Thursday, October 02, 2008


Okay my lovelies let's get it on and poppin' I am so behind in posting blogs. I was just trying to find a skin I was comfortable in and this one is a good look, but if I need to revamp I will. Trying to build a brand, a movement so grow with me, roll with me now let's get it on!

Somethings I want to talk about first and foremost how sexy is Usher's new video?!? I felt like I was watching some erotica with a great soundtrack, and I wasn't complaining not at all in fact Usher made me want to trade places. I know shocked face but... it is what it is I think my thinking is changing in some ways, still not up for being a jump off, but I might start relaxing my sexual policies just a wee bit, anywho back to Mr. Raymond this video was a good look this BPYT greatly approves.

2nd video is from an artist that needs some love. This artist is greatly slept on Lyfe Jennings; his song will I ever has a gospel feel to it and the know how you go to church and the pastor seems to be preaching exactly to you and what you're going through? Well Mr. Jennings does that so eloquently on this very track and the video is a good look too it's not over done it's just right and it gives the songs lyrics a chance to shine. Plus Toccarra who I stan for is in the video looking classy and sassy she is mos def A BPYT all the way. I love her style and she looks like a regular woman in this video no over done make-up and hair just a regular around the way girl and I appreciate that. Mr. Jennings you are most def on my my BPYT approves list!

Stay tuned for more of what you're looking for that's right the dating in cali series. Where you can only get it how I have lived it, cause we the best, the best BYPT that is.