Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear Tasia,

Hey you don't know me at all you don't even know I exist but...I just couldn't help but write you this very public letter on my blog because Tasia I'm real concerned about your mental state and sometimes your work ethic is a little shaky as well. Let me start at the tip of the iceberg which for me had to be in February when the color purple touched down in southern California and my mother and I went to see the play expecting you to be there to be Miss Cecily. Mind you those tickets were a present for my mothers birthday, luckily she wasn't disappointed because you didn't attend if she had of been you would have been all kinds of ratchet ass hoes, but I digress. Listen, I understand that you and cook were boo'ed up that weekend thus making you  choose to miss the performance because you wanted to be with your new booski. not at all! But in spite of that I enjoyed the play and that's when I really started feeling some kind of way about you. I tried to hold out hope for you Tasia but this right here this suicide thing just cuts the deck for me. I get that you carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders and you only 26 so you still like drama and want to do hoe shit, in fact hoe shit is probably exciting and normal for you but laying up with married men, flaunting it out in the world, giving his wife your ass to kiss while she home stuck with the babies and she more than likely pissed off and hurting is just so unfly it's ugly behavior. I know you said you stay away from negativity but when you running from the truth then it becomes a different issue altogether now doesn't it. Just because you don't want to hear something doesn't make it negative and ignoring an issue doesn't make it go away either it just makes it fester and grow into an even bigger and nastier issue.

I mean really Tasia you attempted to dull the pain, quiet the voices, and chuck life the deuce by overdosing? So if you had taken a lethal amount of drugs and not been discovered in time what would have happened to your child? I know that you have a wealth of family that would more than likely step in and watch over Zion but how do you explain to a child why their mother decided to take the easy way out instead of dealing with their situation like a woman? How do you explain to a child of a parent that took their own life that, yes mommy or daddy loved you but just not enough to watch you grow up and have children of your own one day? I'm sure I'm going to overstep my boundaries with this one but that was a real bitch ass coward ass move you made. I understand that you are in pain and you probably love hard but there is no dick in this world worth killing yourself over. Plus you're talented, you're blessed to still have your house, your family around you, you still able to keep the lights on over at your place, you still able to work, you eating good and you still have your health. You have numerous blessings and you want to go and throw them all away over some DI.Calvin.Kline? I think you need to seek professional counseling Tasia if this is the straw that broke your proverbial emotional back then you need to take a rest and regroup. It's not hot in the streets it's not a diva thing to do, its just cowardly and ignorant.

Ever since the stories and pictures started hitting the urban news that you and this cook dude are an item it has gotten bigger and messier and I'm sure you can't see it since you in the midst of it but this ninja is just all bad. I know he probably look real good in a suit, and I know he probably got some good stroke but what else he got going on for himself? A real good discount at the t-mobile store? Is he at least a manager at that mofo? I mean really Tasia you want to blow your whole wad on this married ninja? If he is all that and if y'all love is so strong then why you can't wait until he finalize his divorce? Are you and A.Keys like rewriting the whole sideline hoe chronicles single handily? If he was already done emotionally and ready to leave his wife then he should have been like usher and signed them papers. If its all that and you need him so bad then pay for the divorce yourself, and break his wife and sons off some paper or let them come live with you too and y'all can be one dysfunctional happy crazy extended family.

Money don't make you wiser and obviously you not asking for any advice in your current situation. You jumped up and got this dudes name tatted on your shoulder, then you had to go and get it retatted cause you knew you were wrong, you sitting up grinning and looking with this ninja, you been on vacations with this dude did he at least pay for the jet ski rentals y'all was riding on? You been photographed numerous times holding hands, big cheesing, running around without a care in the world and the moment shit turn real you ready to check out on life. Now if this is real love and you think he the one you want then why in the hell is he the cause of so much pain? I'm sure he is telling you everything you need to hear and you want to believe his every word, but here's the thing a man will say anything he needs to, to get his objective accomplished. He will tell you that you're the best he ever had, you the only one for him, that he has never felt like this before with no one else, girl please its all game they all say it and they all know exactly what they are doing when they say the shit. And we fall for it because we want too, because we want the dude, and the hell with the consequences but usually when you think like that the price you have to pay is not worth it at all. The road to hell is always paved with good intentions but the fact of the matter is you just can't build love on misery, lies, and the backs of others who you have wronged emotionally. It's just not going to work out in your favor, you have to do things decent and in order.

Now you laid up in the hospital with tubes all down your throat because you thought that if you did something drastic and dramatic maybe someone would have sympathy on you...girl stop. If the root of the problem is this dude then cut his ass off and keep it pushing. I know that women often fall in love with the wrong men plus he light skinned, (and some black folks still hold that type of standard in high regard) he is well built, and he might even be real easy on the eyes so you probably thinking you have hit the jackpot with him. From the outside looking in dude is a liability not an asset now if his ass even try and come out with a rap album I swear fo' beans I will personally make it my mission in life to throw shade on his ass every chance I get and I am an excellent shade thrower!

But I digress Tasia you need to call Auntie Ree-Ree and curl up on her lap betwix her breast and ask her for some queenly advice because this situation is a hot stinking mess and it has gotten bigger than it needed to be. Personally I'm always on the wife's side so if she sue you, if she keep going on and on in the media I think it's within her right since she probably didn't get a chance to even say her piece or have any kind of closure cause this silly ninja just pulled a straight dog move and you left the pet gate open for his ass. Girl stop trying to kill yourself, kick this ninja to the curb, and go on and learn from this experience and use the pain to make a kick ass #1 album. Learn to love yourself a little bit more because right now you acting like a whipped dog with a broke right hip joint and that's not a fly look and its more than obvious you didn't listen to the words of the song you sang with Auntie Ree-Ree if you had then you wouldn't be in this mess so I'm going to include the video below so you can refresh your memory and get right with yourself.

Get yourself together girlfriend,
Sending you tough love, but love nonetheless

P.S. I know this probably isn't a good time to mention that I think your oldest brother is hella sexy...umk sorry carry on.