Thursday, February 05, 2009


So this delicious piece of thug ass candy was brought to you by the good folks at BOSSIP what say you ladies and gents would you let this tasty morsel of thug booty popping action get in between your sugah walls this valentines day? I mean...he got that good chinchilla fur and everything. He probably thinks he is being freaky for his women man... the sad fact is that I know men who push the envelope sexually and then say its because they are willing to do whatever it takes to please their significant others even if that means getting dicked down by a strap-on I understand that sex has a learning curve and it is supposed to be something awesome for two committed people to indulge in but is it just me or are y'all taking this shit a little too far?!?!?

  1. What wouldn't/would you do sexually for your mate?
  2. What is or isn't out of your limits when it comes to sex?
  3. Do you feel like in order to show your true freaky side do you have to be deeply committed to the person?
  4. Do you use your best tricks on a beat and skeet?
  5. Do you always bring your A game when it comes to having sex?

My theory is that the longer I live the freakier sex gets like you can't just do plain ole missionary now a days it has to be freaky with a side of outlandish. You have to be able to strip and shit, ride a dick, make your ass clap like a video chick and know how to pussy pop on a handstand all that and don't forget you have to suck a mean dick as well...Le-sigh plus you have to be girl 6 on the computer, and or phone. I mean in theory I like sex but in actually though...all my sexual experience has shown me that sex is overrated or I have just been having pretty wack sex thus invoking the whole hiatus from sex. I swore to myself that the next time I had sex it will be great or someones getting stabbed! I refuse to have anymore horrible weak ass sexual experiences if the dude is not bringing the thunder then all kinds of hell is going to break loose! Of course I know that sex is a two effort sort of deal like a team sport but I can only give as good as I get...