if you raised him since he was a cub he's already broken in, you've put in time and energy into him and this is when the pay off comes, they are more focused and they know what they want and they are trying to settle down and actually build a household.

Now there may be an exceptions to the rule every now and again but for the most part the break down  is pretty much standard in my opinion now if you know different then you are welcome to hit me up especially if you know something I don't or if you think I have missed a vital piece of info but other wise feel free to use this guide in your pre-cougar start up and happy and wise hunting.

*Y.A.T.: "Young And Tender" or "Young And Tasty" whichever you prefer. IF you're going to use my phrase just give me a shout out or link me thanks. Read more...

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So Lyfe Jennings is back with another video and song where he is coming with the truth for that ass. Maybe women need to hear it directly from a man's mouth because far to many young women are making the same kinds of mistakes over and over but if you just got a hard head that makes for a soft behind!


Friday, July 16, 2010


Every once in awhile I stumble across a great talent that is overlooked and very much underrated thus is the case with Eric Roberson. If you happen to watch videos on the VH1 Soul channel then you might have caught him in the video doing a collabo effort with another fine talent Lahla Hathaway who is also an amazing singer and a treasure of a talent. 

Anyway here is a couple of his latest videos you should watch and become familiar with his sound and then support him, not bootleg him. 

he has more songs on youtube check him out and add him to your list of must haves.

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SYMC Definition of Infidelity

Infidelity is the breaking of any one or more of the covenants of marriage between the partners of the marriage.
These covenants bind the partners to standards of behavior which protect and nurture the partners within the marriage and therefore the marriage itself.
Any breaking of the covenants of the marriage may be considered an unfaithful act which is harmful and even destructive to the entity of marriage.
We must, therefore, speak to infidelity on a multitude of levels: sexual, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.
Because of the deep connections created and forged by intimate emotional and physical/sexual intercourse we recognize and acknowledge this form of infidelity as the most destructive to the marital bond and therefore to society as a whole. 

Definition courtesy of this site

I could go through a laundry list of celeb-whore't's that are playing musical partners in hollyweird hell I know a whole lot of real life people doing the same type of shit apparently morals, decorum, standards, and sense are not words used in daily vocabulary I gather that most of these "entertainers" and habitual cheaters even know what these words mean. I guess once you sign that pact with the devil where you just breaking all the moral codes, and personal ethic rules then you don't worry about doing dirty deeds because you're already on the path to destruction so why not ride that path to hell having a good time and hurting, tearing down, and being destructive while taking the wild ride that is life right?

When did society start living so backwards its like the more we advanced the more people started living just left where is everyones moral compass? Maybe it has a lot to do with my personal beliefs or just the way I think but to me Infidelity is one of those things that just makes me look at a person different. If you are not in love anymore with someone and you can't stand them, you want out, you have already left the relationship emotionally why can't you wait until the divorce is final, or hell even let a person know you have moved on  before you get with someone else and start a whole new life. Its like damn the marriage and relationship has barely ended one person might still be grieving and another is rubbing their whole new life in the face of the partner they have left. Have you no sense of decorum, or are you just a heartless callous bastard who can't even give the person your divorcing or leaving a little bit of dignity and respect.

I struggle to hold onto hope in a society that glorifies and glamorizes divorce, infidelity, cheating, lying, and hurting the very people you have walked down the aisle with and said vows to under the eyes of clergy and a higher power. If you will lie to God then you will lie to me its a losing battle in this love game when everyone is out for self when sex dictates your every move and every whim society loses households collapse, children become pawns in custody battles, racist rants become common, abuse allegations run rampant, characters are maligned and people become bitter and angry. When will enough be enough?

What has to happen for a movement in this society to get started when will someone just stand up and demand for society to say enough already lets keep our households intact, lets take divorce and infidelity out of the equation totally, and lets put all that extra energy into being a productive effective happy couple who works daily to make their household one of happiness instead of heartache, bitterness, and acrimony.  We need change in this society we need to stop hurting each other, we need to stop lying to ourselves and to each other and really sit down and figure out how to make things work in a marriage and what we really need to do is stop taking our cues from messed up celeb-whore-t's that don't know their asses from their elbows. As a society we need to stop letting what celeb-whore-t's do dictate our actions, and run our households take back your marriages, ignore the three ring circus that is celeb-dumb and stop acting like animals in heat.

