Sunday, November 16, 2008


I know that I write on a public platform for all to judge and see, and comment on. I get that but sometimes the things that are written are purely feeling based, mainly in the moment things, which causes me to reflect and write on it. With that said I understand that the people who comment have my best interest at heart but telling me that being single is great and that I have time and I shouldn't feel a certain way when I do is like telling a horse to please act like a duck and that's not even by any stretch of the imagination cool.

Everyone has different feelings, outlooks, and experiences that they draw from. I certainly don't think like the majority of the public and my opinions sometimes change depending on a situation or what I am going through at the moment. My point is it is great to offer someone your thoughts, or feelings on a matter but you have to be careful how you do that. Please stop telling people how they should feel or think for that matter based on YOUR thoughts and feelings. I'm sure I am more than guilty of it myself but as I read others responses to a person's post I can't help but get a little irritated sometimes. Offering your opinion, thoughts or feelings, in an unoffensive way is an art and many people don't have that art. Many people simply don't know how to not be offensive me included. I'm sure I have trampled on someones feelings more than I care to imagine but now that I am aware of that nasty little habit I will try and regulate that.

Stop telling me I am wrong for the way that I feel is my bottom line, step telling me that what I am going through will get better cause dammit sometimes it doesn't get better. Stop telling me that being single is the greatest thing since sliced cheese and that I should be patient and sit by my window and pray that God finally gets around to hooking me up with the man of my dreams, get real. You have to be proactive God can't do it all you have to put in your fair share of the work also. Just like he can't go to work for you while you sit at home you have to go to a job put in your time and earn that paycheck! It's ironic though that the people who tell me that being coupled up is overrated is always the people who ARE COUPLED UP! What is that, that's like telling a whore that sex is overrated while she is making big bucks from having lots of it. Come on tell me that being a part of a couple is overrated after you have broken up then I might be inclined to believe you!

Last but not least nothing in particular caused me to write this post JUST WHAT I WAS FEELING AT THIS EXACT MOMENT! Hope every one's weekend was most excellent, peace.