Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I got tired of the dark look and decided to step into the light plus having two side panels and still enough space to write is a winner, just the header is all funky don't worry I always figure out something and that probably will be changing in the near future.

I feel tired as I am writing this post, I went outside and took a walk today needless to say I need to do that more so defiantly going to be getting more physical exercise I really want to take different kinds of exercise classes though. I hate boring traditional workouts if I can have fun, burn calories, and do something that doesn't feel like a workout then I am all for it. I really want to take the STRIPPER aerobics workout that sounds super fun and plus where can you burn calories, learn a skill/trade feel sexy and get to exercise in 6 inch heels all at the same time? That right there sounds like a winner to me! I also want to learn how to swim, I love being in the water again a fun activity for me plus its something I would want to do. Belly dancing classes also again sounds way fun, and you get to move like Shakira which is a skill and hot.

I also like roller skating but in neighborhoods with flava which means exclusively to me W.O.W if you not from L.A. and you didn't come up during the 80's early 90's you can't even comprehend of which I speak. I did my fair share of skating at W.O.W it was a great place to bad it got a bad reputation thanks to the few who wanted to show out and mess it up for the rest of us. I'm sure it's gotten better since then though, real talk I always wanted a skating rink of my own a place for kids to hang out and work and all that stuff. But simple things like roller skating kids not into anymore they rather sit home and play on they Nintendo Wii systems.

Case in point this is the skating rink that was the bases for the movie ATL.

clip of the movie where they introduce the skating, not the best quality but the movie should be in your collection anyway if not YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVA YOU LIKE

Musiq's new video with Mary J Blige first time I'm seeing it but it doesn't invoke any type of reaction from me and for some reason Mohawks on black men annoy me, that hairstyle is not attractive not at all it just looks like you left something undone on top of your head, but I'm old school so it is what it is.

Last but not least Don't forget to vote!