Live life with integrity and dignity, life is hard enough I know this is a dog-eat-dog world therefore its easier for people to justify their dirty deeds by any means necessary how can you look your child in the face but still hurt each other repeatedly? At the end of the day is the new piece worth the break down of a home and marriage? 

Save Your Marriage Central

Sidenote: Every since the assholesSwizz beats and A.ssholeKeys Vs. Mashonda debacle went down I've been Team Mashonda from Day 1. I don't even know her but I feel her and she comes across as genuine real and a real woman who has decorum and sense. Check out her interview from where she talks about moving on from such a hard time in her life and gaining more self awareness she is an awesome woman and I believe that the very things that devastated her and broke her down, did so to make her more complete and even stronger in the end. It's a very well known property that sometimes you have to break it in order for it to be put together the right way I don't think they were equally yoked any damn way. So Mashonda believe in the fact that you will be blessed and even greater things are in store for you!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So I stumbled across this piece of finery that could not be dismissed. If you were ever a child in a household that had a television and you are in your early 30's then this will bring back fond memories and you will enjoy this delightful treat. I know we are supposed to be all adult like and what not but this needed to be blogged, so for a moment set aside your cool and partake in this delight.


Friday, June 25, 2010


Maybe it's just my shitty luck or there just happens to be a whole lot of ex-cons and dudes that have had way to many run ins with the law gravitating towards my universe lately. Does every black male 19 and up have a criminal pass? I mean damn what is really going on in these streets and some of the reformed thugs/ ex-cons can't blame it on the recession cause some of y'all was putting in work before the economy went south. All that aside I just want to know why criminals seem to gravitate my way? I certainly am not a ride or die chick in the sense of helping build up criminal enterprises I'm not hiding drugs nor guns nor am I willing to lie to the feds or any of that gangsta betty type shit. I wasn't raised to embrace the criminal mindset nor to think that criminal activity in any way shape or form is hot. I was always raised to believe that you worked hard for what you wanted or you just went without.

So I don't get why folks that commit crimes or as they put it "make mistakes" get mad at me or offended when I decline to deal with them any further after they disclose that they have been behind bars. Believe it or not there are people who go their whole lives without going to jail or prison. Living in a bad situation doesn't give you an automatic right to just do illegal things. When you make choices in life you have to deal with all the consequences of said choices no one gets to escapes this basic life rule there is simply no way around it. I am not one who sees the selling of drugs, gang-banging, doing drive-by's, robbing people etc, as exciting I think that kind of behavior is deviant and reckless. Life is already hard enough and if you are a minority you don't need to give the police an extra reason to run up on you they do that because of your skin tone as is so again pardon me if I don't understand why I should be into ex-con's or jail birds.

It's sad how the 50 cent video glamorizes the whole penitentiary love situation. Here you have this beautiful girl who is knowingly dealing with a drug dealer and he gets locked up and she is right by his side taking them collect calls, getting those jail letters full of promises they won't keep once they get out, we even see her going for a conjugal visit in the video. I mean seriously, I know that there are some women who are down for this whole scenario and even believe that being a down ass chick for their man is what's really good in the streets but again and I can't stress this enough I AM NOT THAT CHICK, to these women there is nothing better than holding their man down while he does a bid, some even keep his criminal enterprises going so when he get's out he can resume right where he left off  its the stuff that ghetto lit is made up of. These women are putting money on the books, getting on buses to see these dudes, even bringing their children to visit they jail house daddies while that is alright for those ladies I again am not that chick. I never want to see the inside of a prison unless I am working there and even then I'm not trying to fraternize with the criminal element at all I want to be working in the office typing up papers far away from bars and big burly prison buff men who haven't seen a woman since they went in. I'm not into thugs never have been, I don't like the street life, nor the party scene, I'm boring and rather be at home watching anime or even doing arts and crafts.So I can't for the life of me understand what would make a criminal see me and be like yea I want her. For goodness sakes I am a complete square I like smart nerdy type boys (even though they don't seem to like me back..sadness).

