Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It's truly amazing to watch siblings as they grow and go places you have already been but they think that they are the first ones to ever step toe out of the comfort of home. It's amazing how just beginning the first years of college can turn one into a certified asshole overnight, you would think that siblings would humble themselves enough to say I haven't made it yet I am only beginning this journey and you might have some advice on the subject so let me remain humble and try and learn from someone who has been there and done that but no. Some people learn hard, they have to touch fire to see that it burns, they have to touch a razor and cut themselves before they believe its sharp.

It irritates me when people think that because they are on the same path that others have walked even though their journey is just beginning they are above those that came before them. It's sad to see when a member of your family is oblivious to others thoughts and feelings, they don't see the sacrifices that others have made, they don't see the backs that they are stepping on they think that they got it all locked up and that they won't be where others have failed. Pride always cometh before a fall, it's great to want to achieve things and become something and follow your dreams but your dreams shouldn't have to come at the expense of others dignity and self esteem. I hate that family is the main people who take advantage of you because they feel like you are obligated to always be there for them, or obligated to do things for them when you aren't.

It's amazing how sometimes family is just another way of saying license to be verbally abusive and emotionally scarring to those that share your same DNA. For the sake of my sibling I hope he does reach the goal of where he is trying to go but if he is going to continue to do it at others expense I hope he is prepared to not ever need any support because the same people you stepped on to get to the top is the very same people you will have to see on your way down to the bottom!

I want the very best for all of my siblings but I will damned if I am their personal whipping post that is not in this BPYT'S personal description, might have to bring on some tough love!

Anyway sorry for the vent post but we all have family that drives us up the wall right? It would be great if you guys could drop off some dealing with family tips before a sista catch a case because I can't blog from jail, so save me if you love my blog and leave copping tips in the comment section please and thank you.