Sunday, November 30, 2008


Bloggers Unite

December 1st is officially world AIDS day and for the past three years I have been participating well at least writing a blog for this particular day. I think it is very important that women especially pay attention to whom they are allowing into their bodies. Not everybody deserves to get your goodies, I don't care how much bling he has, or how fly his ride is. It's not worth dying for, especially since it's his and not yours! Before you dive between someones sheets make sure you know more about them then their last name. There is a waiting period for every major commitment, you have to wait to get your drivers license, you have to wait to get a gun, you have to wait 9 months before giving birth why does it only take a second for jumping in the bed with a complete stranger though?

Yea I'm soap boxing you guys again but some of y'all are hardheaded and just refuse to play it safe. If your man goes to jail and he's in there for a extended amount of time, the first thing you should do when he comes out is get him tested. I know easier said than done but he was in there hopefully abstaining so it shouldn't be a big deal with him abstaining just a little while longer until you guys can get tested before you give him some welcome home yoni pie. Don't let your man's eagerness dictate your life.

Last but not least drugs, sharing needles, screwing for a high, is bad business but the ones doing it have already sold any computer in sight. I challenge all my sista's in this case all of the women in the world white, black, brown, yellow, green, pink, whatever take ownership of your bodies, take pride in yourselves, stop letting men dictate what you should do with your body INSIST on using condoms especially if you aren't ready to have a baby, and I know again easier said then done but if you are extremely fertile then PLEASE JUST ABSTAIN ALL TOGETHER, if you get the urge just masturbate you can get off, relax, have a great time, and not have to worry about the fall out afterward. Plus it helps you to know your own body, the things you like, and it makes you less cranky. Matter of fact here you go 1ST 2ND 3RD Now if you can't find a way to get yourself off after those three links then... and I don't believe I have to put up a male link right?!?!? Hit me up in comments if I do.

In this new year with all the advances of technology, with all that we know no one should be willingly subjecting themselves to sexual danger. Think before you drink if you are at a party or around people you don't know that can lead to high risk behavior. Think before you smoke weed, or pop some pills that also can lead to high risk behavior, what feels good in the moment can cause you a lifetime of sorrow. Don't be a statistic and each one teach one.