Then on top of that how do you know these ex-con's won't drag you into drama or put you in a criminal situation? How do you know these "reformed criminals" aren't a threat to you or your family? What if the pressure gets to be to much to them and they feel like the only way they can make it is to resort back to their criminal ways what then? Plus any man that has done a significant stretch of time in a prison type situation has the high risk of being what they deem "jail gay" how can any woman turn a blind eye to that little tidbit? The bottom line for me is I just can't deal with the criminal element period. I'm sure there are people who have reformed their life and are walking the straight and narrow but once I know you were behind any type of bars and they weren't on a playground any little bit of feeling I was feeling for you vanishes completely and instantly its automatic I believe its preprogrammed into my DNA for me to behave this way. This belief is so strong its unshakable I'm sure this post will make some of the prison friendly people mad but we will have to agree to disagree because on this subject I'm not changing my mind.

Lastly I would like to leave you with some of my favorite prison videos these men in these videos....well form your own opinions enjoy.


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy fathers day hugs and kisses to all the fathers who are in their children's lives even when they hate they babies mommas, even when they are overseas defending their country, even though they might be working today, even though they might not be shit at all. Unless you were a test tube baby someone donated some sperm to an egg to make the chemical compound that solidified into they walking mass that is before us today. So in honor of all that and in spite of everything take a moment to reflect on Fatherhood, as a nation and as you reflect on the men in your life that were father figures or the lack thereof of having a father figure.

 Reflect on why there isn't more strong Black, Hispanic, minority men in the homes? Why are there so many broken homes with just one parent? How can we break this negative cycle? How can we change what has already become way too accepted in todays society? How can we make our households better, raise happy healthy children in a two parent home, and repair and take back our families? What kind of steps do we need to take as a community, as minorities that need to take care of our own inside issues?  If their is no father in your home for your children today then instead of being eaten up by negative emotions take the time to reflect, let this be a time of pro-activeness, where can you go to put the wheels of change in motion? How can you break the cycle? What steps can you take to break familial curses? Just some things to think about in regards to fathers today. 


Sunday, June 06, 2010


The simplest concept in the world, the one we should always reflect on in everything we do is that:


We as human.beings make choices, we do things out of spite, out of anger, out of malice, out of kindness, out of love, out of sadness, out of loneliness, out of sacrifice, sometimes we do things because we don't know how to do any better. Whatever motivates you and drives you to do the things that you do understand for that choice you will make, you have made, there will be an outcome there is no escaping this.

People tend to think about themselves first and then others last, when you make a decision and you think it is only affecting you, you should ask yourself:

Self: This decision that I am making here right now how will it impact those around me, a year from now, five years from now, how will it affect my children's futures, will it have an affect on the way I am perceived,  Lastly but the most important questions are how will this affect someone who loves me? Will it cause emotional distress, physical pain, will this little bit of pleasure bring me a moment of happiness but a lifetime of pain?

I of course have to digress because simply human.beings are emotional selfish creatures we do what feels good, we do what makes us happy damn the consciences, damn what anyone else thinks and then we want to argue, curse and fight once the consciences rears its ugly head. We paint ourselves into corners because we are by nature selfish.

