Thursday, December 30, 2010


I really thought I was going to be able to make it out of 2010 without another post but I was wrong. Thanks to the black folks who still choose to act like animals in 2010, thanks to crack head whores who still have pimps and have no problem selling ass at a park in public while getting filmed. I mean really though again something I don't understand is it that hard to find a woman or is it just that easy pussy is just easy sleazy pussy and you would rather pay 60 dollars for a chick to suck your dick in the presence of other men exciting and something you just can't pass up is that what's hot in the streets? I mean there were no condoms used so all this shit went down raw dog, and if any of these men where married or have women at home guess what they're woman get to have, some nice nasty disease carried home to them by their so called men. This is why disease and AIDS is still an epidemic in america because stupid individuals choose to think with their little heads instead of their bigger ones. How do you not have any type of shame about yourselves? Grown ass men and women behaving like basic ass animals rutting and fucking in public. One woman was even pregnant I believe so you just out in the world selling ass, sigh and the fact that this is 20 full minutes of videotape though out in the open in a public venue and no one got arrested. I don't know whether I should applaud free enterprise or be appalled and ashamed that black people still act like mindless monkeys... If you're going to be doing your trade like this at least take it to the crack house or something. I just don't even know anymore...

This video is full of sex with crack whores, black penis, so if you are easily offended then I don't suggest you watch this video. You have been warned.