Monday, November 03, 2008


I like Kat DeLuna I don't like her hair color though Bottle blond is not meant for everyone one I think it washes some peoples features out, and Kat is a beautiful girl with a huge voice that has weight to it and reminds a lot of people including me of Selena (R.I.P)I think as Kat matures and she gets some in depth experiences happening her music will get deeper at least that's what I hope, but this is her latest video offering.

R.I.P Tupac every time I hear Tupac rap I feel like I am missing a friend even though I never even met the man. I am super glad that Keyshia is growing into her voice.

Okay this next video and song has worn a hole in my nerves like real talk, I think in this current economic climate a lot of artist are saturating themselves and it's just not a good look what happened to less is more? Oh and Wayne congrats on the son with your jump off! Good luck with making a marriage work with Wayne, Nivea (last sentence said in extreme sarcasm) The only good thing about this video is the song comfortable which is a banger.

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