There is a principle called Personal Responsibility that states:

Accepting personal responsibility includes:
* Acknowledging that you are solely responsible for the choices in your life.
* Accepting that you are responsible for what you choose to feel or think.
* Accepting that you choose the direction for your life.
* Accepting that you cannot blame others for the choices you have made.
* Tearing down the mask of defense or rationale for why others are responsible for who you are, what has happened to you and what you are bound to become.
* The rational belief that you are responsible for determining who your are, and how your choices affect your life.
* Pointing the finger of responsibility back to yourself and away from others when you are discussing the consequences of your actions.
*Realizing that you determine your feelings about any events or actions addressed to you, no matter how negative they seem.
* Recognizing that you are your best cheerleader; it is not reasonable or healthy for you to depend on others to make you feel good about yourself.
* Recognizing that as you enter adulthood and maturity, you determine how your self-esteem will develop.
* Not feeling sorry for the "bum deal" you have been handed but taking hold of your life and giving it direction and reason.
* Letting go of your sense of over responsibility for others.
* Protecting and nurturing your health and emotional well being.
* Taking preventive health oriented steps of structuring your life with time management, stress management, confronting fears and burnout prevention.
* Taking an honest inventory of your strengths, abilities, talents, virtues and positive points.
* Developing positive, self-affirming, self-talk scripts to enhance your personal development and growth.
* Letting go of blame and anger toward those in your past who did the best they could, given the limitations of their knowledge, background and awareness.
* Working out anger, hostility, pessimism and depression over past hurts, pains, abuse, mistreatment and misdirection. 

Read more: 

June 6,
Give not that which is holy to dogs. Neither cast ye your pearls before swine - Matthew 7:6
Should we wear our most expensive outfit to a mud fight? Why then do we continue to place ourselves in jobs, situations, and relationships that ruin our peace, health, and self-value? Should we leave our most valuable possession unguarded in a public location? Why then do we place our minds and bodies in the reach of those persons and situations with a demonstrated history of abuse or neglect? We are, to ourselves, the most valuable possession we have. Yet we waste our time, energy and sometimes our lives in worthless situations among people who are unworthy. We must value our ideas, our energy, our time and our life to such an infinite degree that we become unwilling to waste who we are. If we put on our best and go to a mud fight, we can expect to get dirty. If we place our head in the Lion's mouth, we should expect to get eaten.
I Am very valuable to me. 

I always say that no one can do anything to you unless you allow them too. If you are throwing your pearls before swine and you expect them to appreciate them you will be disappointed each and every time.  I read that particular passage this morning and I didn't even know how it would impact my life until later on Today. I say to anyone reading this particular blog today there are two things I wish you to know if you don't come away with anything else: 

1. Personal Responsibility is hard I know this but at some point in your life as an adult you have to take it for yourself and your own happiness, and your actions and the consequences of all your actions and change starts with self I know its easier said then done but as we all are works in progress we must do what we can to affect the change we want to see in our lives.

2. No one can hurt, harm, damage you unless you allow them too. As an adult you have to stop allowing others to hurt or harm you, if they are a destructive force in your life then purge them from you and allow yourself to be happy, healthy, growing and thriving. Stop leaning on the crutch that is allowing you to stay in a situation that is killing your very joy within you. If you lose the destructive crutch you will have to learn how to walk all over again without it, you start by crawling but eventually you will learn how to stand and then you will learn how to walk again without that destructive crutch and eventually learn how to be happy again once you're on your own.

I speak peace and blessings into the lives that are broken, unhappy, sad, miserable and feeling like they have to stay in a situation they don't want to be in because they can't do any better. Change is hard especially when you aren't financially able to do any better believe me I know but there has to be a way, pray on it and meditate on it. 

Passage taken from: Acts Of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant link located below


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So officially Trey Songz is like that dude because this video (sigh) it gets you right in the heart. Shout out and much love to the soldiers in all branches of the armed services Thank you, for the sacrifices you and your loved ones make without you guys dedication and services where would the united states be? Support the troops however you feel about war, and please take time to acknowledge the veterans of this country. Read more...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Dear World:

I would like to address some things that people do that just really don't sit well with me. First and foremost most people in the world already have children out of wedlock that is a known fact you can see that just walking down the street or reading the celeb-whore-t blogs. Everyone screaming that the institution of marriage is outdated and the divorce rate is high but no one blinks twice about having children out of wedlock its what's hot in the streets.  It used to be a time when people where ashamed to have multiple kids with different last names now that shit is what's popping and its the societal norm these days. Its like a badge of honor to be called a babies momma and some women wear the title with pride if that is what makes your boat float so be it. So it would be in every one's best interest not to ask me or share with me anything concerning their baby momma/ baby daddy drama. Especially knowing that when anyone approaches me with bullshit I will most likely give you my opinion concerning the matter and if you don't want that then cool the less stupid shit you tell me the better off I am.

