Monday, October 25, 2010


So...there have been some things going on that I have been feeling some kind of way about.

Facebook & Relatives:
First and foremost elders and their children who make them facebook pages....blank stare, and then recommend me to friend them. I love my relatives with all my heart but there needs to be a line drawn in the sand, if we don't go clubbing together then you can't be a facebook friend. If you want to know what's going in my life, call me, email me, see me when I come visit but being on my facebook friend list is just over and beyond.

 Facebook is a social networking place but its not a place for relatives to keep up with you, you're supposed to still do that in person when you lose that phase of communication then officially society is dead and we might as well start a law now that allows you to marry your electronic devices. 2ndly there needs to be a filter on what is seen and said on some of these sites I already double think and dumb down what I say as is, so I don't hurt sensitive nosy peoples feelings. I don't want to have to cut back even more, shit I'm already as bland as can be I mean come on people let me live.

Biracial children and their stans:
Another thing that really gets on my nerves is the people who cheerleader for interracial love for all the wrong reasons, namely because they think all bi-tri- or how ever many ethnicity's you have rolled into you that you're automatically going to have a beautiful, cute baby. Listen if that is your only reason for getting skeeted by someone of another racial background you need therapy immediately. Not all children with two or more ethnic backgrounds come out cute, some of these kids are funny looking, and strange looking. Just because you hop in the sack with someone that has good hair or European, asisatic features doesn't mean that their genes will come out stronger than yours, you're really playing Russian roulette when it comes to genes and you get whatever crazy mixture you get according to how the genes felt that day. So stop that silly shit (even though I know you won't).

All Gay everything:
So the topic says it all, I know this is what's hot in the streets but seriously everyone everywhere is now homosexual. Be clear this is not gay bashing I don't care who you sleep with because what you do with your genitals does not effect mines not in the least. I just don't think I need to be bashed over the head with all homosexual everything, we get it your gay and you're not going away can we move on now?

This topic right here is dear and near to my heart as I was bullied all throughout elementary/jr. high. Now I'm sure the people I went to school with whom are also on facebook will be scratching their heads like you were bullied? Getting teased because you are different, being made fun of because you are different, being ridiculed because you are different, and always ending up in a fight no matter what you do because at the end of the day you are different, is a hard way to go through school. To all the people that will make your life a living hell because you are different you just have to keep saying in your mind "eat a sick dick bitches I will survive and be better than them." Don't give these assholes the satisfaction of making you end your life because they hate themselves so therefore they seek to destroy anything that is different.

AND at the same time though bullying is not just a sexual orientation problem it happens to all kids that are different, I think it was real fucked up that the world choose to ban together and do awareness about the problem when kids have been killing themselves way before a block of gay children did it. That's what I don't appreciate nor understand nor supported that purple day shit bullying happens to everyone not just the gay children. SO as adults and the whole world in general the whole spectrum of bullying needs to stop not just shine awareness on it because "the all gay everything" that's jumping off right now.

Kanye West:
I don't care what y'all think or say Kanye West is a musical genius! PERIOD. You can feel however you want about it but I'm sticking by this point and like the river I shall NOT be moved.

Umk that's it that's all for right now. Feeling some kind of way about this blog feel free to leave your comments below and don't be anonymous.