Saturday, December 11, 2010


I had written these down sometime ago and never published then and I realized after reading them that they should go out into the world.

Some truths in this lifetime that I have learned:

I am the only one who has to live with me day and and day out. Therefore I can only do what feels right to me.

Happiness, doubts, faith, prayer, ups and downs, happen everyday while rationally I know these things emotionally however it is a different matter.

You are supposed to give and treat people the way you would like to be treated PERIOD. You don't do things to get a response you do things because that's what YOU wanted to do. You can only control yourself and your actions no one else's, and trying to control someone else's actions will only drive you ape shit!

My choices,thoughts,feelings and opinions will not be everyone else's most people won't agree with you, so state your piece and just keep it moving its pointless to argue over something that you're not going to change.

You only get one life if you screw it up, so be it. You can't live your life backwards that's why they call it hindsight. You are human you will make errors the hardest part ever is going forward after you think you have already completely failed at life.

Learn to listen to your inner voice, sometimes the best way to do things is the complete opposite of everyone else even if that means you will often feel at odds with the world around you. Stand on your truth and don't budge!

Love in whatever form it takes has an ebb and flow sometimes the flow is high and sometimes its low and sometimes it's just completely gone but at least you once had it!

The truth is always there just stop dressing it up and hiding it from yourself. Embrace it even if it hurts.

Know your history.

Eat knowledge like good cooked food you can never learn enough, there is always something new being discovered and talked about do yourself a favor be a sponge and soak up everything.

Don't short change yourself.

Be your own star player, get in touch with your star player and root for your star player constantly.

Never change to please someone else you will hate the person you changed into and resent the person you changed for.

Listen to a persons words, as well as their actions and if the two don't add up then that person is full of shit and they can't be trusted and they will essentially let you down.

Asking for help is not wrong.

Never silence your voice even if you feel like you are shouting into the dark and no one hears you keep shouting eventually you will be heard.

Don't stop trying, even if it takes you longer to get to where you want to go keep going.

Don't measure your success by someone else's yardstick or you will feel inadequate each time that you do.

Sometimes you won't be successful, you just won't!

It's easy to see all the things you are lacking, its easy to down oneself and wallow in pity, it's harder to be grateful for the little things, and realize that some where someone is worse off than you.

You deserve to be loved unconditionally by yourself. You deserve to be loved period and if those around you can't love you the right way or appreciate you then it might be time to change the people around you.

No one likes to listen to whiners or complainers, people don't want to hear about your problems, write them down in a journal, or put them on a prayer card.

Living is hard work, try and brighten it with beauty, love, family, good times, laughter, and adventure.

Hurting others will not make you feel better.

Some words you can't take back, think before you speak even in anger.

Give your loved ones their roses while they are still alive, they can't appreciate them when they are 6 feet underground.