Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh Ne-yo tried to make me see dead people. I already knew from the beginning of this video he was...anyway watch it I like the lyrics much better then that independent crap he was talking about.

THE D.E.Y This video was all over the place I got the concept but I wish that video's were more streamlined in there approach to their video concepts. All this abstract crap unless you have a director that is real artistic it just won't come off right. I like the lyrics of the song but...this group I'm not quite sure about them just yet they like Luther Vandross' curl that never quite got right.

Now why am I always on the late bus? I didn't know the cutie that played Brooklyn in ATL was a rapper/poet also, plus big pun's late cousin. He is my new low key celb crush. It's something about the nyc guys swagger, soooo live. Here is his video it's cute cause he's cute HA. His MYSPACE profile.

also he was on def poetry he's flyyyyy.

last but not least his newest venture with that -50 cent chick Oliver. It's interesting like something to put on a website a calling card for your work.