Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's that time again new videos that are interesting, I like the songs, are it was too WTF not to post. So here we go first video up is Coldplay & Jay-Z Lost; now see I love all types of music, from hip-hop to country and everything in between but I know what I like and what I have never gotten is the coldplay movement...they just give me the WTF feeling and they have since day one I don't really like weepy British music, makes me feel like I should be slitting my wrist over some fish and chips, but I am going to post it because of Jay-Z please leave your thoughts on this video.

I like Mya and I have since she first came out hell I used to watch teen summit with her on there but lately since her album has been pushed back to damn near never coming out status I think she should just open up a dance studio and just give up the ghost. If this is an indication of her new direction she got steered wrong I didn't know if she was doing a commercial for the islands and she was trying to get me to buy a timeshare in Maui or Turks and Cacaos island but whatever it is return it to sender! Hell get silk the shocker back because you need that magic. Hell even teaming back up with sisqo at this point couldn't hurt cause this song just gave me a WTF moment.

Next up we have Rihanna and the cutest YT boy on the planet (okay that might be stretching it but he is cute) Justin Timberwolf this video is a bunch of glamor shots for ree-ree to show off her slim and trim nonexistent figure and JT just looks hot in his biker I am trailer trash steez now please don't mistake this look for being something I find attractive on the average joe but since this is a stylized look for this video it works! I know some folks that can't stand Rihanna but they love Beyaki and while everyone is drinking the cult of Beyonce kool-aid I shall pass and roll on with the bajan instead. But someone tell ree-ree that those stars from her neck down to her shoulder blade look like a funky skin disease/rash type happening and it honestly made me vom in my mouth just a wee bit, and they kept showing the damn tat like it was hot. Oh Chris Brown come get your boo and have her rectify that situation immediately please and thank you! Either have her make a star cluster, a map to her house using star coordinates, or have her put an actual planet on her back or something but all those little bitty nasty ass stars just making a trail look like a fungus. If I ever have the pleasure of running into her I will tell her myself girl that ish ain't hot love the hair though!

I loved Heavy D he was that DUDE! The only light skin-did guy that could have gotten it period! He is back but doing Reggae this time around yea another WTF moment! Check the video out leave your thoughts and comments. I was all ready to be like oh this song is fiyah I love it...ummm no not so much me no likey but please by all means check the song out and tell me what you think, oh and when he say's aye it makes me eardrum quiver in a disappointed you trying to make me go deaf kind of way.

Most of the videos really are on that WTF movement I understand we in a depression type era with the economy but really if you not going to make something worth looking at then stop wasting money, send it to me instead...no really hit the paypal donate link and send a sista a little something it would be nice I'm tax deductible...ummk enough shameless begging. Enjoy your Tuesday.