Otherwise you can not come to me telling me something that you did on your end that was stupid and silly and you're giggling about it thinking it's cool hoping that I will co-sign it and pat you on your back for it. I'm not the person to ask to cheer lead for you when you do dumb shit I don't care if we share the same familial ties or not I WILL NOT CO-SIGN DUMB SHIT which means I'm not going to side with you if you're wrong even  when dealing with the mess that is baby momma/daddy drama. Now hear me out, in private I am going to let you know that I think you are wrong but in public I will always defend you to the death but I can not sit by and watch people make mistakes because they all caught up in they emotions and anyone that knows me, knows that I don't beat around the bush I go straight to the heart of things I say my piece and I keep it moving. It's always easier for someone looking in on the outside to see the situation from every angle because we aren't directly involved in it therefore its black and white to us because our emotions aren't invested nor tangled up in the matter and no I don't have a sperm donor, no I am not a baby momma, and no I don't believe that I will ever put myself in the position to be one but wrong is still wrong and the only people that truly get hurt is the child in these situations.

Furthermore people often don't  realize and recognize when they are in the midst of  vicious destructive family curses and they keep repeating the steps that their mother, grandmother, aunts, and cousins have perpetrated and passed down to them through the generations until its like a ugly bedspread of hurt, shame, ignorance, loneliness, and single motherhood that keeps getting passed down like a family heirloom.Often people don't realize they are doing the exact same things that their parents are doing or that they have substituted the same kinds of romantic partners in their lives that are just like their parents. Many people don't see that they simply marry or have children with men and women who act exactly like their very own mothers and fathers.

Sometimes as women we let men come in and take our everything, we give too much and we expect so much in return and when we don't get what we expect then we become crazy, angry, bitter, hurt creatures that hurt other people because we feel like the promise that was made wasn't honored and now we have nothing so we tend to think because now the man that made those promises is gone and therefore a lot of times those feelings are turned on the ones around us. I can't help it if people didn't use forethought before they laid down and spread their legs and got to pumping and sweating and yelling out the name of a no good punk ass sperm donor of a man who sold you a dream and bullshit that you fell for hook line and sinker. I am not the one who made you go through 9 months of carrying a child that looks like him, has his last name, nor his mannerisms. Nor am I to blame for the fact that he married someone else and therefore you are left with just his child and your hopes of having that happily ever after where dashed upon the shores of reality. I had no hand in none of the above mentioned. I also can't help the fact that I try to be as rational as possible and think things through beyond just the moment I also happen to see things as either black or white I can't help that I don't deal in the gray areas of life that many people do. I don't like complications, drama, or bullshit in that regard I am quite simple and I try and stick to that as much as possible.I don't think because I speak my opinion that I should be made out to be a villain or an evil person just because I don't happen to agree with you on dumb ass decisions or life choices doesn't make me your enemy but if I have to play the devil in your life's melodrama because you choose to cast me in that rule then so be it.

I have always said over and over and over again that baby momma baby daddy drama is a plague upon society and it's just not cool. The shit that you have to go through just bringing a life into fruition and then on top of that you add into it extra drama who in their right mind would even let something like that go down? I mean we all know that when you lay down with someone you are taking a risk, you have to always be prepared for the chance that you might end up pregnant especially if you're fertile as all hell. I know that sex is recreational now and people are getting it in and not caring about the consequences so this will go over many of your heads and that's fine. However as a parent of a child that is not with the other biological parent people need to learn to take themselves out of the equation once the child is here. If the other DNA donor is not a criminal, a sex offender, on drugs, or homeless then you should let the child see that parent. Especially if the DNA donor wants to be involved in the child's life and if you were once a child in the same similar circumstance that your child is now in you should remember how you felt as a child when the parent you lived with pulled the same shit just because they could, just because that was the only way they could punish the other DNA donor because that person had moved on and left them with just a child.

