Sunday, November 30, 2014


So basically this is a play about a lonely women played by  Cheryl Pepsii Riley her characters name is Anita Lincoln if you don't know who she is she's the woman in the pink dress up top. Basically her good intentioned friend sets her up with a man off of the internet from an internet dating site and after a month of being romanced since she hasn't had a man in five years and she's celibate she lets her guard down decides to marry him in Vegas and than comes back home to her friends and family informing her that she has been swindled out of  all her money and the man is also mortgaging her house out from under her. She cries, she get's angry, her grandmother tells her she has to take some responsibility for what has happened to her and that if she had loved herself she wouldn't have made this bad decision to just up and marry this man so just woman up and get back on her feet, so Anita decides to beat the hell out of the guy she married with a bat and than when he goes to the hospital its discovered she is the 7th woman he's done this same scam too and of course she manages to get her house back and she goes down to the prison to forgive the swindler and get closure. That is the play in a nutshell.

I'm usually a Tyler Perry supporter but I can't with this play. First and foremost why is it always the women that have the bear the brunt of bullshit in all his movies and plays? Why is it the women's fault that someone took advantage of her wanting to be loved and have a connection with someone? Why isn't he shaming the men that go around preying on people instead of coming down on the women who get tired of sitting idly by on the shelf doing everything the right way only to be tricked by someone because they want to be loved and adored? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Why do women have to go around all the time being shamed for being human? Why the fuck do men never have to account for their terrible actions? Why do women always have to get treated like a last thought or a piece of trash for wanting to be loved and wanting to have faith in others?  So it's a woman's fault for believing all the lies that a man tells her, it's a woman's fault for picking terrible men, it's a woman's fault for not having better judgement, it's a woman's fault for breathing, it's a woman's fault for blinking, it's a woman's fault for getting raped, it's a woman's fault for not accepting a man's advances so he kills her. The fucking script needs to be changed. Women are not here for you damned amusement we are not toys, we are not trash and we are not some creatures who want to be bent to the will of a lying, scheming, piece of trash who weren't raised right.

As human beings you would think that people would not be out to hurt each other but this is real life and there are demons walking around in human flesh looking to inflict hurt and damage on other people. Ladies I understand we get lonely I've been there it happens to the best of us. Don't let these assholes come in and take the best of you because you want someone in your life.  Unfortunately you can't let your guard down with anyone be cautious and be weary. Don't give an inch be as hard as you need to be, and I don't know what combats feeling lonely honestly you can fill up every single minute of your day but when you're in bed by yourself you're going to want someone there with you. That's just the God's honest truth. Especially if you want to be married or have kids. I don't know what will make it better, just praying doesn't feel the void. I don't know what the solution is just try and not get caught up to where you can't see the future clearly. Keep strong ladies may God bless and keep you some way some how.