Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A couple things about this video that I just had to post...1. First let me get my Johnny gill on and say My My My you shole look good tonight(in that there video) you have been hitting the gym extra hard woo goodness Ya bodies calling distant lover...wait sorry was channeling R. Kelly for a hot second of that was B.P (before pee) but not B.A.(before Aaliyah). 2. Weren't you just doing gospel plays?!?!?! My how quickly the tide turns when the money gets low...not throwing stones just saying. And last but not least why didn't y'all shine ya bodies up real good with some let me tell ya something this gel right here is liquid body crack if you want to shine and have lasting sheen plus healing moisture for your skin invest in it! It smells good, it looks good, so it must be good for you! I digress I wasn't really paying attention to the song I was way into the visuals so someone tell me if the song is decent. I promise this is the last thing but why he got that smedium sweater on knowing that his broad shoulders is way to muscle bond for that little cooley high joint he got on all buttoned up. Your wardrobe people did you dirty see if you had called me you would have been greased up shining real good, smelling good, feeling good, lol...okay that's enough but you get the point.