Sunday, September 07, 2014


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 You know what I think is absolutely ridiculous? That there are a million shows with white women in them where the women gets rewarded for simply being white. She can be the most screwed up childish woman under the sun and she still get's jobs, relationships, and happiness handed to her repeatedly even though we know she is inept and is going to mess it up in the very next segment. She is never penalized for her insipid childish behavior she is rewarded again and again and again. She can take drugs, sleep with any and every man and she is still seen as pristine, clean and valuable. She can fuck up every employment opportunity given to her and she doesn't lose income. She will fuck up her money but never be homeless and live in some pretty dope spots and let's not get started on the relationships she gets to have. She doesn't get bottom feeders no she get's the cream of the crop every time. She can be a waitress with sass as in two broke girls and end up with a millionaire trust fund boyfriend. She can be a childish 30 something with a shop that doesn't even know how to function as an adult and needs her mother to come to the rescue time and time again and still get the guy as in Miranda. She can write a love advice column in nyc and live in a pretty dope apartment, not know how to cook, mess up every relationship she has ever had by chasing after the same man for 10 years and still get to get married to said man who is of course a millionaire and she gets to live happily ever in Manhattan in a pent house with a walk in closet. That's three shows off the top of my head that I've personally watched but let's not forget about all the other quirky white girls, the obnoxious ones, and the smug "liberal" feminist and the comedians who write these characters that are inept but funny with bite and wit who are still seen as capable functioning women. Even though their behavior is the very anesthetist of what a rational, functioning adult woman should be. They still win in every aspect just for having the right skin color.

These shows serve as a reminder that white women are still at the top of the totem pole and everyone else is just background. You have a variety of vanilla women and they get to be as diverse and fucked up as they want to be. Even in real life most white women can be mediocre vapid unproductive creatures and they get everything handed to them on a silver platter, they get to be famous for putting out sex tapes, they can be famous for being strippers oh excuse me I mean burlesque dancers because when white women do it in fancy clubs for rich patrons its burlesque, they can be famous for marrying the right man, or they can be famous for dropping some wack ass verses that someone else ghostwrote for them. literally for black women to be seen as worthy or productive in every show you see her as a main character in she is an overachiever she is either saving her family, or she is saving the president, she is a nurturer to all, 1 time out of a million a black woman gets to play the wife, she might be the girlfriend or she is alone struggling with lonliness, or she is in love with the wrong man but that's it. The black woman has a specific archetype she doesn't get to play diverse characters, she doesn't get to be fucked up or a boho, or seen as being awkward unless she puts out her own web series like Issa Rae, but I digress. Oh sure you can let the black woman play the baby momma, the drug addict, the stripper, the whore, the girlfriend but you write her as a caricature of a character you don't develop her character you don't give her a back story you don't give her depth she is just supposed to play the background for the main character no diversity and I won't count in this conversations the slaves and the maids and the nanny's that get saved by the "good" white people.

This disparity doesn't just stop at television and movies it's in every aspect of day to day life. A black woman can put out a rap video with her butt as the main focus and folks will drag her for it meanwhile they will applaud miley cyrus and taylor swift for doing the same things even call them progressive even have the nerve to credit them for starting twerking. You got women MC's that write rhymes that spit hot fire that are black women they don't get their just due they get played to the left they get ignored and discounted. You have a black woman put out a sex tape and everyone calls her trash wants to drag her for making her coins, you want to talk about how she ain't shit and she too old for that, and in the same breath applaud and stand up for another porn star that got famous for making and selling a sex tape in fact became a "celebrity" who keeps climbing higher and higher off the back of said sex tape, she put her whole family on off the strength of a sex tape. These people literally do nothing but breath and the world is in love with them. Black men fantasize about sleeping with them and they stay dating famous black men. You couldn't come to their door with less than a million in your bank account. Let a black woman do that she's all kinds of whores. Case in point Rihanna has had an active dating life she's young black beautiful and paid and she actually works. She has an actual body of work she has put out but when men or people want to drag her the first thing they do is call her all types of whores and thots. When she wore the swarovski dress to the award ceremony some black men went out of their way to call her a whore and a thot and she was every derogatory name under the sun just because she wore a see through dress. Instead of applauding her fashion sense and her style she was bashed how stupid and senseless can you be but in the same breath these very men would tell you how they would eat the butt of any Kardashian if she let him.

The way black women and white women are treated are as different as night and day you either gotta be blind or stupid to not see it, it's literally black and white. A black women gotta be hitting on all 10's just to get the attention of someone that's not even on their level, but a white woman can get attention just for breathing. It's disgusting. It's disheartening and more than enough to make you want to throw up your hands and give up the ghost. I'm more than tired of this kind of disparity it irritates and irks my soul. If television is supposed to parody life then it's doing a great job of it. I get tired of black women always being the mule of the world the after thought. I get tired of always seeing black men and boys drag a black woman for her hair or how she acts or how she doesn't act. We get called thots for no reason but these same men will wife a woman who has been with half of the west side of Beverly hills, or who is a career groupie as long as she is racially ambiguous or looks or is mixed or she is another race entirely. She especially will get bonus points if she like 5% black but the black features are not strong or visible but she got hips and thighs and long straight hair. They will bend over backwards for the flashy nasty but ignore regular women. Will champion these women and extol their virtues and beauty and in the same breath turn around and drag a black woman if her skin is too dark.

It's really a dagger in the heart when black men say and do things to disparage black women and black girls. There used to be a time when black men loved black women but as time goes on that is becoming more and more a thing of the past. The very affection we used to be able to rely on is now becoming obsolete and that is such a scary thing to think about. Black women,and black girls, deserve love and adoration and the happily ever afters as well. We deserve love affection and loyalty and to be seen as worthy for who we are because we are valuable period. We shouldn't have to go over and beyond just to get noticed. This life is hard enough but when you're a black woman it's harder than it should be without much sweetness to lighten the load and that is a sad and ugly truth. I know that black women are worthy of adoration I just wished that the rest of the world saw that too!