Sunday, October 26, 2008


In watching the secret life of bees my first thoughts where, again black women are the umbrella which shelter white children, again we are the mammy, the tit by which a white child who has no mother has come to nurse. Again a black boy sticks his neck out to go to the movies with a white girl, risk himself being killed just so that he can sit in the colored only section with a white girl practically in his lap, until white men come and drag his ass out of the theater and work him over because he dare even think of being with one of their precious lily white daughters. Come to think of it Dakota Fanning’s character was named Lily. What is a Lily but a pure white beautiful flower, when you think Lily you think pure virginal, clean, beautiful now wonder the black boy in this movie couldn't help himself he was overcome by the very nature of this pure virginal white girl. What black man wouldn't want a pure Lily white unattainable girl, that's the devils nectar forget a black woman. In those times poor black men had to settle for an everyday black woman who didn't have beautiful dresses, couldn't spend the money to get their hair done, or buy heels, use make-up and get fancy undergarments unless they were ladies of ill repute. How could a black mammy compete with a dolled up put on a pedestal white woman? White women were touted as the very epitome of womanhood while black women where work mules, lusty sluts that the master used sexually so he could preserve the very delicate nature of his white woman the very forbidden fruit that all savage black men hungered and hunger after still. Who wants a black woman when you can have a Lily white pure as the driven snow white woman?!?!? I digress…back to my point.

Now I have never read the book and I saw the cast interviews on Oprah (but let me stop right here and say again way to go Opera pimp us black women into thinking this story was about us, because we all know if Oprah puts her stamp of approval on it then it must be right! I must admit you had me fooled Oprah, never again from here on out you're getting the SEOD) so I was fooled into thinking this would be a coming of age story for Lily and these women would of course play a integral role in her development but I thought she was a sideline story not the whole damn story, I didn't know that the story was going to be one of those "poor white trash girl runs away to be taken care of by black women who become her savior" type story. I sat here and watched this movie and I couldn't help but think to myself with all that is going on in the era that is this stories backdrop why in God's name is the whole story about this little white girl. It's always about Lily even after the death of one of the Boatwright sisters. After the movie was over I looked up the author to confirm what I already knew after watching the whole movie. In the beginning of the movie I was under the impression that she was black and that's the way the advertisers where framing this movie but about halfway through the movie I realized that this movie was falsely advertised to get black women in the seats. They know if you tug on a black woman's heartstrings then she will go deep in her pocketbook and pull out her hard earned money to go see a movie, or buy a product. It was never about black people the story is about this little white girl and her need to be loved by somebody. I'm glad I did not see this movie in theaters I would have been upset because ticket prices are expensive and the commercials are misleading. Here I am thinking that the story is largely about the boatwright sisters when really it's about Lily.

Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson are asexual mammies for Dakota Fanning’s character, the Zackary character is the lusting black boy who will turn into the lusting black man in love with a white woman, who I’m sure will brave the odds just to be with her when they both get older, are you serious? Am I the only one who was not bamboozled by this movie? I understand the little girl had no mother and she just wanted to be loved but was she not still white? Was she not still better off then Jennifer Hudson’s character that got beat because she wanted to go vote? It’s mighty funny that the black characters got beat on, barked on, put in their place and even one of the characters kills herself all due to this white girl bringing herself and her drama around and they still find it in their hearts to take her in and let her live with them. Queen Latifah’s character even say’s she has been in love before but she loved her freedom more but yet and still she still take in this white waif and loves on her, say what! You mean you don’t want a man of your own, nor a family of your own but your character was willing to spend the majority of her life looking after first this girl’s mother and now her if that is not the jolly fat asexual nurturing mammy type then I don’t know what is!!!! And no one but me has a problem with this?

You mean to tell me that this white little girl can bring all this down upon you and you still have room enough in your heart to let her stay even when her daddy comes to take her back home with him?!?!? Black people's love sure runs deep, we raised other people's children which left no time to raise our own if they weren’t already sold off, we still bending over backwards for white folks so they don't think of us as hostile or offsetting to get to know, we go out of our way to fall in love with them and worship them we strive to emulate them in every way shape and fashion, they are our measuring stick and their standards of beauty we have made our own, we pride ourselves on not being to niggerish, or to black acting, we praise those that have the lightest skin and the straightest hair, the thinnest lips, and the smallest noses. We hurry to jump into someone else's culture and shun our own because the only good thing a black person ever did was keep house, pick cotton, raise white children, and cook southern food that white people love to eat and copy and have restaurants that serve it but a black person doesn’t own.

Why is it we are still so conditioned to love everything we are not, we can't get solidarity in our own culture and race but yet we want to hurry and sing songs, and hold hands, and intermarry with other races. Black people are the only race of people that are so divided and still self hating, we have no real culture in this country just shit we have made up, we have ingenuity but no integrity, we could be a nation built on something beautiful but we too concerned about the latest fashions, the newest cars, the stupidest dances, we have no real leaders anymore, we tear ourselves apart, we tear down our communities, instead of uplifting ourselves some of us rather sit at the right hand of a Caucasian and get a handout. So many are bamboozled still in this day and time that they are actually shocked when they hear about an incident of racism. For God sakes they are still hanging, and dismembering black men in the back roads of Texas towns. The world is not that different it just got more politically correct, meaning racism got a face lift and a press agent. Even Oprah with all of her money still gets discriminated against, Barack even though he is half white is still looked at as all black and he is considered a black man. He is treated as a black man. Even his own grandmother knows the difference, come on people wake up. But I guess we won't wake up until a white person says it's time for us to wake up, so I guess I better just sit patiently and wait for the next great white hope to come and save us. Like they do in all the sports movies, or the movies where the white person comes to the ghetto and educates the ignorant masses turning them around and helping them achieve.

You know it's funny if you ask any foreigner on American soil who is the trespasser every time they will point at a black person and say us. To them we are the unwanted masses, the swept under the rug controlled step-children that are no longer a threat because we have no power; we have no will to change things. WE just want to get a good job, drive a Cadillac truck with a bumping system, and have a house with a Latina, white, or Asian wife at the helm so the children can be mixed and have long "good" hair. The American dream for a black man is just that simple… and for a black woman as long as we have Oprah and white men we’ll be just fine! (Sarcasm) Oh my people…we have got to do better than this y’all are wounding my spirit and making me weep and lament over your plight as if you were dead and decaying rotting flesh, where have our warriors gone?