Monday, December 15, 2008


Evidence One: Jimmy Cozier a whole song dedicated to the love of his crazy ass girlfriend.

Evidence Two:

Evidence Three:

When the question was asked on TWITTER Why are men attracted to crazy women I got a variety of responses.

What the fellows on the twit line had to say:


well sex iz addictive as u know it's great 2 make luv 2 a women who goes there with u..and drama is exciting even when not wanted


crazy women.... are the devil. period

when in a relationship with someone you get "more" of that crazy shit all the time, so it just looks like their plain nuts

oh yeah i am attracted to crazy women but then again i think that most wom...err nvrmnd* throws grapplin hook swings like batman*

From men in my immediate family, and from what I have observed with friends and associates and seen even in the media (lefteye r.i.p) it seems like the more extreme the women is the more she gets. Most men love crazy controlling women, ones who flip out, get buckwild, cuss you out, brick your car, bleach your clothes. Some women even go so far extreme that they beat themselves up and say you did it, pretend that they're pregnant to get a ninja to stay when they either are not pregnant or they are but it's do-dirt's baby and not yours, but that little nugget of info is left out until years later.

While nice calm non-drama having, manage-to-keep-crazy at bay women get ignored and overlooked. Is it truly the sex? The unpredictability of a crazy woman's nature that turns a man on? Is it the drama filled relationships the constant instability that give men a rush? It's all of the above I'm assuming the thrill of it all the constant emotional roller coaster, plus throw in if she has any substance abuse problems, the uninhibited sex, the devil may care attitude the living on the edge of your seat mentality. Men eat it up with three spoons while some may get tired of it and move on to real relationships others marry the dag on chick and then wonder why they never have peace in their house with their spouses. Plus the more aesthetically pleasing a woman is the more a man will put up with from her! In the land of mandom I'm sure it makes perfect sense but I'm sure I will never fully understand it, or maybe it's the fact that I don't want to understand it. If you chasing crazy and it's exciting to you and you like it then don't complain when crazy turns into psycho and now you hiding out and watching over your shoulder getting nervous when your burglar alarm gets to ringing!

I know I didn't change anything with this post wasn't a life changing post but what I do want to tell the men out there in the world with the current climate of economy instability that we are in, it's better to tread lightly versus waking up in an alley worked over by goons from a crazy chick! Or getting drugged and robbed while you are handcuffed to your bed or the drain pipe. Crazy isn't worth your life, and it's better to get out in the beginning when you see those red flags instead in the end when she has busted your windows, slashed your tires, called and came up to your job, called your boys all up, sat outside your house... is that drama really that enticing?!?!? Even as I type this I know some man out there in the world is saying, "hell yeah it is!"

Evidence Four: Avant, now his chick cheated but because he broke up with her she went through all that just to get some payback?!?!? That crazy was there from the gate he just ain't seen it cause she was a freak!