Friday, November 07, 2008


Yes Obama is in the white house but outside my house the real world still remains the same!

While I think everyone is entitled to their opinion because I certainly hold dear to mines the world is not going to change over night. Matter fact I wouldn't be surprised if the true racist didn't start coming out in droves and lynchings didn't start up again. Yes a mixed man is in the white house but let us not forget this country has a long nasty love affair with racism. We have reached a peak but what is in the valleys below us? The world outside my door didn't just automatically shift into a gentler kinder place because President Obama won. When I open my door I am still in the burbs I still have to act accordingly and I still have to be on my P's and Q's. There are no magic care bears floating on clouds singing songs or harmony, and racial equality, they are not solving the millions of civil rights cold cases that have yet to be solved! The fight is not over and I don't even think I want it to be. You need people to grit your teeth on, it keeps you strong and from forgetting. Know your history people, stop sitting at the very feet of the people who have no regard for you.

I was having an alright day before I got wind of this you got to be out of your mind news HANK BASKETT You're just OJ waiting to happen, I understand it's cupcake season but someone please explain to me why black men are still marrying, trash? Please spare me the bullsh!t about he's in love. Please this chick was sharing 80year old dick with three other "sno-ho bunnies" and now she has slide out from under hef's sheets to get skeeted on by Baskett-case. Vom's in throat double time I wasn't even going to give this swirly couple any shine but since yahoo think's its news worthy who am I to deny them their 15 minutes of shame.

I mean in all of Philly their wasn't one BPYT that could have caught his attention? He had to seek out "sporty slut" to get his cuddleum's on with? Black men have lost they minds natural black minds, take a note from the book of Obama, strong black woman, beautiful intelligent black children, strong black communities, strong black household. Why can't that concept be grasped it's not that hard of a concept. Black dudes with money think its cute to skeet on white meat, has got to be a power trip or some shit because I just don't get it. You that hard up or brain dead I mean you couldn't even get a real woman, player you sticking your dick where Hef's old dick has been, not only that who elses penis has been in that chick???? I can't this shit is just wrong on top of wrong on top of can't ever get right. I rebuke this in the name of all that is holy and good in blackdom. Since Will Smith can do no wrong in my eyes I have decided that he and Jada will combat all the swirly couples single-handily. They are my swirly couple combat team!