There is consequences to every action, this is real life not a rehearsal what you do, how you act, how you behave, how you carry yourself often effects those around you. Stop acting like children and be the grown ass adults you all claim you are but then again some people got they asses so high up on their shoulder until it shuts off the flow of air to their brain and therefore their sense's are all cloudy. At the end of the day I'm glad I'm not a babies momma, I'm glad that I don't have to deal with drama, and I'm glad I don't have to go through what most of y'all go through and that's not taking shots that's just being real. Yes children are a blessing however to often children are now the direct result of two careless people who were in lust and then they had an accident.

It's just sad that children will always be the victim when silly ass immature adults start acting like what they do is ultimately in the interest of the child when in actuality you're lashing out because you weren't chosen to wear the last name of the DNA donor or they have moved on and left you behind. If you think that now your child is at risk of getting kidnapped by their DNA donor then why the hell would you lay down with said person in the first place? The people you choose to have sex with don't just get brand new all of a sudden you just chose not to see what you didn't want to see hindsight is always a motherfucker. It makes a person wonder did you really know whom you got involved with and if not shame on you there are always red flags and warning signs but when you're wearing rose tinted glasses all you see is the good things and not the bad. Get yourselves together and start acting like real women and mothers, Men and fathers instead of  thoughtless silly ass simple children pretending to be adults.

I can't apologize if it seems like I don't have tact its because I don't sugarcoat things I tend to just shoot from the hip with mines, but when you deal with people who live in glass houses, across from the river denial in a fantasy world called never never land you can't mince words because simple minds aren't able to grasp complex concepts so I dumb it down so they can get it.

There it is folks I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and I hope everyone has a decent week. Later's.

P.S. I just finished the book Erotic City, it has an unbalanced baby momma in it that's why its included in the book section.

Here's y'all theme song enjoy:


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dear Men:(and ladies)

Hey it's me again can we have a mental pow wow? I mean there are some things on my mind that I would really like to share and I'm not attacking ya'll but there are some things that I feel I need to address. So why don't you let me get this off my brain and then if you choose too you can respond and maybe we can get a dialogue going, cool?

So there are a couple things that I am just down right adamant about concerning men, women, and dating and the things that men want that women allow that just needs to stop in general and especially if you call yourself trying to approach me (men this means you of course)

Sending any kind of sexual, half naked, fully naked, sexually suggestive, freak nasty, uncouth, no respect for yourself type of pictures to a phone, email, or home address nor should you get on webcam and do the shit either. This is a rule I strive to live by but obviously not everyone is of the same school of thought. I know that chicken heads are sending their asses through the mail before you even request it and many will send you videos of them doing freak nasty stuff, hell you can find many pictures of chicks on any given Ning site already buck naked with everything exposed so I don't get why you have to purposely seek out the chick who isn't showing her goodies to the world wide web for naked pictures. I am not a loose booty hoe and I get that you see every chick on the web naked so in a males mind it must be a birds of a feather flock together type thing so even if the one fully clothed female on a site is not naked you think you can talk your way into her sending you naked pictures because after all she must have them readily available to send and she just might be shy, right fellas or maybe you think she is a discreet freak and she just needs it coached out of her...

Look word to the wise if a woman wants to exploit herself she will she doesn't need any coaching nor prompting from any guy. So basically asking for hoe flicks is silly because if a chick gets down like that she will just send them to you without you even having to ask 9 times out of 10. I wasn't raised that way plus I respect myself way to much, and on top of that I'm no dummy once you send that kind of shit out there its no telling where it will end up and who will get their hands on it and then what? Rule of thumb ladies if you don't care about it turning up in only God knows who's hands, then by all means do it but when your ass ends up spread eagle on some rappers page or as a "you know you dead wrong" type of site for all of the cyber world and beyond to see then don't go crying and protesting because if you hadn't sent your ass through the mail in the first place you wouldn't have to be worried about being exposed. Bottom line fellas stop asking every woman you meet for her to "tease you with sexy pictures" or "asking her to see her booty" or asking even for "bra and pantie pictures" grow the fuck up and learn some decorum. If you haven't learned from seeing dumb celeb-whore-t's who's sextapes, explicit sexual text messages, and naked pictures have been leaked over and over again in the public spectrum then you're just a dumb ass who wants to and deserves to get shamed and be branded as the nasty type hoe chick who's naked pictures will live forever on the internet.

