Sunday, February 01, 2009


You ever been on youtube way later then you should be and then your senses get assaulted with nothing but fuckery? Since I was accosted with fuckery allow me to bring it to you as well. I know in light of the 28 days of black history, the president being half African, and the world supposedly changing overnight I shouldn't bring this to anyone's attention and if you really thought that then you were dead ass WRONG. I'm going to talk about this so you'll either read it or you won't but if this post offends then here's an e-hug for your e-feelings. Ya soft bitches man up and get the thong out your asses I'm a work in progress but anyway onto the post.

First we all know that the EBT channel is the debil but it was really bad when they had uncut coming on late at night, I used to remember ninja's breaking they asses to get home early so they could catch the latest hoocie coochie booty videos put on by other ninja's with camcorders. Making "independent" videos with they homeboys who would be singing the hooks or rapping and shit while half naked wenches who strip for a living would be the video chicks now if that ain't balling on a budget! You can't ever say that ninja's ain't creative want a video then here it go and bam it was done all it took was some old fashioned elbow grease and a lot of liquor blunts and broads. So here are some of the finest most fucked up offerings from country as hell kitchen ass records Inc. I know these fine videos will bring back some memories for you fellas but please try and contain yourselves don't make your keyboards all sticky NOBODY wants that!

First video I would like to share is called "What that thang smell like" as you can guess from the title they not talking about perfume, you might need to give your computer a dose of penicillin after you watch the video:

Next Video "Shake that Shit" again if you are trying to get your walk with the Lord right then you might not want to watch this video either but who's uncle got the idea to make this video, and why in da hell didn't they just make a porno instead of a music video?

"Bounce that thang" for real chingy? What the hell are you even rapping about? Just at the strip club ain't nobody even paying attention to your lyrics, cause you not saying nothing. They just tuning in for the bucket naked hoes on your videos.

If someone ever tell you that you have a "Butta Ball" and its far from thanksgiving then proceed to cuss them out in the most ladylike manner you can or pepper spray them directly!

You know what I'm mad about with this next video offering? It's the simple fact that these chicks have pancake backs therefore even though they doing the same ish it doesn't seem so bad because they have less assets but when black women do it, it instantly becomes whorish and skankish and then we are seen as oversexed and whores, but these yt chicks are just seen as "cute college girls" or is that just my jaded perception?

In conclusion children EBT is da debil, strippers work hard as hell for they money because I can't make my ass clap like that for nothing and I have been working on it(What? like you ain't never tried it in the privacy of your room before), Uncut was just some fuckery to showcase strippers and promote strip clubs I even believe that strip club owners personally put that particular show on EBT so that they could bring in more customers. There is somebody who might come across this little post and really think I am doing nothing but hating when in truth I am just saying if you gonna set black people back a 100 years at least get a 100 acres of land out of it, and not just some face time on the EBT channel. I can't and you shouldn't either! Can we finally let go of the pseudo rappers and the big booty strippers and maybe walk onto a newer path...true everyone is not going to be a stunning intellectual but hell at least you can take some adult classes are something right?