Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Just when you think it can't get no stranger in date land I have been proved wrong once again. I thought I had been up on all the new-new but I wasn't aware of Mr. Side Piece. Now I'm sure if you got a side piece you will be like oh this is nothing new but for myself Mr. Side Piece is a whole new piece of unthought of territory especially for a stay-in-my-lane type like myself so imagine my amusement when I ran into Mr. Side Piece and he broke his program down to me.

First let's talk about how I met Mr. Side Piece one of my brothers is a drummer so during the holiday season he picks up some gigs, well this one was at a nice upscale small venue where it was strictly for grown folks who liked to look sharp and party. So I was there with my sis, and my dad and we were sitting at one of the bar tables in the middle of the room listening to my brother play with the band and just enjoying the good vibes and not to mention the pitcher of white sangria's. Well there were a couple of guys that caught my attention one of them happen to be this short but buff, and attractive security guard I spotted him right away oh my he was delicious looking but I don't approach dudes its just not my style unless I'm on the liquid courage then that's a whole other post. So The night wore on we vibed to the music we laughed had a good time and then the night came to an end of course. Well we went out the back way and Mr. Side Piece, AKA the security guard who I had spotted earlier was guarding the back door. Well I walked past him and he gave me a double take and I returned his look and he ventured towards me. So I doubled back and we exchanged basic info he took my number and I was on my way floating on a cloud of sangria and bravado. I was super geeked a dude that I had spotted had been scoping me too SCORE, so I thought.

Well we texted that night exchanging basic's again, the next night he calls, and he was like I was hoping you were married. I was like...umm nope single he was like that's too bad because I'm just looking for friends with benefits and I usually date older women. But I have one child already and that's all I ever wanted so I'm done with kids and I was in a three year relationship so now I'm just looking for friends who like to put it down, plus I work at the club so you know how that goes I can't be trusted no how, well damn at least you keeping it straight 100 homie I do appreciate that fact to the fullest I thought to myself, I was like I see well do what you gotta do homie because I'm not on that program but to each their own.  He was like I understand and it was nice talking to you come back and see us at the club sometimes I was like right after that we hung up and I immediately erased his contact info. 
After hanging up my phone I turned off my light and almost immediately visited the sand man so I didn't even fully process the conversation until I got up this morning and I was like "wait, what the hell did ole boy say last night?" I had to immediately blog the whole bizarre conversation. Now I know that my dating has been limited in terms of what types of people and situations I run into but this one right here just totally threw me for a loop but now that I know about Mr. Side Piece I will be more diligent in avoiding him altogether. It's a shame that dude was only 25 but already jaded and burned out concerning relationships. But at 25 having easy sex with no strings attached is like the answer to every guys prays. I just hate the fact that he mistook my father initially for my husband smh ugh gross making me an easy perfect candidate in his mind for his sexual rotation but in bpyt land we live and learn and it is what is and what it's gon' be.

I just thought I would share this little tidbit with you out there in bpyt land some thing to giggle at as you finish your holiday leftovers, but until we meet again...here on as the bpyt life turns take care and have a happy and blessed new year. See you in 2011.