Wednesday, July 14, 2010


SYMC Definition of Infidelity

Infidelity is the breaking of any one or more of the covenants of marriage between the partners of the marriage.
These covenants bind the partners to standards of behavior which protect and nurture the partners within the marriage and therefore the marriage itself.
Any breaking of the covenants of the marriage may be considered an unfaithful act which is harmful and even destructive to the entity of marriage.
We must, therefore, speak to infidelity on a multitude of levels: sexual, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.
Because of the deep connections created and forged by intimate emotional and physical/sexual intercourse we recognize and acknowledge this form of infidelity as the most destructive to the marital bond and therefore to society as a whole. 

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I could go through a laundry list of celeb-whore't's that are playing musical partners in hollyweird hell I know a whole lot of real life people doing the same type of shit apparently morals, decorum, standards, and sense are not words used in daily vocabulary I gather that most of these "entertainers" and habitual cheaters even know what these words mean. I guess once you sign that pact with the devil where you just breaking all the moral codes, and personal ethic rules then you don't worry about doing dirty deeds because you're already on the path to destruction so why not ride that path to hell having a good time and hurting, tearing down, and being destructive while taking the wild ride that is life right?

When did society start living so backwards its like the more we advanced the more people started living just left where is everyones moral compass? Maybe it has a lot to do with my personal beliefs or just the way I think but to me Infidelity is one of those things that just makes me look at a person different. If you are not in love anymore with someone and you can't stand them, you want out, you have already left the relationship emotionally why can't you wait until the divorce is final, or hell even let a person know you have moved on  before you get with someone else and start a whole new life. Its like damn the marriage and relationship has barely ended one person might still be grieving and another is rubbing their whole new life in the face of the partner they have left. Have you no sense of decorum, or are you just a heartless callous bastard who can't even give the person your divorcing or leaving a little bit of dignity and respect.

I struggle to hold onto hope in a society that glorifies and glamorizes divorce, infidelity, cheating, lying, and hurting the very people you have walked down the aisle with and said vows to under the eyes of clergy and a higher power. If you will lie to God then you will lie to me its a losing battle in this love game when everyone is out for self when sex dictates your every move and every whim society loses households collapse, children become pawns in custody battles, racist rants become common, abuse allegations run rampant, characters are maligned and people become bitter and angry. When will enough be enough?

What has to happen for a movement in this society to get started when will someone just stand up and demand for society to say enough already lets keep our households intact, lets take divorce and infidelity out of the equation totally, and lets put all that extra energy into being a productive effective happy couple who works daily to make their household one of happiness instead of heartache, bitterness, and acrimony.  We need change in this society we need to stop hurting each other, we need to stop lying to ourselves and to each other and really sit down and figure out how to make things work in a marriage and what we really need to do is stop taking our cues from messed up celeb-whore-t's that don't know their asses from their elbows. As a society we need to stop letting what celeb-whore-t's do dictate our actions, and run our households take back your marriages, ignore the three ring circus that is celeb-dumb and stop acting like animals in heat.

Live life with integrity and dignity, life is hard enough I know this is a dog-eat-dog world therefore its easier for people to justify their dirty deeds by any means necessary how can you look your child in the face but still hurt each other repeatedly? At the end of the day is the new piece worth the break down of a home and marriage? 

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Sidenote: Every since the assholesSwizz beats and A.ssholeKeys Vs. Mashonda debacle went down I've been Team Mashonda from Day 1. I don't even know her but I feel her and she comes across as genuine real and a real woman who has decorum and sense. Check out her interview from where she talks about moving on from such a hard time in her life and gaining more self awareness she is an awesome woman and I believe that the very things that devastated her and broke her down, did so to make her more complete and even stronger in the end. It's a very well known property that sometimes you have to break it in order for it to be put together the right way I don't think they were equally yoked any damn way. So Mashonda believe in the fact that you will be blessed and even greater things are in store for you!