Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I thought I was going to be able to get through this week before writing another post but I was wrong. So I woke up this morning to more celeb-whore-t's losing their houses and owing back taxes to uncle sam. Now I get that most "celebs" are just ignorant Nouveau riche who don't understand that once you move up in your tax bracket Uncle sam still expects you to pay the same amount on your taxes regardless of the fact that your income might have went down or has stopped altogether. I don't understand how people who get this new money don't bother to educate themselves on how to better prepare for the pratfalls of having money but again Sense is not common and everyone doesn't have it.

Another thing I still have not been able to comprehend is why do women especially those who are messing with men with money, or sports figures put all their faith and financial security in a man that won't marry them and why the hell you keep having all his children only to be left with nothing in the end? First and foremost I don't care how much money a dude has, if he doesn't respect you enough to change your last name to his then umm he sure as hell won't take care of you for the rest of your life stop believing that shit. How weak and needy can you be, again love does not conquer all you need more than love and lust to get you over the hump at the end of the day, and if the basic's aren't there in your relationship then guess what you're just a glorified piece of pussy! I know that when you think you're in "love" you are blinded and when there is money involved you still want to believe that your Cinderella fantasy has been answered but umm again sorry to disappoint these men don't have nothing for you but hard dick and bubble gum, and the bubble gum has long been chewed up.  I just can't muster up any sympathy for a woman who chooses to live her life on the edge especially involving children. Not only are you a dumb piece of poon but you are also a horrible mother who is endangering her children's well being gambling on the word of a man who is basically renting you by the day. Fuck all the trinkets and cars and clothes start a bank account and build a financial portfolio that only your name is on be a smart ho not just a cum filled one.

To all the folks who believe that you can go out into the world and just make it happen and you did it all on sheer will and determination I think you are full of shit. Some where along the line someone helped you, when you say you did it all by yourself you're lying and perpetrating a myth that allows you to not help those that seek your help now that you've gotten to this successful place in your life. All that lying you're doing is just not helpful and I'm tired of all the quotes floating about talking about how you got to the top by yourself, please the only person that ever did anything by himself through sheer will was God. If you're a mere mortal then you didn't get anywhere by yourself stop the lies and the foolishness thanks.

People who have children and shouldn't be parents I still think that being a parent should be licensed. I think there needs to be some kind of parameters that people need to adhere to before being allowed to procreate. I don't think people realize that if a pedophile can procreate then he is just creating his own sexual concubine that he will sexually abuse, misuse, rape, and harm all that child's life thus setting in motion a hurt scared for life individual who will in turn push out a child and the vicious cycle will keep happening over and over again. There are sick twisted people who give birth everyday to innocent children and these children are then born into a life of hell and degradation some of them never make it out of childhood, some end up becoming serial killers, and others become the very monsters their parents were. They spay and neuter pets but any assholes with ovaries and active sperm can become parents. Instead of PETA protecting animals there needs to be some kind of protection for the children better than the child welfare department and the bloated and overwhelmed foster care system.

This brings me to another topic I don't understand why people are having sex still as a recreational sport. With all the diseases going around, all the children still being born out of wedlock, families crumbling daily, lack of two parent households, assholes, and bitches why in the good Lords name are you people still having sex with any and everyone or doing it just to get off? I never for the life of me could understand the rationale behind that. Getting off feels good got that part but umm you don't need to have a partner to do that, so explain to me again why recreational sex is so great....I'll wait put the comments down below.

Last but least mothers who turn their son's into punk bitches who aren't responsible for their own lives and the lives they create. Stop crippling your sons ladies he is not your fill in man...I can't stress that enough.

Alright I believe my soap boxing/ ranting is over I love comments feel free to leave me some.