Friday, June 25, 2010


Maybe it's just my shitty luck or there just happens to be a whole lot of ex-cons and dudes that have had way to many run ins with the law gravitating towards my universe lately. Does every black male 19 and up have a criminal pass? I mean damn what is really going on in these streets and some of the reformed thugs/ ex-cons can't blame it on the recession cause some of y'all was putting in work before the economy went south. All that aside I just want to know why criminals seem to gravitate my way? I certainly am not a ride or die chick in the sense of helping build up criminal enterprises I'm not hiding drugs nor guns nor am I willing to lie to the feds or any of that gangsta betty type shit. I wasn't raised to embrace the criminal mindset nor to think that criminal activity in any way shape or form is hot. I was always raised to believe that you worked hard for what you wanted or you just went without.

So I don't get why folks that commit crimes or as they put it "make mistakes" get mad at me or offended when I decline to deal with them any further after they disclose that they have been behind bars. Believe it or not there are people who go their whole lives without going to jail or prison. Living in a bad situation doesn't give you an automatic right to just do illegal things. When you make choices in life you have to deal with all the consequences of said choices no one gets to escapes this basic life rule there is simply no way around it. I am not one who sees the selling of drugs, gang-banging, doing drive-by's, robbing people etc, as exciting I think that kind of behavior is deviant and reckless. Life is already hard enough and if you are a minority you don't need to give the police an extra reason to run up on you they do that because of your skin tone as is so again pardon me if I don't understand why I should be into ex-con's or jail birds.

It's sad how the 50 cent video glamorizes the whole penitentiary love situation. Here you have this beautiful girl who is knowingly dealing with a drug dealer and he gets locked up and she is right by his side taking them collect calls, getting those jail letters full of promises they won't keep once they get out, we even see her going for a conjugal visit in the video. I mean seriously, I know that there are some women who are down for this whole scenario and even believe that being a down ass chick for their man is what's really good in the streets but again and I can't stress this enough I AM NOT THAT CHICK, to these women there is nothing better than holding their man down while he does a bid, some even keep his criminal enterprises going so when he get's out he can resume right where he left off  its the stuff that ghetto lit is made up of. These women are putting money on the books, getting on buses to see these dudes, even bringing their children to visit they jail house daddies while that is alright for those ladies I again am not that chick. I never want to see the inside of a prison unless I am working there and even then I'm not trying to fraternize with the criminal element at all I want to be working in the office typing up papers far away from bars and big burly prison buff men who haven't seen a woman since they went in. I'm not into thugs never have been, I don't like the street life, nor the party scene, I'm boring and rather be at home watching anime or even doing arts and crafts.So I can't for the life of me understand what would make a criminal see me and be like yea I want her. For goodness sakes I am a complete square I like smart nerdy type boys (even though they don't seem to like me back..sadness).

Then on top of that how do you know these ex-con's won't drag you into drama or put you in a criminal situation? How do you know these "reformed criminals" aren't a threat to you or your family? What if the pressure gets to be to much to them and they feel like the only way they can make it is to resort back to their criminal ways what then? Plus any man that has done a significant stretch of time in a prison type situation has the high risk of being what they deem "jail gay" how can any woman turn a blind eye to that little tidbit? The bottom line for me is I just can't deal with the criminal element period. I'm sure there are people who have reformed their life and are walking the straight and narrow but once I know you were behind any type of bars and they weren't on a playground any little bit of feeling I was feeling for you vanishes completely and instantly its automatic I believe its preprogrammed into my DNA for me to behave this way. This belief is so strong its unshakable I'm sure this post will make some of the prison friendly people mad but we will have to agree to disagree because on this subject I'm not changing my mind.

Lastly I would like to leave you with some of my favorite prison videos these men in these videos....well form your own opinions enjoy.