Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey there my random readers I'm sorry I have been M.I.A but I have some music goodness for you. Give my homeboy Hugh-EMC which is a underground Bay area artist your ear, he gave me two tracks to let you preview what he is working on. I believe you are going to like it. If I like it you will like it and I am a music snob, so yeah leave comments, hit up his myspace and spread the love near and far.

In 1988 underground Hip-Hop artist Hugh-EMC hooked up with one of the Bay Area's most popular DJs, "Scratch Master T (now known as DJ-X1) and formed the group Hugh-EMC and DJ Rock. They released the now classing single, "Its the Game", helping to create what would become the "Frisco" sound. In 1989 the duo released the EP (Extended Play) "Pimp Style". This four song EP was recorded with one of Too Short's original producers, the highly talented Al Eaton. Selling over 4,000 copies, Hugh-E parlayed this success into a project that he will forever be identified with - The "Gangsta-Knowledge" EP... All songs from this EP are considered classic's but the song "H-Nigga's Grove" better known as "Keep a Bitch Broke" is a Bay Area Anthem. This song has remained popular ever since and can still be heard on commercial Radio stations such as KMEL and of course on 89.5FM KPOO where Hugh-EMC has a weekly Hip-Hop show every Saturday from 7pm to 10pm. Hugh has been deep in the game and is a original member of the infamous "Outta Control Fillmoe" Gang. Hugh once a drug dealer and gang-banger,now uses his under world back ground and street connections to work with youth and the homeless population in San Francisco. Currently reunited with DJ-X1 the long awaited release of Hugh-E’s next project will drop in August. The” BAY AREA ORIGINATORZ” promises to cause a seismic shift in the Bay Area’s Hip-Hop scene. Still sticking to his “Gangsta-Scientist” philosophy the album is filled with gritty street stories coupled with words of wisdom and uplifting knowledge. Hugh-EMC promises to be even more prolific in the coming years.