Wednesday, December 03, 2008


MY BROTHER WAS ROBBED! Once again the dickheads at the guitar center can't see the talent that my brother has, once again they have blatantly disregarded my brother like he doesn't live and breathe drumming. Like he didn't KILL everyone who he went up against last night. I don't know what the hell they are grading him on but something is seriously wrong with the judges and this fucking competition. Every year that he has entered it has always been something. Every year they act like my brother who has been playing drums since age two, who has his own set, who played for his high school band all four years, who on Sundays plays drums for church, who can out play any of the drummers he comes against old head drum dudes be in awe of his talent. What the fuck?!?!?! So how can one suck ass competition not see his talent? How can they keep robbing him time and time again? Tony Royster Jr. a young dude who started out like my brother sat there and judged my brother last night and found him not worthy! You serious? The old dude from Blondie sat there and judged my brother and found him not worthy again you serious?

I really thought this year was going to be different but I guess not, I guess I was lulled into a false sense of security I knew he had this on level of the competition on lock and my brother confirmed it when he played and he had to go FIRST! He blew everyone away per usual, he was the only one dressed like a decent young man everyone else came in jeans and t-shirts. He was so gracious when he lost me on the other hand not so much. I was pissed off cursing and I really wanted to knock some of the displays down. My brother even took a picture with the wack ass dude that is Tony Royster Jr. because he is one of the dudes my brother admires. Even when the announced the winner the dude they gave it too was shocked cause he knew he wasn't the best drummer you should have seen his face. This competition, the store, the judges this is solely from the drummers sister but you assholes were wrong and once again you can eat a sick dripping dick! I don't care what band you're from, I don't care who you went on tour with, and I really don't give a shit who your father is, if you can't recognize clear cut talent when you see it then you're worthless and all your talent amounts to nothing.

I even waited to write this post so that my anger would be less sever but nope it's like indigestion burning in my chest this shit is insane I woke up still mad, and still with a sense of unserved justice. I just really don't understand. I don't. I don't get it at all, the only thing I can see them trying to ding him on is when he played a little bit of Rhianna but that was just like .5 seconds just a smidge to show that he had variation in his style. It's not even like he played the whole song. Even if they tried to ding him for that it should have been like 1/2 a point off at least everyone else that went after my brother was weaksauce! WEAKSAUCE.

If you're a musician I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do but I would boycott the Guitar Center, that's just my opinion but if you hit them in their pockets maybe they would realize that they once again robbed someone who has talent, technique and style. Who's personable also, humble, and gracious even in the face of obvious and blatant denial of talent. I really could see if my brother was some poot butt kid who was just unpolished and just some marginal type drummer. But even on his worst day he could play circles around the other dudes he went up against last night. I hear him play drums, I watch him play his drums he has even volunteered and went back to help the kids in his high school he graduated from last year during the summer. He was drum major for two years of high school I mean for real? He watches drum videos like they are bet uncut videos just drinking in the technique and style of other drummers. He's a great, gracious, and talented kid, who even has a damn hearing disability but that has never ever stopped him from doing what ever he needed to do in life. In fact he doesn't even lean on his disability it's like not even an issue, he hasn't ever tried to collect S.S.I for it, he hasn't ever tried to milk the system none of that. He's just a normal kid who just lives his life and what God left out in hearing he added in talent.

I just don't understand how people could not see my brother and recognize him for the obvious star he is? It's an ugly thing when you truly seek to rob someone of their greatness. It's an ugly thing when you keep telling someone who is great that they are not worthy of some dinky ass shit that's not even like huge. It's an ugly thing when the people who work at the Guitar Center say to me "your brother was robbed! He was the best one up there!" Now if the employees can see that why couldn't the judges? All my brother could say was it just wasn't his time, and that is was okay, he wasn't even mad. I was the one angry I had enough anger for me and him, even a professional drummer who is a friend of the family said that my brother was robbed he was so disturbed by this blatant sham of a contest he didn't know what to do.

I'm still so angry about this it's going to take a long time for me to let this go. I don't care what happens to me or what people say against me because its not that big of a deal, but when you mess with family, then we have a whole other set of issues, and when you can't recognize talent for what it truly is then to me you're dead and buried. You have ceased to exist if ever I need anything music wise I will not be buying it from Guitar Center trust and believe. They have fucked this family over for the last and final time.