Friday, April 17, 2009


There is no doubt in my mind that there is a war that is raged in the streets everyday. You can call it whatever you like the principles never change. It's the government vs. the common man, its the police vs. the common man, in 95% of these cases the war is being waged against the poor. When you are poor you are basically seen as cattle, something that can be branded, corralled, herded up, sold off, taken to the meat packing district and slathered to be packaged and sold. Your destiny is not your own when you are a cow you will become steak or hamburger. When you have no power the world glories in pounding that into your head day in and day out. I can see why folks who feel hopeless turn to living outside the law. When the world is determined to stomp you down and grind you into dust why even give a shit about the world and the people in it... Many will say that is victim mentally.

They will say well you had choices, if no one ever shows you or tells you about your "choices" how will you know you have any? IF all you ever see is dealing drugs, violence, sex, poverty, etc. and no one ever shows you anything else but the underbelly of life wouldn't your conclusion be that that is how life is. Wouldn't you then simply go along with what you know? Perception is reality if you perceive life to be this hard struggle with no bright side then it shall be as such. It is very hard to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

I digress I am going off on a tangent when my specific purpose was to tell you to get out and go see the movie AMERICAN VIOLET it is based on a series of true events that actually happened to a single mother of four down in a rural impoverished section of Texas. Where the good ole boys still glory in having guns, all the power, and railroading poor black folks. She the woman the movie is based upon Regina Kelly was not a drug dealer, she had never sold drugs, the only thing she was guilty of was being poor, black, a single mother, and living in the projects, the projects is another way of saying holding pen for cattle, cattle would be poor minorities!

The tone of this movie is unbelievable just watching the trailer and reading the real victims website fired my blood up. Of course this film is a limited release film. You have to search it out in your cities but it is well worth searching for. No one fights for black people we don't even advocate for ourselves. We even automatically assume when we see someone pulled over for something and it is a person of color we assume that they automatically did whatever they are accused of doing no questions asked. I know for myself I always hold my breath when I drive by someone that has gotten pulled over and I don't let out that breath until I see that it isn't a person of color. I seem to breathe a bit easier when the skin of the person pulled over is not black, I'm sure its written into my DNA to act that way. Sadly in this country often times then not you are guilty before proven innocent, and even then if the peoples court of opinion says you did it then you are forever branded as a criminal in the minds of the general public. I digress again this is what it is folks this country is ass backwards still and just because Obama is in office it does not mean you can shirk your duties as a citizen of humanity.

My sentiment is charity starts at home I can't care deeply about anyone else's problems when the problems around me are deep and varied. I can't advocate to change a third world country when I live in the united states and the poor and disenfranchised is being railroaded every other day. I can't fix something I don't see every day on another continent, when there is a war on black people right here in Amerikkka. Call me what you want, but I speak the truth. Everyday there is a different minority getting sentenced and locked up in jail, being branded a felon over bullshit. Having their future and rights stripped away, having their livelihood forever challenged because no wants to hire a felon once they get out. Some states don't let felons vote, apply for school loans, get medicare or medicaid, if you set the rules of the game so that everyone who gambles and plays it loses and loses big whats the incentive to even invest in a country that eats its natives?

I get so fired up about about this kind of stuff if it didn't take massive amounts of school loans to go to law school I might have been a lawyer, at the very least an advocate for justice but I do what I can from my little soapbox a tiny voice being drowned out by the surrounding noise. Anyway Go see the movie, its worth your while trust me.

REGINA KELLY the woman the movie is based on check out her page, take a look at her face and the faces of her children breath in her circumstances and dare to tell me you aren't fired up, and fed up? If this one lone black single mother can fight for herself against injustices heaped upon her by the unjust system then why can't YOU at least take your ass to see the movie? What else you doing this weekend?????