Thursday, May 21, 2009


Dear A. Keys and Swizz Beatz:

First and foremost I would like to take the time to state that over the past few years I have enjoyed your music, but this latest debacle makes me instantly dislike the both of you. I can't in good conscience continue to support people who give no thought what so ever to the harm they are bringing to other people.

A. Key's you even have a song called karma of all things, even if he was "separated" at the time legally he was still married and how he was with you while he was legally bond to another is what you can expect if you ever marry him. I think its a very ugly thing when you put your welfare before that of a marriage and a child. I think as women we have to be empathetic to another woman's plight especially if said woman is married. By no means marriage is not easy you should have been the bigger woman and told swizz to work it out do everything he could to make his marriage work instead of stepping in and being all to willingly his shoulder to lean on. You are a co-conspirator and that Ms. Keys is something that is just unforgivable. I know you probably feel as if his wife has nothing to do with you but in actually it has everything to do with you especially if you were in the picture far before their break-up and if you were the case of their break-up God help you and your conscience I hope you don't lose sleep at night, but in all honesty you should! Being the other woman is a nasty piece of work and those that play that part are never happy and they never end up with the man the universe or Karma as you would call it has a way of balancing that out. For your sake I hope that you are not in the wrong doesn't look good for you btw I thought your last album where you screamed at the top of your register the whole time was horrible. Please don't do that again, know your lane but as I can you don't, sucks to be you.

Swizz it's your turn, now as for you I understand that marriage is hard I understand that at some point in time you might not have been happy is it because Mashonda's earning potential isn't what you thought it was going to be and you felt duped? I can understand maybe you felt tired of bringing home all the money, but is that any reason to chuck the deuces to your wife and son so you can seek greener pastures? Or maybe you simply don't care about the vows you took a lot of people don't and they don't take marriage seriously but I'm saying before you jumped into bed with A. Keys you should have taken into consideration Mashonda and your sons feelings clearly you don't give a fuck because you are bragging about the relationship on songs and shit. I think you are a coward and a punk for walking away from your marriage, vows are meant to be taken seriously not just thrown away on a whim because you feel its cheaper to leave then try and work it out. Now please understand that I am working under the assumption that you just left and fled into the arms of A. Keys now if you tried everything under the sun and exhausted all the avenues of reconciliation then please forgive me for speaking out of turn but if you didn't then my original words stand and you are still a punk bitch.

I hope that everything you did was worth it swizz & keys all the pain and suffering all the hurt you put the people in your lives through. I hope that you get just a little bit if not 10 times worst Mashonda's pain. I think you both are cowards and should be ashamed. If you both really knew what love was you would know it isn't selfish nor does it seek out to hurt other people. I know this happens every day in America but plenty people look up to you guys especially you A. Keys a lot of little girls want to follow in your footsteps and if this is your example that you are putting forth then you might as well spread your ass cheeks in playboy if you're going out as a whore at least finish on a high hoe note!