Friday, August 06, 2010


Disclaimer: IF you are offended by porn then skip the video at the bottom of this post, you have been warned.

So every blue-moon comes along a story about a celeb-whore-t or their offspring that just makes me say "ummm what was going on in your house?" Now I know there are plenty porn stars walking around that just happen to have tragic upbringings that led them to a life of porn and then there are those who said, shit I like sex, I can twerk it half decent let me go get my porn star on and to each his own if that's how you choose to make a living so be it at least you not just giving it away but then there are the Chippy D's who say I'm okay looking and I got a half decent shape and since I have a famous last name let me go get this money and twerk for the camera and whore my name out and shame my family in the process. I would think that the porn route would be a last ditch effort for anyone but in today's society taking your clothes off and then telling the whole world you did it is a sure money maker, so naked is the new PR move.

However there are a lot of things in the porn industry that go on that are not for the faint of heart (rampant infections, disease outbreaks, not to mention the totally wrecked vagina walls, and collapsed anal cavities) but that's a no-brainer (no fluffer). One of the things that I know for me in light of Montana Fishburn A.K.A. Chippy D's venture into porn is that her dad really seems like a stand up kind of guy. Now I don't know the Fishburn's personally but I did grow up watching Laurence Fishburn in all my favorite movies and again like I said I don't know the Fishburn's but damn before his daughter went out like that she could have came to her dad and been like, "hey pops, I want to be famous what route do you think I should take, or can you help a sista out?"

But I suspect that when the child support for Montana stopped at age 18 she got to looking around like, "oh shit I don't have a life plan, and my lifestyle is in danger and the checks from daddy have stopped what do I do? Then she said I know I can do PORN! If the whoredashian's can make a living off a wack sex tape shot with someones brother then I can surely peddle ass literally." I guess porn was a better option than working at a burger king. However since she is 18 or 19 she is legally able to do what she wants with her body and if she wants to toot it up for the world to see then hey make your money girl but...listen Chippy D those butt pimples or disease that you have on your hind parts you might want to consult a doctor about that and possibly get you a cream or a type of pill to clear that up its a real mood killer to see a butt full of just nasty bumps and butt acne, it makes me instantly think of herpes but I digress.  I will be including the 10 minute preview clip for the brave of heart, the curious, and the people who like to see car crashes on the freeway and insist on looking for bodies on the ground as they drive by slowly.

I haven't watched all 10 minutes of it when she turned around and I saw the butt pimples/acne/herpes I immediately turned it off and came to write this post so again I don't know what all is on this preview so enjoy.

Video Preview Provided by World Star Uncut