Tuesday, December 02, 2008


ONE NAME:WALE (insert swoon here) ever since SINCERE THOUGHTS put me on this D.M.V. artist it has been love ever since. I have been checking for him like a pimp checks his girls on the track and it's not lust it's pure unadulterated infatuation Oh Wale If you goggle yourself I hope this post comes up and we can do the lovebird thing because yea I love you! Plus you actually got something to talk about when you on the mic not just rapping about bling and things I appreciate that and my ears appreciate that! Oh wale (insert another swoon)has made quite a name for himself mostly as a mix tape artist grinding in the D.M.V. area Wale has been on his grind awhile, he's in my vibe magazine every time I open it though promoting LRG also I believe he might have a deal with Nike so go head Wale make that money don't let it make you! Wale was also in the roots video with Chrisette Michelle now he has his own full length honest to goodness video me likey! WALE'S MYSPACE ummmm Wale, since I am putting you on him there is no excuse for listening to anymore wackness.