Friday, November 14, 2008


I realize that I see the world differently from others and that is my cross to bear, but I am really worried for folks who think that just because President Obama is in office then magically everything racist wise will be wiped out with a big magic wand. It doesn't work that way people. Minorities are going to be targeted more and more because Caucasian people feel as if they are being threatened in some way, shape or fashion. I am not trying to stir up the masses, I am not being paranoid but it's real out here some Caucasians are in a panic and they are making it their business to be prepared ammunition wise case in point my fellow blogger :UNITED STATES OF ANTHONY has an article detailing the rise in gun sales and it's not Jamal and Raheem buying these guns it's Bill and Roger. I keep trying to sound the alarm to make my brotha's and sista's around the world aware of the potential danger you could be in but y'all don't hear me though shrugs.

Just a friendly heads can take the warning and say thanks of wait in blissful ignorance either way don't say I didn't try to warn you.