Asking me anything about sex in the 1st-5th conversation if you can't even pretend like you want to get to know me kick rocks with an open toe shoe on, as Brandy would say. I don't think its hot to immediately jump into a discussion of sex, nor is it hot to bombard me with question like, "when's the last time someone hit that", or "how big are your breast" or "what's your favorite position" its not okay to assume that I want to screw you, its not okay to ask me questions pertaining to what's up under my clothes and it's not okay to disregard common courtesy learn how to pronounce my name, and see if I even want to deal with you on a personal level let alone an intimate one, or you will always lose with me straight out the gate and contrary to what you may think or have been lead to believe big girls are no easier than smaller girls. A slore is  going to be a slore no matter her size so don't assume because a woman has some weight on her she is going to just take her panties off or pull them to the side and let you hit because you showed her some attention. Not every big woman falls into the stereotype of having low self esteem so don't make assumptions fellas.

Another pet peeve of mines is wack ass phone sex, please let me be clear I hate HATE phone sex its so dumb, look fellas again as a rule personally my girl 6 days are over (chalk that one up to youth). Plain and simple the shit is just wack and if the sexual need is all that then you need to find a way to make the sex jump off in real time. There is nothing sexy about hearing a grown ass man yanking, tugging, and wacking his dick talking about "yea baby" "ummmm baby you want me to cum for you, tell me how much you want me to cum for you" and then your big goofy ass cums sounding like a little bitch I mean damn you don't even have any bass in your voice, again grow up and shit. It's not sexy to me to hear a grown man moaning and groaning while he's by himself touching on himself if anything its kind of ridiculous. Now there is a way to go about everything, if you want to spice things up then be sensual send her sexy not vulgar text messages for example: Baby I can't wait to see you tonight I have a sexy surprise in store for my one and only <<<(sexy and intriguing); Girl I want to lick your pussy until your peach squirts cum flavored juices all down my throat. <<<(vulgar and childish) Now look fellas I can't speak for every woman in the world I can only tell you what works and what doesn't work for me some broads like vulgar because that's all they know. Some broads will settle for a 6pack of beer and some beer nuts and she will gladly give up the ass and then their are other females like myself who are not going for any of that not at all. Also there is an exception to every rule sometimes its cool to slip a vulgar text message in but only if you are on a certain level with who you're sending it to some people will get offended so know your audience basically.

I'm a woman and as a woman I enjoy doing feminine things, getting my hair done, getting my nails done, shopping for cute outfits, buying make-up and wearing make-up, nurturing babies, taking care of family, providing a warm home environment, cooking, etc. These are some of the things I do because its in my nature and I don't see anything wrong with doing these things because I like to do them but this is not all I am this is just one side of me. I know I might come off as hard but at the end of the day I am still a woman with a soft side. I don't get to show that side because frankly fellas you don't earn it. You want me to be a woman and do certain things for you but you not even doing the bare minimum to earn these things.I refuse to play wifey for someone that is not legally my husband if you want to be treated like a husband I suggest you carry your ass over to Robbins Brothers and make that happen. Yes I know women are independent, they can work and maintain households and all that jazz I'm so well aware of that fact but I believe in the strive for independence the roles of men and women have been so muddied along the way until we are just all messed up and we don't know how to treat each other properly anymore. The male and female rules are all screwed up resulting in this flagrant mockery of what dating is passing for these days.

