Wednesday, May 06, 2009


So new videos I always love's Keyshia Coles videos she is steadily classy her mother and sister no so much, I guess you have to have a balance in every family. Like I was saying I love her videos because she always comes with the best fashions, shoes, and accessories, and make up whoever styles her stays on point for real! It's been rumored that she is dating a basketball player and she has a basketball players jersey on in the video so I want to know is dude a basketball player as the main guy or is he just some random video dude. I love Monica's look as well if her shoes get any taller she stay in some killer heels, shoe game is ridiculous and always on point!

Ummm Slim wtf me no likey this hot mess of a video all you dusty ass dudes plus model chicks in expensive rented shoes hell the shoes cost more than everyone in the video.

Ummmm Jackie Long....Teairra Mari....Ummmm the tribal dancing in iridescent war paint bet we see that next week in Solange's video.

Last but not least Maxwell is back with his song pretty wings, I still think this song is an ode to chicken.

BTW Chrisette Michelle 2nd album came out and so did Ciara's who copped what and which one is worth the money hollar back and let me know.