Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy fathers day hugs and kisses to all the fathers who are in their children's lives even when they hate they babies mommas, even when they are overseas defending their country, even though they might be working today, even though they might not be shit at all. Unless you were a test tube baby someone donated some sperm to an egg to make the chemical compound that solidified into they walking mass that is before us today. So in honor of all that and in spite of everything take a moment to reflect on Fatherhood, as a nation and as you reflect on the men in your life that were father figures or the lack thereof of having a father figure.

 Reflect on why there isn't more strong Black, Hispanic, minority men in the homes? Why are there so many broken homes with just one parent? How can we break this negative cycle? How can we change what has already become way too accepted in todays society? How can we make our households better, raise happy healthy children in a two parent home, and repair and take back our families? What kind of steps do we need to take as a community, as minorities that need to take care of our own inside issues?  If their is no father in your home for your children today then instead of being eaten up by negative emotions take the time to reflect, let this be a time of pro-activeness, where can you go to put the wheels of change in motion? How can you break the cycle? What steps can you take to break familial curses? Just some things to think about in regards to fathers today.