 There used to be a time when men opened doors both building and car doors, there used to be a time when men came to a woman's house and actually walked up to the door and rang the doorbell and escorted the woman to his car versus calling her on the cellphone and telling her he here so she can run out to the car, or blowing his car horn like a moron, he would proceed to open the car door for her help her get inside and made sure she was in and comfortable before he went around to his side and got settled in. There was a time when men actually dated you, they were actually interested in getting to know you, showed an interest in you and what you felt or at least they convincingly faked genuine interest long enough to hook a woman, called you just to hear your voice, sent you flowers or some token of admiration and appreciation, came to the door with something in his hand more than his hat. Met your family and looked your father/brother/uncle in the eye and had conversations about his intentions, Men were more respectful and in kind women were soft and womanly able to be a little vulnerable and sweet and women were more respectable and demure. In other words there were rituals, rules, stages, one went through before there was even a hint of intimacy jumping off. There was courtship going on, there was romance, and mystery, passion, a sweetness, now its all garbage. I realize for many they didn't have an example of how to treat a woman growing up and they learned it piece-meal from women or random men or it was all trial and error. Plus modern society dictates that all the things I just typed out are not what's hot in the streets. Expecting this type of behavior from a man this day and age will have you single and out of luck and its a pity and a shame. Now men don't even bother to do the basics the bare minimum. When you're with a woman that you care about you are supposed to take care of her, this fellas is your job. This is the reason you gave up a rib, this is the reason you have the outtie and we have the innie. You are supposed to love, protect, honor and shield us. There is a reason you have bigger everything, broader shoulders, deeper voices, bigger hands, more strength etc you are supposed to be our protectors and we are supposed to be your helpmates. I realize that between the sexes it hasn't always been roses but since I've been living I have watched it get progressively worst. I know I am shouting at the wind but damn fellas you don't even play the game anymore there is no mystery, you make me not even want to try. Yes I know you don't do a lot of things simply because the "modern woman" will treat you like a chump for doing it but I am a bit old fashioned and I like being paid attention I like someone who pays attention to details and I like a man who knows what it means to be a man a real one not a facsimile of one.

In essence fellas I have standards and rules, rules that I am not willing to break. They aren't hard rules but they do separate the serious from the just came here to play. I am not difficult I am just not willing to let you play with me like I am an object to be toyed with. I have certain standards and expectations that I need met from any man who thinks he wants to toss his hat into the ring for my time and affection. The problem fellas is not my rules its because you're not use to dealing with a woman who isn't going for the crap that you pull. If you want quality and substance you have to be willing to give as good as you get. No one wants to do that because it's far easier to get with the chick that will let you do any and everything and not call you on it. You've become lax and have lost the will to date the right way. Its like always dining on microwaved tv dinners when all you want is a good home cooked meal stop cheating yourselves. Everyone male and female needs to readjust their thinking women as a whole need to set standards if every woman set standards then men would have no choice but to deal with it or procreation would grind to a halt as we know it and I don't think anyone wants that! We need some new ground with dating, a fresh start with how men and women especially black men and women relate to each other, and overall dating needs a face lift ASAP! I know this post was long winded but it was a long time coming but I hope it will give someone pause for the cause or at least open up a dialog between men and women hopefully.

Some Books to check out if you wish:


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Do you think the above images are racy? Too much for prime time television? Would you hastily turn your television off if this young womans commercial came across your screen? So then why was it banned on FOX and ABC? I mean really FOX of all channels, with all of the programming that FOX puts on there programming they have the audacity to even fix their mouths to ban this commercial that's like telling your daughter who is the town Ho to become a nun that's real crazy to me. Allegedly both these networks think this commercial is just too racy for their viewers and Lane Bryant is calling foul stating the real reason the commercial wasn't aired was because of it being a plus sized model and she she's considered that only in the modeling industry because there is nothing plus sized about the women in the above images. She's just curvy which in the fashion world automatically means you are a plus sized model. Only in america is beauty fit into such a narrow definition shit is sicking and disheartening. Especially when Victoria Secret models can walk around looking like they just had sex before they did their commercials double standards abound. I think its retarded obviously. I hope their bra's and panties sell that much more.

The Original Commercial: and The Original Article Behind the Banning of the Commercial